APE Test Booster – Optimizer & Anti-Estrogen

Alpha Performance Enhancer, or commonly known as APE test booster is a product that helps optimize your natural testosterone levels. As such, it also encourages fat loss and muscle growth.

Produced by Athletic Edge, APE is a powerful supplement that boosts testosterone levels and enhances blood flow. There are many people affected by hypogonadism (testosterone deficiency syndrome), men and women included, but APE shouldn’t be confused with hormone replacement therapy. Instead, APE can boost ones strength and performance by elevating testosterone levels, and although it can help with low testosterone levels, there are also other specific therapies to treat this symptom.

That said, this APE test booster review will explain how this testosterone supplement can boost your performance, including the downsides this booster comes with, and everything in between.

Ape Test Booster Formula – Main Compounds

APE’s formula is a unique combination of few powerful compounds that play a major role in the booster’s quality. For starters, APE features TestoSurge, a clinically-supported compound derived from Fenugreek.

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This compound is 100% natural, boosts testosterone and through double-blind, placebo-controlled studies it has been suggested to help balance healthy estrogen levels. Aromatase is the key enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen, and Athletic Edge knows this, thus utilizes it in the making of the TestoSurge compound. By decreasing the amount of testosterone being converted to estrogen, you’ll experience higher testosterone levels and less estrogenic side effects.

Increased testosterone levels will give you the needed drive and aggression inside and outside of the gym, will help you build muscle mass, and you’ll feel stronger than ever. As researches suggest, this compound may potentially help you get shredded in a relatively short time by stimulating the enzyme hormone-sensitive lipase. It will enhance the fat burning process, making your body fat-free!

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GlycoCarn is another research-backed compound, proprietary to Athletic Edge. It is so far the first known ingredient in sports nutrition that increases nitricoxide synthesis. Why is this important? Nitricoxide helps the arteries expand, thus encouraging greater blood flow. Increased blood flow means that oxygen will be delivered to working muscles with utmost ease. Moreover, GlycoCarn can also increase endurance and athletic performance during high intensity training.

APE Test Booster – Additional Ingredients

To further increase the APE test booster’s effectiveness, the formula is enriched with premium Long Jack standardized extract, Maca extract, and Indole-3 carbonal.

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Long Jack extract inhabits a hormone called the sex hormone. Biding globulin that binds to testosterone, it makes it unusable. This way, you end up with more free testosterone that your body can use in all its efforts!

For increased sex drive and boosting your libido, the APE test booster contains Maca extract. Oh, and if you’re not a fan of broccoli and other green vegetables of the kind, the Indole-3-carbonal will provide you with enough anti-estrogen so you needn’t eat those foods.

APE Test Booster Dosage and Usage

Athletic Edge recommends the booster to be taken no more than 5 days a week. This way, you’ll put your body on a 5 days on/2 days off mini weekly cycle, therefore allowing a longer overall cycle of 12 weeks. There are many people who prefer to take it 7 days a week, but the most optimal way to enjoy all the benefits of the booster is to indulge in a 5 day cycle. In case you decide to take it for the whole week, the maximum overall cycle length shouldn’t be longer than 8 weeks.

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The recommended 5 days of usage don’t have to be consecutive as long as you stick to 5 days a week. On days when you are working out, take APE test booster an hour to hour and a half before working out. On days when you’re resting, take APE in the morning with breakfast.

In case you want to use a pre-workout supplement together with workout, we strongly recommend using some of Athletic Edge’s products. As many of the other pre-workout supplements contain stimulants, it may lead to low sex drive.

Note that there are three products by Athletic Edge proudly named APE. While the focus of this article was the Alpha Performance Enhance, you may also come across APE Darknight and APE Libido. Both of these products are safe to use together with Alpha Performance Enhance.

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However, APE Libido doesn’t need to be cycled off and it can be taken daily. As the name itself suggests, it boosts your libido, and it is aimed toward men who don’t need the performance aspect of APE test booster. If you need to increase your sex drive and you’re not the working out type, then we’d recommend using the APE libido.

On the other hand, APE Darknight has the same properties of the APE test booster, only it works overnight. It is enhanced with special ingredients so it also encourages better sleep, and it is proven to control appetite as well. It successfully decreases sugar cravings.

