Best Coconut Oil for Keto

Coconut oil is recognized as one of the healthiest fats, making it a perfect option for a ketogenic diet. Still, just because coconut oil is recognized as such, thanks to its MCT and lauric acid, it doesn’t mean that all coconut oils found on the market are suitable for a ketogenic diet.

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There are coconut oils that have been processed poorly resulting to purity concerns. Moreover, keto-friendly coconut oils must be cold-pressed and without any solvents, chemicals or metals.

So, before purchasing just any coconut oil, see our list of suggested products and find the healthiest, best keto-friendly coconut oils for your diet.

Binnie’s Coconut Butter

Another Keto-friendly coconut product is the Binnie’s Coconut butter. We include this coconut butter on our list as it needs only a little warmth and it’ll turn to liquid form, perfect for cooking and prepping food or drinks.

It comes in vanilla and coconut flavors, and it is organic/natural. From organic shredded coconut, to organic extra virgin coconut oil, syrup, organic vanilla and sea salt.

You can spread Binnie’s coconut butter on your keto bread or use it for cooking. It is raw, gluten free, vegan, paleo, keto friendly and non-GMO. You can spread it on suitable keto crackers or even prepare pancakes with it.


  • Non-GMO
  • Organic and natural
  • Various sizes to choose from
  • Value for price


  • Not great for smoothies as it doesn’t dissolve easily

Protocol For Life Balance – Organic MCT Oil

If you want to get one of the best organic MCT oils, brands like Protocol for Life Balance should be included in your list. Their Organic MCT oil, based on coconut oils, is a great keto-friendly product for keeping up with your diet, sparing your lean muscle tissue and maintaining a healthy body weight.

This keto-friendly organic MCT oil, will help with your overall energy levels, so if you are an active person and work out regularly, you will not feel extremely tired or flat.



  • May contain allergens as it is produced in a GMP facility

Sports Research MCT Oil

This oil has the highest MCT content on the market with 75% of MCT per scoop. It comes in a powder form, which makes it perfect for mixing in warm coffee or for cooking. The fact that it comes in a powder form makes it more convenient when mixing with drinks, foods, and or protein shakes. Also, it comes in a convenient package, making it easy to take with you when on the move or travelling.

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As a keto-diet friendly supplement, the MCT will help your body achieve ketosis, and with the benefits of a prebiotic fibers will promote and increase the ratio of good bacteria in your gut. 


  • Easy to mix with drinks
  • Convenient package
  • High amount of MCT per serving


  • Can take a bit of effort to use for cooking

LouAna Coconut Oil

The last but not least coconut oil suggestion on our list is the LouAnna coconut oil. It comes in a thin, liquid form making it the perfect option for those who enjoy cooking. It has neither coconut aroma nor taste, which makes it a perfect substitute for cooking oil, butter and margarine.

The LouAna coconut oil comes in a convenient package that contains 16 fl ounces of pure liquid coconut oil, and it can be easily stored.


  • 100% pure liquid coconut oil
  • Renowned brand
  • No taste or aroma


  • Can stick on the dishes making it hard to wash


When you are on a keto-diet, you have to avoid carbohydrates at all costs. This is the only way to force your body to use stored fat as an energy source. However, you should also know that MCTs or medium chain triglycerides found in coconut oil are a great way to improve the effects of keto diets.

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Always buy the best, high-quality coconut oils for cooking and smoothies. By switching from regular oils and butters to coconut oil, the results will be felt and seen in no time. So, don’t buy a low-grade coconut oil in order to save a bit of money, because in the long run this will ruin your diet. Get MCT oils from reputable brands with satisfied customers, like the ones we suggest here, and enjoy a healthy diet, feeling better and more energized.

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