Best MCT Oil For Your Keto Diet

Whether it is summer time or not, we do our best to have our body toned and within normal body-fat ranges. However, it can be very hard and time consuming to actually go to the gym and sweat it all out. This is why, most of us resort to less time consuming ways to get in shape – diets.

One of the most important and effective diets in the world is the Keto diet, which is proven to do wonders for your body in terms of fat burning and losing weight. It is also a pretty healthy and safe diet that will not keep you starving in order to lose a few pounds. A number of studies on obese people with medical conditions show the beneficial effects of a long-term ketogenic diet.

There are many things that you are allowed to eat in a Keto diet, and even if some things are “forbidden”, there are great and tasty alternatives that won’t make you feel like a prisoner of your diet. You just find the proper alternatives and you will still be able to enjoy your favorite dishes

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One of the most common changes that we all need to do is switch from regular sunflower oils and butter to MCT oils, as these are more healthy and they speed up the process of Ketosis (the process that actually make you lose weight and burn down fats).

You can read more on the power of ketones and their positive effects on the article we written during the early days of this blog. Although it seems illogical – you need to consume fat to burn fat, and the best fat to consume and prepare food with are MCT oils.

Still, this doesn’t just mean that you go on and buy the first MCT oil you see. You need to do a bit of research and make sure that you’ve bought the best MCT oil you possibly can. This way, you are helping your body to use stored fat more efficiently, and speed up the process of overall weight loss.

So, in order to help out, we put together a list with the best medium-chain-triglycerides that you should look for if you want to get the best keto-results.

Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil

Bulletproof’s Brain Octane oil is absolutely the best MCT oil you can opt for if you want to have a natural energy source for your body. Basically, the ingredient of Brain Octane is found in coconut oil, and Bulletproof’s oil has a high concentration of it – enabling your body to have more energy, greater mental focus and overall keep you away from those irritating food cravings.

Unlike other coconut and MCT oils on the market, you can be sure that the Brain Octane oil is keto-friendly, as it is pure and clean. Specifically, it undergoes a special, triple-distillation process using only water, pressure and heat which further results in you having the cleanest product on your plate. It has no chemicals or solvents that can be harmful for your health or your diet for that matter.

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In addition to this, since the experts at Bulletproof understand how hard it is to give energy to your body that is free, they’ve developed their product in a way that will give you sugar-free energy that is extracted from completely pure coconut oil. The fact that it is sugar-free and pure also results in your body being able to absorb it easily and change it into ketone bodies that break down glucose from sugars and carbs in your body. So, you can rely on the fact that the Brain Octane oil will support a healthy digestion and metabolism functions, as it will produce 4 –times the ketone energy of any other coconut oil.


  • Completely pure and sugar-free
  • Great energy source
  • Improves ketosis processes
  • Made from best coconut parts


  • Not a very large package, so you’ll need often refills

Sports Research MCT Oil

There are many benefits that you can get from using a reliable MCT oil like the one from Sports Research. First of all, it will surely be effective in helping your body achieve ketosis and burn fat fr energy. But the best thing about it is that it has no additives and igredients that can be harmful for your dietary regimen. It is completely made from coconuts and contains no palm oil whatsoever. However, it has the full spectrum of MCTs, including the helpful Lauric Acid.

Another thing that you should know about it is that it has real certifications backing it – it is 3rd party certified as keto, vegan and paleo friendly, and it is also a non-GMO product which will surely be of help.

You can easily use it to prepare protein shakes, add it to your coffee or even prepare food with it. It has no taste or odor and it can easily be a safe, healthy alternative to traditional oils.


  • Great for long-term use
  • Fast functioning
  • Vegan-friendly, non-GMO
  • Various uses of it thanks to its odorless and tasteless features


  • It takes some time to mix it into some more liquid drinks

MiCkey T Eight

One of the finest MCT oils that you can find to buy is the MiCkey T Eight, as it is a 100% pure c-8 Carpylic Acid MCT. It is not a blend or any mixture that will disappoint you, so you know that if you are looking for top-notch quality, you can get this one.

It has also been certified to have nothing less than 100% non-GMO, halal, kosher and keto-friendly ingredients, and this comes in as a reasonable explanation after finding out that it is made in the USA, according to USA’s highest standards.

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Besides being completely pure, you can rely on the MiCkey T Eight to be the main source of instant energy, as it helps your body achieve ketosis easily. However, it has other health benefits too. For instance, a single tablespoon of this odorless, tasteless and colorless MCT oil will give you no more than 93 calories of instant energy. It will also help you improve your mental focus!


  • Kosher, halal and keto friendly
  • No colors and additives
  • Low-callorie MCT oil


  • Can cause gastric distress to beginners

Clean MCT Oil

If you want to help your body burn down fat easily and have more energy at the same time, the Clean MCT oil is a great option for you. This oil instantly converts into ketones and gives your body sustainable, smooth and stable energy. It also improves your ketosis processes in your body, giving it more space to extract energy from your food.

Besides the weight-loss benefits, this oil is great for those who struggle with brain for and insufficient focus. It super-fuels your brain and it helps you think clearly. And if you are thinking about food – we have some more great news. This MCT oil will also cut down cravings because of the very reason it controls your blood sugar spikes, thus reducing the cravings for addictive food like junk food.

Last but not least, you should know that the Clean MCT oil has been certified for being non-GMO, Vegan and gluten-free, besides of course, being keto-friendly. SO, regardless of your dietary regimen, you can easily use it.


  • Great for salad dressings
  • Easily mixes in drinks
  • Potent formula
  • Improves energy and focus


  • You should start slow with it to avoid uncomfortableness and cramps in your stomach

Nature’s Way MCT Oil

With great coconut extracts of the best MCTs in the world, you can enjoy the Nature’s Way MCT oil, as it is one of the best ones on today’s market. It is a very potent formula, with its stats of 100% coconut ingredients. You should also know that it has been verified as a Non-GMO product, which means that in your 14-gram serving, you’ll get nothing but healthy fat burners and energy sources in your body.

The formula is completely safe, from premium coconuts, and it has no palm or filler oils, as it is hexane free too. This ensures that the final product you’ll be using has no flavor or odor and can be mixed with drinks and salad dressings easily.

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There are 100% MCTs in the oil, meaning you get caprylic and capric acids in it to speed up the process of ketosis and maximize its effects, thus you’ll be losing body weight and have more energy.

Also, you should know that it is a vegetarian MCT oil, and that it is packed in a BPA-free bottle, making it one of the safest one to use.


  • Very safe and overall healthy
  • Instant effects
  • 100% MCTs
  • Odorless and tasteless


  • You should only take one tablespoon of it per day


We all know that the keto-diet gives you a lot of benefits, amongst which is the most important one – burning fat and losing weight. However, if you want it to work, you need to do the hard, dirty work of switching from carbs to burning fats, through changes in your regular dietary regimen.

In order for these results to be visible and the diet to be effective and for you to lose weight, you need to eat the best food for the diet – including the prepping items like oil. MCT oil will give you the best sources of Ketones which will help your body burn down the fats easily and seamlessly. So, find yourself the best MCT oil possible by choosing one from the list above, we promise that you’ll be nothing less than satisfied.