Where to buy pine pollen?

If one of the most medically aware and advanced ancient civilizations on the face of the Earth uses a herb and trusts it, than you should probably too. Such is the case of pine pollen, it’s an amazing herb with many benefits such as healing and nutrition. It is good for both men and women. If your question is “does pine pollen raise testosterone?”, the answer is yes and we’ll look deeper into that further as well as to where to buy pine pollen. As a matter of fact, the pine pollen benefits for men are abundant.

Pine pollen has over 200 bioactive minerals, vitamins and nutrients in large concentrations, making it one of the best herb on the planet. In our article, we’ll look to give you a little insight on pine pollen and have a look at what do studies suggest, what are the benefits and where to buy pine pollen. So get your reading glasses ready and we hope you enjoy it.

Pine pollen for testosterone boosting

What do the studies suggest?

Studies have shown that pine pollen can be used to aid you in many ways such as medicine or nutrition. Pine pollen contains: vitamin D as vitamin D3, testosterone, androstenedione and epitestosterone. In recent studies, results have shown that pine pollen is great for increasing potency, in addition it also has an anti-aging effect.

Furthermore, other studies have shown that pine pollen can also act as an analgesic. Recent studies have proven that pine pollen can be a great way to lower pain in a completely natural way. But that is not all, it also has an anti-inflammatory effect which is amazing. It is also helpful in some cases of arthritis. The opportunities with this herb are endless. However, like most trees, the pine tree also possesses antigens, that can often trigger allergies. So if you are allergic to pine pollen it is best that you don’t use it.

Pine pollen benefits for men

The benefits of pine pollen for men are many. Pine pollen traditionally has been known in Asia as the mighty Jing-enhancing herb, which would roughly translate to life force or vital essence. Usually this type of herb (Jing tonics) is used in cases such as burnout from exhaustion or stress, weakness, sexual imbalance (low libido, infertility, erectile dysfunction). Furthermore it is also used in cases where there is a need for nourishment and rejuvenation.

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Aside from all its healing benefits, pine pollen also has great benefits as a nutrient-rich food. It contains hundreds of minerals, enzymes and vitamins that nourish your body and keep it at high levels. It is especially rich in amino acids, which are the core of protein and influence your mood and neurotransmitter production. It is also rich in vitamin B and vitamin D3, which is extremely difficult to get in the form of food, it’s only sources being fish and egg yolks and of course the sun. Pine pollen is also rich in nucleic acids that help repair DNA fragments, it is also a great source of superoxide dismutase, which is a strong antioxidant and cell protector.

Does pine pollen raise testosterone?

Studies have shown that pine pollen is extremely helpful in this area. It is probably the most unique and important benefit of this herb. The ability to strongly rejuvenate and harmonize the endocrine system is a very rare ability in the herb world. Pine pollen is known to be nature’s strongest androgen. What this means is that it’s a substance that increases the production of testosterone and other hormones as well. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is bad for the ladies. On the contrary, the reason why pine pollen is such strong of an androgen is mainly down to the part because it’s a natural source of DHEA, also known as the wonder hormone. Along with testosterone, it is also the precursor to progesterone and estrogen as well.

All of these three hormones are important to both genders, but in different quantities. Pine pollen restores balance in your body so that it adapts its effect to specific conditions that are present, that is why it is considered as an adaptogenic herb. You now understand why it is safe to take for both women and men. It is also good for your internal organs such as lungs, kidney, liver, heart and spleen.

For people that wish to increase testosterone levels faster and boost naturally their testosterone levels, you can combine pine pollen with a well known testosterone booster. One of our articles is a review on a safe and proved testosterone booster and you can read it here.

Pine pollen vs tongkat ali

Pine pollen

Like we mentioned in the text above pine pollen has a great amount of benefits for both male and female use. It can be used as medicine, to relieve pain or for its benefits of being anti-inflammatory. Furthermore it is a great nutrition provider. Rich in vitamins B and D3 which is rare in daily food consummation. It is also rich in amino-acids that help improve your mood. Another thing worth pointing out is the fact that we are talking about an adaptogenic herb here. Which means it includes hormones that are good for both genders and it’s a great way to bring balance to your body. If you wish to buy pine pollen, you can find the best pine pollen products and prices on Amazon following this link.

Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali is also one amazing herb. It also has many uses just like pine pollen. Traditionally it has been used to treat malaria, fevers, high blood pressure, fatigue, impotence or loss of sexual desire. There are benefits for both genders in this herb as well. Studies have shown that using Tongkat Ali increases male testsosterone levels, which results in increased libido, fertility and muscle growth. In addition, this herb helps women too in some of the same symptoms as men, such as low sex drive, slow metabolism and fatigue. Furthermore, increased levels of testosterone mean loss of body fat and increased ability to gain lean muscle. Find the best tongkat ali products and prices on Amazon following this link.


The main difference between using pine pollen and Tongkat Ali is the high nutrition rates of pine pollen. While both are great for boosting testosterone and libido, pine pollen stands out with its nutrition benefits, being rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids. In addition it is a great anti-oxidant.


Having read all of the above we can safely conclude that pine pollen is an amazing herb which has countless benefits. From medicinal benefits in aiding you in pain, anti-inflammatory to many other uses. It is a great source of vitamins such as B and D3 vitamins which are very rare to find in the common food we eat day by day, especially D3. Furthermore it provides us minerals and enzymes, it is also very rich in amino acids, which are extremely important for your nerves and mood. In addition it is also a great way to bring balance into your body in ways you never knew you needed.

It’s an amazing and natural way to boost your testosterone and has potency which is very rare in herbs. It’s also a great antioxidant. Truly a remarkable herb with countless of benefits that has been used for centuries in one of the most medicinally acclaimed civilization. It is available pretty much in any healthy food store or herb store, so it is pretty easy to find if you wish to buy pine pollen. In addition, it is also available online on popular websites such as Amazon and also many other websites. The price usually depends on the quality of the pine pollen, but it does not differ very much.

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