Mederma for stretch marks – Best skin treatment?

Stretch marks are long, narrow lines that appear when our skin stretches or shrinks quickly. I first developed stretch marks when I suddenly lost weight, and I was determined to get rid of them as quickly as they showed up. Three years since then and I still have those annoying red lines on my hips.

If you’re in war with stretch marks, you probably know by now that they are not easy to defeat. As someone who is genuinely invested into skincare and body care, I’ve tried attacking them with all kinds of weapons. From creams, gels, even different massages, the score by now is 0 – 100, and they’re about to hit a home run.

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But I’m not going down without a fight! This time around, I equipped myself with Mederna products. Lately, these products have been gaining a lot of popularity, but there is very limited information online. So, I decided to let you know how they work as I test them out and I’m going to share my impressions with you in this Mederma for stretch marks review!

Mederma Stretch Mark Products

If you visit the brand’s official shop on Amazon, you will notice that Mederma offers products for scar care, skin care, and of course, stretch mark therapy. I’ve previously tried a few scar creams from Mederma and they worked well for my scar. Since the brand hasn’t let me down so far, I believe there will be no harm in trying their stretch mark products as well.

Basically, there are two types of stretch mark products by Mederma. The first one is Mederma Quick Dry Oil, and the second one is Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy. I ordered the dry oil since I saw that it has good positive feedback.

So, let’s begin!

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Mederma Quick Dry Oil

I love oils, especially the ones that smell as divine as the Mederma quick dry oil. This oil is a blend of natural and botanical oils, providing the best of both worlds. For starters, it contains sweet almond oil that helps to nourish the skin and keep it moist. The rose hip oil, which I’m figuring is the main reason for the amazing smell, is rich in vitamin C. This oil is known as a natural skin brightener, therefore it helps in keeping your skin tone more balanced.

To further increase the moisture levels of your skin, Mederma made sure to add sunflower oil as well. The small amount of coconut oil creates a luxuriously soft and hydrated skin. There’s also chamomile and ginger extract that help soothe the skin and reduce blotchiness. 

Thanks to this unique combination of a number of oils, the quick dry oil by Mederma is a multi-functional product. You can use it on scars, uneven skin tone, dry skin, and of course, stretch marks. In my efforts to remove a small scar above my lip, this is the only product that worked for me! I can’t say for certain that the scar wouldn’t have fade away with time, but I really believe that at least this oil accelerated the process.

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On the other hand, I couldn’t notice any effects on some small dark spots on my face. In all fairness, I’m pretty pale myself and I have a fairly even skin tone, so there wasn’t much that the oil could do for me. But, I’ve read online that there are a bunch of satisfied customers who bought the oil specifically for dark spots.

But, let’s see how it will work on stretch marks!

Mederma Quick Dry Oil for Stretch Marks

The Mederma quick dry oil doesn’t come with a notebook of guides and directions on how to use it in order to see results. Nope, all you have to do is gently massage into affected areas at least once a day, but you can apply at as often as you wish. It absorbs pretty fast as well!

I’m currently onto my third month using this oil and I can say that I started seeing some minor improvements. To be honest, I expected to see better results by now, especially because my stretch marks are really tiny. So, I read customers reviews to see how the product has worked on other people. I was especially interested in reading what pregnant women have to say as stretch marks during pregnancy are very common.

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Although I came across a few reviews saying that people can’t notice any difference in their stretch marks, the majority of the feedback was positive. There was not one review that didn’t praise the smell of the oil though, and it seems that if users didn’t find it useful in their efforts to battle stretch marks, at least it kept their skin moisturized and helped their scars recover.

There were a bunch of reviews stating that users need to be patient with this product. As we don’t have same skin types, the Mederma quick dry oil may work faster for some, but slower for others. Since I’ve started noticing minor changes in my stretch marks after two months, I’m going to stick with the treatment around for 3 more months. As mentioned before, I’ve tried all kinds of products which did nothing for me, but I have faith in the Mederma quick dry oil.

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Is Mederma Worth it?

In short, yes, Mederma is totally worth it! After testing a number of products, this is the only oil that has helped me at least a bit to feel more confident in my skin. The stretch marks seem to slowly fade, and in half-year time I might finally get them out of the way! I’m thinking about ordering the Mederma Stretch Mark Therapy as well. I’d like to close this Mederma for stretch marks review with a final note…….this product is for everyone!