Wild Growth Hair Oil Review

Throughout my toddler years, childhood, puberty, and half of adulthood, I had long hair. Now, when I am half way down with adulthood, I’ve decided to cut my hair – in half! Something that I regret every day since then.

It’s been a year since that dreadful day and my hair doesn’t seem to have grown an inch. I’ve tried all kinds of shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, and I even believed that mayonnaise encourages hair growth. Of course, I tried that as well. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

As I’m a natural blonde (bragging again), I’m really invested into providing my hair with all the care it needs. But lately, I’ve been having very little – in terms of quantity – to care for. I need my hair back, and I need it ASAP!

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I thought about asking my hairdresser for advice, but I’ve decided to keep my distance from the salon for a while. Luckily, a close friend of mine recommended the Wild Growth Hair Oil which apparently worked miracles for her hair. I thought she was either trying to console me or it really worked, so I decided to try and see for myself.

The Product Review

Before putting anything on my hair I always make sure to read the ingredients. This may sound weird coming from someone who put mayonnaise on her hair, but I never said that I didn’t read the label on the jar.

I was impressed with the ingredient list when I bought this oil. It uses all-natural and plant based ingredients rich in vitamins that promote rapid hair growth. Coconut oil, jojoba oil and olive oil are often found in hair growth products, but it’s really rare to find a product that has all three. Not only does the Wild Growth hair oil feature all three, but it’s also rich in choline, magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, inositol, magnesium, and vitamin D. The oil also has natural color and fragrance, so there’s literally not a single harmful ingredient.

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I was surprised by its low price tag because I’ve spent a fortune on other oils that don’t have nearly as many natural ingredients. In addition to helping hair grow, the Wild Growth hair oil is also advertised to work as a conditioner to help your hair become softer and less brittle. It supposedly detangles hair as well, and it helps reduce the time you spend blow-drying your hair.

Can a single oil do all this? Let’s find out as I compared my hair’s length and condition before and after using this oil.

Wild Growth Hair Oil – Before and After

When I started this ‘experiment’, my hair was shoulder length. The bottle also came with detailed instruction regarding how to properly use the oil for the first month. I abided to the rules and did as I’ve been told:

  • Week 1 – apply gently and sparingly over the entire head and scalp
  • Week 2 – apply twice
  • Week 3 – apply three times
  • Week 4 – you can see how your hair reacts to the product and set your own schedule. Make sure to maintain a continuous coating of moisture.

Although isn’t guaranteed that you’d get the best possible results, it actualy worked wonders for my hair. I’ve noticed the progress in week 4 and started applying twice for the following month. Two months in to the treatment, my hair grew a bit, and it was already covering my shoulders. But, there’s no set timetable as the results may vary depending on your hair type and genetics. Consistency is the key for this oil to work. Remember that slow progress is still progress!

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In terms of how it felt, looked, and the overall quality, I have to say that my hair was in a pretty good condition even before I started using the Wild Growth hair oil. But, regardless of how hard I try to protect my hair, I can’t go out without straightening it, or at least blowing it dry. What I noticed after I started using this oil is that I needed relatively less time to straighten it and my hair felt stronger, yet softer.

I am genuinely happy with the results using the Wild Growth hair oil. Although I was a skeptic at first, it turns out my friend wasn’t just trying to console me!

Best Way to Use Wild Growth Hair Oil?

Even though there are clear direction on the bottle as to how to use this oil, I’d recommend you stick to this plan for the first two weeks. After the first two weeks, apply it once the third week, and then twice the fourth week.

In addition, the instructions say to apply up to 15 drops. At first, I followed the guide, but my hair felt extra oily and it would sometimes take me up to three washes to take the oil off. After two weeks though, I learned that 5 drops are more than enough, at least for my hair. That said, don’t be afraid to bend the rules a bit. You’re allowed a bit of trial and error until you nail just the right amount that works the best for you.

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As far as what’s the best way to apply it, I find it easier to comb and part my hair into four sections after which I apply 5 drops on each parted hair section. Apply on wet hair and let it soak for 3 to 5 minutes. My friend, who has African hair, had to use up to 20 drops and she felt that 10 minutes of soaking worked better for her. As you can see, the rules are not set in stone.

I’ve recently learned that there’s also a Wild Growth light oil hair moisturizer. Together with the Wild Growth hair oil, they create a complete hair growth treatment for maximum effect. Since they are best used together, I went ahead and ordered it, but I still haven’t started using it. Once I do, I’ll let you know how it goes!

The Bottom Line

If you don’t trust any of the numerous Wild Growth hair oil reviews, you can do a bit of detective work and see the hundreds of positive customer reviews online. They all agree that their hair felt softer and stronger within a relatively short time, and with continuous use, it grew longer and healthier. I couldn’t agree more!

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The Wild Growth hair oil matches the claims of healthy and wild hair growth. Although it may take some time to get there, the oil is inexpensive so you can order it in bulk and stick to the treatment!