Stimulant Free Pre-Workout Supplements

Wondering how to get the best results with a stimulant free pre-workout but want to keep it healthy? Don’t worry, there is an abundance of options for you. However, not all dietary regimens and supplements can do wonders for your body, and even less of those are actually healthy and safe for you to use.

This is why we suggest finding yourself the best stimulant free pre-workout supplement, as these are often the ones that the body easily accepts and they also don’t cause major changes in your metabolism.

The reason why we are focusing on stimulant free supplements is because stimulants can have a negative effect on your body. For instance, caffeine is a stimulant, and it can increase your heart rate or even have other negative effects, so you should consider something non-invasive, especially if you are a beginner.

On the other hand, we’ll go over some pre-workout supplements specifically because these have a tendency of being effective throughout your workouts, and they often give you the energy you need. After all, pre-workout supplements are the best ones for instant results, especially in terms of improved strength and performance.

So, here are the best stim-free supplements that you can use before working out that will actually bring you proper results:

Run Everything Labs – STW

If you want your hard work to be visible and give results – the STW is the best stimulant free pre-workout supplement for that. The fact that it has a great taste is only the tip of the iceberg. After all, the whole formula is a properly dosed nitric oxide promoter and it is of the highest quality.

In the formula, you can find very potent and cell volumizers which is why it helps building muscles on all of your body – chest, arms, legs or back.

The formula is great for opening up the blood vessels and improving your overall blood flow and circulation, giving you more energy for workouts while you have better endurance.

The amino acids and muscle building nutrients in the STW will also work positively towards improving your recovery times, getting you back on your feet instantly and sustaining your pump long after you’ve actually stopped working out. Show the World is definitely a supplement that will make you feel proud and actually want to show the world your results.


  • Great oxide promoter
  • Visible results after short time
  • Stimulant free
  • Easily mixed with drinks


  • Should not be used by people with pre-existing medical conditions

ProSupps Dr. Jekyll Stimulant

The second suggestion for a stimulant free pre-workout is the ProSupps Dr. Jekyll Stimulant – as it has proven itself so far to improve training endurance through thermogenesis. It is also pretty healthy too – it supports and increases your blood flow, which further works on improving your muscle volume.

The formula is overall healthy, as it was tested and passed the banned substance tests, and it has no stimulants, caffeine or sugar in the ingredients. It even doesn’t have pikatropin or picamilon which can also have potential side effects. However, there are adaptogens which are beneficial for you and they speed-up your recovery time and maximize your performance.

You know that when it comes to brands you can trust – ProSupps is one of them. It has been on the market for so long, and it ensures nothing but the best quality effective products. This is why they only use safe ingredients and they are all 3rd party tested. This is why it doesn’t come as a surprise that they guarantee safety and results, and they also have a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

So, if you are looking for a stim-free pre-workout supplement – try out the very versatile Dr.Jekyll. It delivers pump, has nooLVL, and it improves your focus as well. The fact that there is Beta Alanine and Creatine Hydrochloride only speaks for how much energy you are going to get, how sustained your endurance will be and how happy you’ll end up being with your results.


  • Thermogenic features
  • Very effective for muscle building
  • Improves blood flow
  • Increases training endurance
  • Great all-around pre-workout supplement


  • It causes a spicy tingle at the back of the throat (unharmful but somewhat irritating)

ProSupps Mr. Hyde Signature

When we have Dr. Jekyll, why not have Mr. Hyde, right? Of course, we aren’t placing the Mr. Hide Signature here just to make a pun, Mr. Hyde is another great option that you can opt for if you are looking for a safe, non-stim pre-workout. It will give you intense sustained energy, pumps and focus by using the very best ingredients in the formula. Specifically, there is Creatine, Beta Alanine, l-Citrulline and Tea Crine in the formula. Although there is some caffeine, it has no effect and it is an inactive substance, so the Mr. Hyde can still count as a non-stim formula.

So, if you want to have greater mental focus, motivation and greater strength – the Mr. Hyde signature is a great choice you can get. It gives you jitter-free sustained energy and you’ll feel more powerful than ever when you are in the gym. It also has a positive effect on your blood flow, which is how you’ll get better muscle pumps as well.

Besides being able to choose from the 2 absolutely taste flavors – lollipop punch and blue razz popsicle, we should also note that the formula is really easy to mix, in just a few seconds. So, it is definitely a hustle-free option as well.

Just as it was the case for Dr. Jekyll, you should know that this product, like other ProSupps products, was tested by a 3rd party, and contains only safe ingredients and is manufactured according to the highest standards.


  • Very effective
  • 2 flavors to choose from
  • Easily mixes
  • Safe to use by beginners and pros


  • Contains some caffeine

How to find the best stimulant free pre-workout supplement

There are certain things that you need to have into consideration when you are choosing your stim-free pre-workout supplement.

First of all, note the price but don’t slave to it. It is a well-known fact in today’s market that the more you pay, the better products you’ll get. But although this is the general rule, it isn’t always right. Of course, in many individual cases it has proven to be true, but overpaying won’t necessarily get you the best thing for you. Instead, do your research and get in the subject of stim-free supplements so that you can get the absolute best one, who knows, you might even get on to changing your lifestyle without overpaying for it.

Trust the trusted brands. Although it seems like dumb thing to say –there are reasons why the renowned brands became so popular, and it isn’t a strong marketing team. In fact, these brands have gotten their reputation because they’ve proven to be trustworthy and to offer effective and efficient products. So, if you need to choose between a shady brand with no positive history available or a brand that has proven its records, you should always go for the trusted brands.

Be patient. Buying the first thing you see when you Google stim-free supplements isn’t going to take you a long way. Instead, investing some time in research and finding the best brands for your needs will surely do so. After all, there are many shady brands that just invest in marketing and don’t have good products, so make sure to read some reviews, see the background of the brands and see the positive after-results before you make your decision.


Choosing your best stim-free workout supplement can truly be time and energy consuming. However, choosing one of the suggestions we have on our list will surely bring you the results you want to achieve, and you’ll be able to do it hastle-free.