APE Testosterone Booster Benefits

APE can increase free testosterone production by 22% in 12 hours after taking the booster. Since it also supports twice the fat loss after just 8 weeks of using it, it helps build a more refined physique.

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Although it’s just a supplement and not a hormone replacement therapy, APE test booster shows proven results in building ones libido. It supports sexual health and vitality on the long run, and provides healthy estrogen levels. By increasing nitric oxide which helps improve blood flow, the APE test booster works to enhance vascular and athletic performance.

APE Testosterone Booster Side Effects

Ape test booster may cause some side effects, but so far, a very small number of people have complains. These side effects include back acne and increased sweating.

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The Bottom Line

The good thing about APE test booster is that it’s extremely affordable while doing its job. It helps build muscle mass and it certainly reduces fat, and although we’ve seen supplements of the kind with better reviews, we believe that APE test booster by Athletic Edge is worth a try. Paired with other products from this brand, the booster can work miracles for your body as well as libido!

Testosterone Pellets – How Long to Take Effect?

Dealing with hormone imbalance is a stressful experience and unfortunately, many people are facing this struggle. Thanks to advanced scientific research and options available from the pharmaceutical industry, there are numerous types of pills, pellets, injections, gels and patches serving as treatments for hormone deficiency and assist in elevating our testosterone to normal levels.

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Today, we’re going to talk about testosterone deficiency in both men and women. We’ll focus on the symptoms of low testosterone and the different forms of therapies. Ultimately we’re going to answer questions related to testosterone pellets, how long to take effect included.

What is Testosterone Deficiency?

Testosterone deficiency syndrome, known as hypogonadism, is a condition in which the body doesn’t produce enough testosterone. In general, the condition is more common in men, but there are cases of testosterone deficiency in women as well.

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In men, testosterone is a key factor in men’s sex drive, muscle mass, physical energy, and men with low testosterone are prone to having mental health issues as well. Among the most common symptoms related to deficiency of testosterone in men are:

  • Difficulty getting and/or maintaining erection
  • Low sex drive
  • Hair loss
  • Low energy levels and fatigue
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Increased body fat
  • Decreased bone mass and muscle mass
  • Mood swings
  • Depression

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When it comes to women, the research regarding testosterone levels in women are very limited. Generally, women with low testosterone have difficulty producing new blood cells, show lower sex drive, and low testosterone can also affect women’s fertility, muscle mass and fat distribution. These are the most common symptoms of testosterone deficiency in women:

  • Muscle weakness
  • Sluggishness and fatigue
  • Irregular menstrual cycles
  • Difficulty reaching an orgasm
  • Fertility issues
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Low sex drive
  • Weight gain
  • Disturbed sleep
  • Depression

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What Are Testosterone Pellets?

Testosterone pellets are a long-acting form of hormone replacement therapy. They are small and contain crystalline testosterone. Testosterone pellets facilitate the administration of a steady, low dose of testosterone to the person under therapy over the course of three to six months at a time.

Usually, these pellets are implanted under the skin, near the hip or the buttocks, strictly by a medical professional. The procedure is fairly simple and quick. It starts with thoroughly cleaning the area where the doctor intends to implant the pellets. After administering a local anesthetic, the doctor makes a small incision in the skin. Using an instrument called trocar, the tiny testosterone pellets are placed under the skin. Typically, 10 or 12 pellets can be implanted, but you can work with your doctor to find the right dose.

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Testosterone Pellets – How Long to Take Effect?

One of the most common questions related to testosterone pellets is how long it takes before they actually start working. It is important to mention that each patient is unique and their body chemistry is different from other people. This fact shouldn’t be neglected when talking about pellets or any other medication, as our body’s chemistry plays a major role in how the pellets are absorbed and utilized.

Generally speaking, relief of deficiency symptoms can occur anywhere from few days and up to three weeks. However, we can also talk about short-term and long-term effects. Short-term effects usually occur within the first 2 weeks, and these effects reach their full potential within a month. During this time, you will notice the following:

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  • Healthy sex drive
  • Better sleep
  • Improved concentration
  • Higher energy

Long-term effects, on the other hand, happen after the pellets have fully dissolved. You should continue your pellets therapy until you reach these long-term benefits which are overall sense of wellbeing and body composition changes.

