Best Lactose-Free Meal Replacement Shake

If you want to lose weight or have a good snack after exercising, you might wish to consider a meal replacement shake. However, if you are lactose intolerant, you must opt-in for a lactose-free meal replacement shake. Down below, we review five of the best lactose-free meal replacement shakes out there. 

RSP TrueFit 

The RSP TrueFit is a shake that can help you replace a meal in a healthy way. The shake contains 12 different fruits and vegetables and 16 essential vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, it’s very low on fat, and it has 4 grams of healthy fats.

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This shake has 8 grams of fiber, which is great for your digestive tract. When it comes to protein, you’ll really get a protein boost after each workout. The RSP TrueFit meal replacement shake contains 25 grams of grass-fed why protein.

This meal replacement shake doesn’t contain any GMOs. By drinking one serving of the shake, you’ll consume 170 calories. Therefore, the RSP TrueFit shake could also help you lose weight.

310 Shake

The 310 shake is another great plant-based meal replacement shake that’s lactose-free. This product is extremely low in calories with only 90 calories per serving. It contains 15 grams of protein derived from helm, pea, and brown rice, and a lot of fiber.

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The shake doesn’t contain any gluten, sugar, or artificial additives. It is made of completely natural ingredients which are healthy for your organism. Furthermore, the shake contains probiotics that will have a very positive effect on your digestive tract. 

The 310 meal replacement shake is also very rich with vitamins and minerals. This shake contains 20 different essential vitamins and minerals that play vital roles in regulating your body functions. Therefore, if you decide to replace a meal with this shake, you will surely have a healthy replacement.


The Vega meal replacement shake is a plant-based shake rich in nutrients. The shake contains 12 different vitamins and minerals, among which the Omega-3 fatty acids. Also, this meal replacement has a high concentration of protein with 20 gram of plant-based protein.

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The protein in this shake is extracted from hemp, green algae, leafy greens, and pea. Their performance is aided by the large amount of fiber in the shake. Therefore, you can use this meal replacement after a demanding workout and be sure that your muscles will get the proper treatment.

The Vega meal replacement is a GMO-free and gluten-free shake. This shake doesn’t contain any artificial flavors and colors, and vegans can use it too. Furthermore, a serving of this shake contains 140 calories.

Garden of Life

The Garden of Life meal replacement shake is suitable for you if you’re a vegan or want to lose weight. The shake is once again plant-based, and it has additional ingredients that can burn fat. Among these ingredients are the green coffee bean extract, organic cinnamon, and raw chromium.

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Aside from these ingredients the Garden of Life shake contains plant-based protein. This shake contains 28 grams of protein per serving, and it’s perfect for anyone that enjoy a good workout at the gym.

Furthermore, this shake has a great quantity of fiber as part of its formula. Fiber can help your digestive tract functions, and it helps the protein to be absorbed and repair the muscles after exercising.

The product is GMO-free and kosher as well. A serving of this shake has 170 calories.

Herbalife Alergen-Free Vanilla

The Herbalife Alergen-Free Vanilla meal replacement shake is another great lactose-free meal alternative.  This shake contains 200 calories per serving and is the most calorie-dense shake on this list. This is great if you are trying to increase your caloric intake with a meal replacement.

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The shake is, furthermore, gluten-free and soy-free, and contains 20 essential minerals and vitamins.  When it comes to protein, the shake contains 9 grams of protein per serving, and it also contains fiber. This shake also comes with papain, aminogen, and bromelain to help with digestion.

If you like consuming foods and drinks that are safe for your heart, the Alergen-Free Vanilla is a great option. This product contains no trans-fats or cholesterol. Therefore, you’ll replace your meal with a shake that will not tax your heart and arteries.

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What to look for in a lactose-free meal replacement shake


Mind the amount of protein in your meal replacement shake. If you are lightly or moderately active, a shake with about 20 grams of protein per serving should meet your needs. However, if you are very active and engage in frequent workouts, you should consider shakes with about 40 grams of protein per serving.

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As we all know, carbs can potentially help you gain weight. That’s great if you want to gain weight, but it’s not that great if your goal is to lose weight. Therefore, always check how much carbohydrates your shake of preference contains. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a shake that will not help you in achieving the results you want.


Make sure that the shake you’ll get will have a good amount of healthy fats in it. This is very important if you are on a diet that is low on carbs. While on such a diet, your source of energy will be the healthy fats. Therefore, look for a meal replacement shake that has about 10 grams of healthy fat per serving.

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Vitamins and minerals

You shake should have a sufficient amount of different vitamins and minerals. You will need these nutrients to stay healthy since your body needs them to function properly. Get a shake that has a good quantity of vitamins and minerals.

Potential Allergens

Always check whether the shake you want to buy has allergen-free properties. This can mean different things for different people. However, if you suffer from food related allergies, check whether the shake is safe for you to consume.

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The shakes on this list are what we think are the best lactose-free meal replacement shakes out there. They have a lot of healthy nutrients, and they have them in a reasonable amount per serving. Therefore, it is up to you to pick the best lactose-free meal replacement shake for yourself.

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