Where to Buy Keto Bread – Try These Options

Low-carb diets, including the Keto diet, limit us of the one thing that we really like – carbs. If you’re trying to keep your carb count low, regular bread is out of the question. So, the first thing it comes to our mind when we start a low carb diet is; where to buy keto bread.

As low-carb diets gain popularity, companies were presented with a challenge, they needed to create and manufacture something new, something low carb, keto-friendly bread. And it is true, many of them now manufacture breads that are low in carbs, have no artificial ingredients or flavors, and they taste like real bread.

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Keto Bread is the answer to your low-carb prayers. Now you can make incredible keto sandwiches

This is why, I’ve done a bit of research to find the pros and cons of buying Keto bread from various places. Here is what you must know if you need Keto bread:

Buying Keto bread from local shops

We all know that buying your Keto Bread from the local shop is the most convenient option. And why wouldn’t it be, you don’t have to wait for delivery.

However, buying Keto bread from local shops can be kind of tricky, especially because local shops don’t necessarily use ingredients that are 100% suitable for a keto diet. In addition to this, not all shops have high quality standards. So, it is up to you to ask questions about the ingredients they use and make sure that you aren’t buying something questionable.

Baking your own Keto Bread

This is probably an option when you want to have a nice keto-friendly bread to eat. However, keto bread baking is different. It requires specific ingredients, and you might need to experiment with a few recipes before you get it right.

Buying Keto bread from health shops

This is probably one of the better options, as health shops have a range of products and knowledge to give you suggestions how to use keto bread in your diet.

The employees at specialized health shops will be able to help you with alternatives. In addition, health shops stock only reputable brands and products, including keto breads.

Buying Keto Bread online

The third option you have it so buy Keto bread online. With an online shop, you have many options available to explore. This includes having access to all the popular brands. Also, you have the benefit of choosing from different price ranges which is good when you are on a tighter budget.

However, the situation gets tricky when you need to wait for the delivery. Some online shops can deliver in a day or two, whereas others might make you wait up to a week.

Amazon is our favorite online source when it comes to buying keto bread. They offer a wide range of options, with pricing and shipping options more reasonable than its competitors. 

To help a bit more, we decided to go one step further and put together a short list of keto-friendly low-carb bread brands to buy from Amazon. So, here it goes:


Yez! Artisan Keto Bread – Certified Keto, Paleo, Vegan

If you are a vegan who is also on keto diet, you probably already know there aren’t many options out there. This bread has the consistency of regular bread and actually has a great taste making it the closest thing you can find to real bread while being on Keto.

It is a great substitute for bread, no eggy flavor like you will find with most Keto breads. Tastes like a regular wheat bread! This Keto Bread is preservative free, so you should expect a short shelf life if you don’t refrigerate or freeze it.

If you’re strict about not having grains, gluten, or refined sugar, this bread is most likely for you.

Base Culture Low Carb Sandwich Bread

If you are new to buying Paleo food, know that some Paleo breads can taste lousy, but this one tastes pretty good. This product is tasty and fits well into any low-carb diet.

Because it is gluten free, the bread can be a bit delicate and crumbly. Toasting or grilling can really help with the texture, which can be a bit sweet. Perhaps if it was a bit less sweet would have it come across as more of an actual sandwich bread.

If you are looking for something that tastes exactly like grain bread, you will be disappointed. But if your definition of “bread” is a bit broader, this product could fit nicely in your diet.

Ojai Natural Foods – BUK Gluten Free Bread

If you are looking for a quality gluten free bread….this is it. It does not get dry and break apart when you bite to it like other gluten free or paleo breads, and it doesn’t have that squeaky feeling when you chew it either. When you toast this bread, it will have a nice crispy patina, like the bottom crust of a slice of New York pizza.

The BUK gluten-free bread is good for 7 days at room temperature. If you freeze unopened bread(s) can last up to 2 months. It’s best to always warm your bread before eating to give it the fresh baked taste.

SoLo Carb Bread Country

This bread is chewy like sourdough but tastes just like normal bread, although the texture can be on the spongy side. It doesn’t have any aftertaste and it is absolutely amazing. Hands down it is a healthy alternative to, well, bread.

The crust can be pretty hard to tear through. That gets better with toasting, so go ahead and toast it for whatever you’re going to use it, even if you normally wouldn’t. Like all keto or paleo breads, the slices are smaller than regular bread, but the overall taste will keep you satisfied.

Final thoughts

There’s a reason why bread is considered a staple in so many countries, and there are many things to consider when thinking about where to buy keto bread. But honestly if you’re on a low carb diet don’t complain about the low carb, gluten free bread. It’s hard to make bread with no carbs, no wheat and at the same time make it taste amazing.

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You need to do some research to know what you are getting and that it is good value for your money, and of course that the bread is actually keto friendly. We certainly hope with this article we did provide a bit of help with the question where to buy keto bread.

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