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Advantages of Testosterone Pellets over Other Testosterone Replacement Therapies

There are many gels, creams, tablets, and patches that are easy to self-administer to boost testosterone levels. However, they should be administered on daily basis, and the truth is, not everyone will remember, or have the will to do it daily. Moving on, another possible disadvantage of these traditional treatments is the fact that your family members or roommates can come in contact with testosterone gel or cream.

For a while, injections were the best alternative to traditional testosterone therapies. Of course, they are certainly an upgrade from, let’s say, testosterone patches as they last longer, but there’s a catch. Testosterone injections boost testosterone levels, but as each specific testosterone ester reach half-life their effect weakens, testosterone levels decline before the next injection, creating fluctuations on testosterone levels. This can result in serious mood swings, unstable sex drive and in some cases depression.

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The Bottom Line

Testosterone pellets are considered to be an effective long-acting hormone replacement therapy as pellets are more convenient in regulating testosterone levels. There is no need for daily or weekly administration so you are not running the risk of missing a dose. Before giving testosterone pellets a try, it’s essential to consult with a doctor and plan / monitor your treatment.

Best Muscle Building Supplements

We all want to have the perfect body, strong, lean and defined muscles, and we all want to achieve this in the shortest time possible. Luckily for all of us, there is help to our journey – it is called muscle building supplements.

Since steroid stacks are often illegal and may cause harmful effects to your health, we’ve done the research and found the best muscle building supplements you can use.

So, looking for a way to build muscle and do it fast? Here are few supplements you can consider:

GenF20 Plus HGH Releaser

There is a great deal of buzz surrounding the muscle building supplements market when it comes to the term “Human Growth Hormone” or “HGH” these days.

It is a known fact, HGH is the power behind muscle growth. It stimulates both the differentiation and proliferation of muscle cells, stimulates amino acid uptake and synthesizes protein in muscle and other tissues. Until now, only injections of HGH could have an effect in the body, and at a cost of thousands of dollars per treatment. But a recent scientific breakthrough has made HGH accessible to everyone. The new method of treatment is not actually using human growth hormone itself.

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The GenF20 Plus HGH releaser consist of natural ingredients and amino acids.  This muscle building supplement doesn’t contain growth hormone. Rather, it stimulates the body to produce growth hormone naturally.

The GenF20 Plus HGH releaser works by using a formula to trigger and stimulate the pituitary gland to produce and secrete more HGH itself. The HGH goes into your body just as nature intended, in other words, through the glandular system.

The many benefits of HGH are astounding. So if you look for a supplement that will naturally stimulate HGH production in your body, the GenF20 Plus HGH releaser could be a great candidate.


  • Fat loss
  • Muscle growth
  • Muscle recovery
  • Anti-aging effects


  • Need to be taken for extended periods of time

GNC Pro Performance Bulk

We should give a special recognition to GNC’s Pro Performance Bulk supplement, as it is a popular option with beginners for building muscle.

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The well-developed formula contains 1,340 nutrient-dense calories as well as 50 grams of protein, ensuring you get the nutrients needed to increase muscle size and body strength.

Besides this, the formula provides 10 grams of glutamine which is an important amino acid which maintains positive immunity and muscle response.

Moreover, the formula also contains BCAAs (branched chain amino acids) which help with muscle recovery and protein synthesis. All the above and with the addition of creating in this formula you will have more energy and you’ll be more resilient in the gym.

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What we really love about this formula is the fact that it is thoroughly tested and certified, and it doesn’t contain any banned substances. It also has an amazing taste, and it is really easy to shake and blend with drinks.


  • Professional-grade results
  • Improved recovery
  • Enriched with Creatine, BCAAs and Glutamine
  • Easy to consume


  • It could be hard to mix in dense shakes

Bare Performance Supplement

If you are looking for a supplement that will help you build muscle mass easily while you enjoy the benefits of greater resistance and endurance, don’t look any further than the Bare Performance supplement. This formula has 3 grams of L-Citrulline, a non-protein and non-essential amino acid that works perfectly in increasing your training resistance. It also increases blood Arginine levels to give you better muscle endurance, a better blood flow and a decreased chance of having sore muscles and feeling fatigue during and after workouts.

