Weight Training For Women – Benefits And Facts

Lifting weights can help you get fit, healthy, and shape your body. But just training with weights is not the only piece of the puzzle to help you get in shape. So, the question is, what can help women achieve a fit and well defined body?

There are hundreds of weight training strategies available for women of all body shapes. But the fact is that the majority of woman still rely on traditional weight lifting methods in order to reduce excess body fat. They believe that randomly lifting those pink dumbbells can strengthen their muscles. But the fact is you cannot just perform a 15-minute random lifting program and expect to wake up with a slim and fit body.

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Before we discuss the best weight training for beginners, let’s have a quick look at some facts about weight training for women.

Weight Training Facts Every Woman Must Know

When it comes to strength training, there are thousands of myths and misconceptions you will come across on the internet. People have different opinions, and that’s fine as long as it doesn’t stop you from pursuing your weight training course. So, are you ready to know the common myths of weight training for females? Without further ado, let’s get started.

Myth 1: Weight Lifting May Make You Appear Bulky

Do you know what keeps a woman away from weight training? Well, it is the common myth that says, “You will get bulky if you start lifting weights.” Let’s see what the truth is:

First of all, it is true that strength training can increase your weight. However, this weight is not going to make you look unfit. In fact, the weight you gain from weight training exercises is mainly lean mass gains which will make your body look toned and lean rather than bulky. This means even if you gain a bit of weight, you won’t look fat or unfit. Strength training exercises are especially designed to help woman gain muscle and lose body fat.

Myth 2: You Will Need To Lift Heavy

People who are not familiar with weight training women programs tend to think that they will have to lift heavy weights to get results and change their physic. The good news is it is just a myth. Depending on what your fitness goal is, you may not even need to lift weights. There are weight training programs for women that utilize body weight only or resistance bands.

It is important to note that weight lifting is a strength training practice, which is often preferred by individuals who want to build their body and achieve that well defined, athletic look.

According to studies, even light weights and low reps can build muscle. Women do not need to lift dumbbells, which weigh twice their body weight to enjoy all the perks. In fact, weight training works when you follow what your body can tolerate and is comfortable with. If your fitness goal is to achieve a toned and lean body, basic exercise and moderate weight lifting programs can be sufficient.

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Myth 3: You are Too Old for Strength Training

Women of age 40 and above suffer from a common condition i.e., “Sarcopenia,” a state when you gradually lose your muscle mass. Now, most say this decline in women’s muscle mass happens naturally as they age and it’s irreversible. The truth is that you lose muscle mass because with age activity levels decrease. If you ask around, a lot of people will not approve of the weight training sessions for mature adults.

But it is another myth that adult woman cannot lift weight or weight train. In fact, this is the age when you should consider strength training your body to preserve muscle and reverse the “muscle mass declining” condition.

Weight Training Exercises For Women

Are you weight training to lose weight? Worry not! The below-listed exercises for beginners have you covered. With weight training exercises, you are not only reducing your weight and getting a toned body, but also improve your blood circulation, reduce the risk of diabetes, and promote healthy cholesterol levels. Luckily, you don’t need to join a gym in order to start your weight training program. Here we have come up with weight training at home exercises that will surely help you start and achieve your fitness targets. Let’s begin with the squats.

  • Overhead Squats

To perform overhead squats, you need a gym bag or a medicine ball. For beginners I recommend the GYMENIST Rubber Medicine Ball with Textured Grip sold on Amazon. It comes in 9 sizes/weight configurations and it provides a good grip during your exercise.

Overhead squats target your upper and lower body. It is a full-body exercise suitable for beginners who wish to do some training at home or for stay-at-home mum. With this exercise, you need to maintain a position where your hips stay parallel to your knees and hold this position for few seconds. Try not to go below knee level as your aim is to keep tension on your quads and at the same time avoid unnecessary strain to your knee joints.

  • Deadlift

If you are keener on lower body exercises, deadlift is your pick. The deadlift is one of the most common combination exercises performed in the gym. All you have to do is place a weighted gym bag near your feet.  Your goal is to lift the gym bag keeping your spine/back straight to avoid lower back injury. Do not forget to add weight to the bag as your strength increase.

  • Single-Leg Split Squat

Try to start with basic squats before trying this exercise. Single leg split squat is mainly performed to target the glutes, quads and core muscles. This exercise not only make the squats more exciting, but it allows a better range of motion. Single-Leg Split squats is a perfect exercise when you want to strengthen your core muscles.

  • Jump Squat

Jump Squat is another simple exercise for strength training. To perform it, stand straight and slowly bend your knees and push your hips backward. You need to take a position like you are sitting on a chair. Make sure that your back is straight while you are performing the movement. As soon as your hips are parallel to your knees, take a jump. When you land, squat down and form the same position.

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Weight Training Benefits for Women

Aside from making your body look more lean and toned, there are several benefits the weight training programs have to offer to women out there. Let’s discuss these benefits in brief.

  • Reduce Anxiety

Long term anxiety, stress, and any form of physical and mental tension can be detrimental to our health. If you want to release stress and anxiety out of your system, try weight lifting. You might be wondering how weight training and anxiety are related. The studies and research suggest, there is a strong connection between weight lifting and stress reduction. You should try moderate weight lifting sessions to calm your mind and rid your mind/body of anxiety.

  • A Fit and Healthy Body

We all know that the primary purpose of weight training is weight loss. A majority of ladies join gyms and start their weight training sessions in order to get a fit and slim body. Why starve yourself to death when you can follow one of the easy weight training for weight loss plans?

  • Healthier Joints and Bones

Do you know that physical inactivity in females is responsible for a loss of 3 to 8 percent of muscle mass every decade? Well, that’s true! As a result, you start noticing aging symptoms earlier than you thought. No one wants to experience premature aging.The best way to keep your bones and joints healthy is the right weight training plan. Staying active and implementing some form of weight training in your life can not only reduce lower back pain problems but promotes muscle development and overall strength.

If you are looking forward to start training and achieve your fitness goals, the all-new journal on women fitness, “The Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises” by Adam Campbell sold on Amazon, will be a good starting point.

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How Many Training Sessions You Must Do Every Week?

How often do you need to work out to improve your strength and reduce excess body fat? According to studies, adult woman should train at least two days a week. These workouts must be whole body training sessions, legs, hips, abdomen, back, shoulders, arms, and chest.

For adults above 65 years, the same workout schedule is recommended, provided that they don’t have any serious health issues such as diabetes, lung ailments, or heart disease. If you suffer from a health condition, please consult with your doctor before you engage in any type of exercise.

Experts recommend at least three days per week (alternate days) for women who have attained menopause. If you are a beginner, start with light weight lifting and resistance bands for the first few weeks.

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Ready to start your fitness and strength training? Follow the links below for training programs, exercises, and tips for active women.