APE Test Booster – Optimizer & Anti-Estrogen

Alpha Performance Enhancer, or commonly known as APE test booster is a product that helps optimize your natural testosterone levels. As such, it also encourages fat loss and muscle growth.

Produced by Athletic Edge, APE is a powerful supplement that boosts testosterone levels and enhances blood flow. There are many people affected by hypogonadism (testosterone deficiency syndrome), men and women included, but APE shouldn’t be confused with hormone replacement therapy. Instead, APE can boost ones strength and performance by elevating testosterone levels, and although it can help with low testosterone levels, there are also other specific therapies to treat this symptom.

That said, this APE test booster review will explain how this testosterone supplement can boost your performance, including the downsides this booster comes with, and everything in between.

Ape Test Booster Formula – Main Compounds

APE’s formula is a unique combination of few powerful compounds that play a major role in the booster’s quality. For starters, APE features TestoSurge, a clinically-supported compound derived from Fenugreek.

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This compound is 100% natural, boosts testosterone and through double-blind, placebo-controlled studies it has been suggested to help balance healthy estrogen levels. Aromatase is the key enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen, and Athletic Edge knows this, thus utilizes it in the making of the TestoSurge compound. By decreasing the amount of testosterone being converted to estrogen, you’ll experience higher testosterone levels and less estrogenic side effects.

Increased testosterone levels will give you the needed drive and aggression inside and outside of the gym, will help you build muscle mass, and you’ll feel stronger than ever. As researches suggest, this compound may potentially help you get shredded in a relatively short time by stimulating the enzyme hormone-sensitive lipase. It will enhance the fat burning process, making your body fat-free!

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GlycoCarn is another research-backed compound, proprietary to Athletic Edge. It is so far the first known ingredient in sports nutrition that increases nitricoxide synthesis. Why is this important? Nitricoxide helps the arteries expand, thus encouraging greater blood flow. Increased blood flow means that oxygen will be delivered to working muscles with utmost ease. Moreover, GlycoCarn can also increase endurance and athletic performance during high intensity training.

APE Test Booster – Additional Ingredients

To further increase the APE test booster’s effectiveness, the formula is enriched with premium Long Jack standardized extract, Maca extract, and Indole-3 carbonal.

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Long Jack extract inhabits a hormone called the sex hormone. Biding globulin that binds to testosterone, it makes it unusable. This way, you end up with more free testosterone that your body can use in all its efforts!

For increased sex drive and boosting your libido, the APE test booster contains Maca extract. Oh, and if you’re not a fan of broccoli and other green vegetables of the kind, the Indole-3-carbonal will provide you with enough anti-estrogen so you needn’t eat those foods.

APE Test Booster Dosage and Usage

Athletic Edge recommends the booster to be taken no more than 5 days a week. This way, you’ll put your body on a 5 days on/2 days off mini weekly cycle, therefore allowing a longer overall cycle of 12 weeks. There are many people who prefer to take it 7 days a week, but the most optimal way to enjoy all the benefits of the booster is to indulge in a 5 day cycle. In case you decide to take it for the whole week, the maximum overall cycle length shouldn’t be longer than 8 weeks.

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The recommended 5 days of usage don’t have to be consecutive as long as you stick to 5 days a week. On days when you are working out, take APE test booster an hour to hour and a half before working out. On days when you’re resting, take APE in the morning with breakfast.

In case you want to use a pre-workout supplement together with workout, we strongly recommend using some of Athletic Edge’s products. As many of the other pre-workout supplements contain stimulants, it may lead to low sex drive.

Note that there are three products by Athletic Edge proudly named APE. While the focus of this article was the Alpha Performance Enhance, you may also come across APE Darknight and APE Libido. Both of these products are safe to use together with Alpha Performance Enhance.

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However, APE Libido doesn’t need to be cycled off and it can be taken daily. As the name itself suggests, it boosts your libido, and it is aimed toward men who don’t need the performance aspect of APE test booster. If you need to increase your sex drive and you’re not the working out type, then we’d recommend using the APE libido.

On the other hand, APE Darknight has the same properties of the APE test booster, only it works overnight. It is enhanced with special ingredients so it also encourages better sleep, and it is proven to control appetite as well. It successfully decreases sugar cravings.

APE Testosterone Booster Benefits

APE can increase free testosterone production by 22% in 12 hours after taking the booster. Since it also supports twice the fat loss after just 8 weeks of using it, it helps build a more refined physique.

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Although it’s just a supplement and not a hormone replacement therapy, APE test booster shows proven results in building ones libido. It supports sexual health and vitality on the long run, and provides healthy estrogen levels. By increasing nitric oxide which helps improve blood flow, the APE test booster works to enhance vascular and athletic performance.

APE Testosterone Booster Side Effects

Ape test booster may cause some side effects, but so far, a very small number of people have complains. These side effects include back acne and increased sweating.

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The Bottom Line

The good thing about APE test booster is that it’s extremely affordable while doing its job. It helps build muscle mass and it certainly reduces fat, and although we’ve seen supplements of the kind with better reviews, we believe that APE test booster by Athletic Edge is worth a try. Paired with other products from this brand, the booster can work miracles for your body as well as libido!