Best Kratom for Anxiety – Strains of Kratom

Mental health is one of the most important aspects of our lives, and it requires special attention. Constant care and nurturing of a healthy brain leads to positive thoughts and ultimately, to a positive life. Still, being constantly busy and on the run prevents us from being able to be mentally-well. This is why a large number of people throughout the world develop multiple disorders like depression and anxiety which can have a very significant effect on our daily functioning. I know that when I was in the deep from anxiety, I didn’t want to do anything and everything made me irritated. Searching for the best natural remedy to my problem, I came across articles for Kratom and I read how other people were satisfied.

Desperate to help myself, I decided to look for the best Kratom for anxiety I could possibly look for. Of course, I was cautious as there are negative effects and has the potential to pose a harm on my health, which is why I knew that I needed to find the most organic and natural one for me. After a few months’ search, I finally found some applicable results for my anxiety situation. So, in order to help people out, I decided to share whatever knowledge I got in this research process.

What is Kratom

At the beginning, I had no Idea what Kratom is, I just heard the name and that is all I knew. However, I soon realized that Kratom comes from the nature. Basically, it is a tree and the leaves from this tree can be helpful for medical purposes, although, some people use them as a recreational drug. This is basically because Kratoms has a chemical called mitragynine. A lot of experts see the resemblance between mitragynine and codeine or morphine as they can all be used for relieving pain.

Additionally, I learned that people can use Kratom for multiple purpose. Asides from the basically proven benefit for anxiety and depression help, it has other serves too. People had great reviews of it as cough remedy, opiate withdrawal. Others say that it is great as a diarrhea, diabetes and high blood pressure remedy. Still, what I was really upset about was the fact that there aren’t enough scientific evidence and proper medical research. This is why the possibility that Kratom is unsafe is not completely eliminated. So, it is best to take Kratom only if you have thorough medical knowledge or if you seek the advice of a medical professional. Otherwise, you are putting your health at risk and this isn’t something that you can take chances for.

Which Kratom is best for anxiety 

As a native tropical tree to South Asia, this plant has gained a local reputation for being great for several reasons. Its use as an alternative medicine is well-spoken-for from all the natives who say that it has an incredible effect on conditions like chronic pain. Also, villagers where Kratom as a plant is present say that it has a tremendous benefit on your mental health too, if used carefully. With enough caution, it can be a great remedy for anxiety and other related mental conditions, or even depression.

When you suffer from anxiety and need a remedy that eases up these symptoms, you have three Kratom possibilities.  You can choose from the three strains – Borneo, Bali or Red Vein strains of Kratom.

The first one, Borneo, is one of the most popular solutions amongst people in the world. It is great because you can use a very small dose of only 2 grams and completely eliminate the anxiety, especially if it is related to communicating with people. In addition to this, the Red Borneo is a great remedy for anxiety and pain at the same time, so, have this into consideration too.

The second one, the Bali Kratom is the cheapest and yet, an effective solution to relieving anxiety symptoms. It has a powerful sedative effect which serves its purpose. However, this one has side effects more than the other two types.

Lastly, the Red Vein strains are great for mid-range doses and pose a great benefit for overall calmness of the one consuming them. It also has an anti-depressant effect.         

Best Kratom for social anxiety      

As someone who struggled with social anxiety for almost all my life, I can say that this is the worst type of anxiety which is why I’m offering special attention to it. In my social phobia, I feared that people will judge me and see me as stupid and boring, and I often acted quite awkwardly. You’d see me blushing and trying to think of the simplest words when I was answering the question “How was your day” by my boss. At one point, when I felt like I’ve hit rock-bottom because of this limiting anxiety I knew I had to take the manner into my own hands.

This is basically the reason why I took Kratom in the first place. I tried multiple types from numerous brands, but one effect was sure. I kept getting positive results from Borneo Kratom. I’ve tried all the varieties – green, white and red, and they all had a quite good effect on my stress. It sedated me just enough to not be overwhelmed by whatever or whoever I am talking to, and yet, I was quite focused and excelling at my job. In addition I included a super antioxidant in my attempts to ease my anxiety symptoms. This is chaga mushroom tea, which can boost your energy and improve your mood as well as provide a number of other benefits. You can find my review here following this link.

Best strain of Kratom for anxiety 

As I said before, there are numerous strains (types) of Kratom, and all of them have a similar, yet different effect on your body. Finding the best strain of Kratom for your anxiety will have to depend on you and how your body reacts to Kratom. For instance, some people might even have stomach problems from it. This is why it is recommended to go with a cleaner, smaller dose from a high-quality Kratom.

Also, you should know that the receptors of your brain will adapt to the Kratom, so you should know that in order to have constant effects of the Kratom you should increase the dose every once in a while, regardless of the Kratom strains. Still, if you change the Kratom strains every now and then, your brains’ receptors will be fresh and the effect will be the same. Still, be prepared to develop some tolerance at least.     

Best Kratom strain for anxiety and depression        

If you use Kratom as a remedy for depression and anxiety you should be very careful, as it can have possible side effects if not used properly. And the situation gets even more complicated if you choose the wrong strain, as they have different effects, possibly from what you were expecting. So, for instance, if you choose a highly-energetic strain, it will have the opposite effects of relieving depression and anxiety symptoms.

So, if you are suffering from depression and anxiety, be careful and choose only between the following types:

  1. Borneo – this strain is very effective with small doses, and has low chances of side effects thus, it is very flexible. Higher doses are also effective for sleeplessness disorders
  2. Indo – as a traditional Kratom from Indonesia, they vary depending of the seasons and the colors of the veins, but they are all great for overall mood elevation, sedation and relaxation. It is similarly potent to Borneo, but it might have a lower sedating effect. Still, the Indo is good because it has a long-lasting effect. It also has a power to give your whole body an energetic mood boost.

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