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Besides this, the Bare Performance is a great alternative for traditional muscle building steroid stacks because it has 260 mgs of VasoDrive-AP Hydrolyzed Casein Tripeptides and 1.5 grams of NO3-T Betaine Nitrate. These help your metabolism on the long run because besides improving oxygen transport, they normalize your blood pressure and improve your nutrient uptake to provide greater muscle pumps from your food.

Of course, you’ll also enjoy the benefits of increased energy and stamina you’ll feel from the moment you try it out. Just mix one scoop of it into 8-10 ounces of water and drink it half an hour before training, the results will be visible in no time.


  • Increased oxygen transport in blood stream
  • Benefits with normalized blood flow
  • Great for building muscle
  • Improves Resistance


  • Not easy to mix in drinks
  • Aftertaste in the bottles you mix your drinks

Testosterone Worx Intraoral Spray

Another great muscle building supplement is the Testosterone Worx intraoral spray. This spray has the potential to increase your testosterone levels and it has a fast-acting sublingual formula.

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Since you spray it under your tongue, it is easily absorbed in just a few seconds with an absorption rate of 95%, unlike any other testosterone boosting supplement. For reference, we know from studies that capsules and pills usually have a 10% to 20% absorption rate, which basically means that here you have an effective spray able to boost testosterone serum levels.

The Testosterone Worx intraoral spray contains Mucuna Pruriens, Tribulus Terrestris, Stinging Nettle Root and Maca Root as part of its pure ingredient formula.

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The best thing about this supplement? It is manufactured in the USA, so you know that you can expect nothing less than top-notch quality.


  • Great for building stronger and bigger muscles
  • USA manufactured
  • Convenient spray formula
  • Speeds up recovery


  • The package is pretty small, so you’ll need often refills

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You must be aware of all the risks and benefits coming with legal and non-legal supplements, which is why we hope that we’ve helped you find safer and better alternatives than potentially harmful substances.

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You don’t want to risk being impotent, getting liver damage or bringing yourself to have a criminal record just for the sake of having a chiseled body, right? This is exactly why you should always opt for legal, safer muscle building supplements.

Best Testosterone Boosters – Alternatives To Steroids?

Being a dedicated bodybuilder can take a toll, and it surely requires a lot of energy and time. This is the main reason why many people resort to dietary supplements, such as testosterone boosters and anabolic steroids.

However, besides the helpful anabolic and muscle building effects, steroids have many side effects including hair loss, acne, gynecomastia and at extreme cases, liver and kidney damage. This is the reason why today, we can only purchase alternatives to steroids that have been tested to ensure nothing but positive results for your health, workouts and performance.

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In order to help you find the best testosterone boosters, we’ve combined a list of the 10 most popular and effective supplements that you can take for muscle growth or just to improve your performance and recovery. So, let’s see the most popular out there:

Prime Labs – Men’s Test Booster

Whenever you need to increase your testosterone levels, performance and build muscle, you can always count on this testosterone booster from Prime Labs. This natural test booster revitalizes and restores your manhood and as a result you can melt away belly fat while having more energy to create lean, healthy muscles.

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Designed to help increase your circulation and blood flow, Prime Test acts as a natural anabolic enhancer that helps to burn away stubborn belly fat, restores your energy, and even helps build strength and lean muscle. Find again the confidence you need for better physical and mental performance at work, home, and even in the bedroom.

Manufactured in an FDA registered facility, this formula contains only natural ingredients, including Horny Goat Weed, Tongkat Ali Extract, Saw Palmetto Extract and other essential health boosters. This is a daily supplement that naturally increases testosterone levels.

Genius Test – The Smart Testosterone Booster

With this supplement, Genius is bringing a new-age of male optimization rather than just another Testosterone Booster.  When supported with clinically studied ingredients, Testosterone Boosters can help in the process of optimizing total male health & wellbeing. Genius Test was formulated to boost your body’s natural testosterone levels safely without dangerous additives. This is the supplement you need to increase your testosterone production and naturally increase your energy levels.

This is a 100% non-proprietary formula backed-up by clinical research. KSM-66 (1000mg) Ashwagandha specifically has been shown to boost strength, enhance recovery and aid in weight loss! Adding Genius Test to your daily routine can help accelerate your results. The best thing about it? It has no GMOs, soy, gluten, preservatives, peanuts, eggs or shellfish – making it perfectly safe for long-term use.

Modern Man V3 – Testosterone Booster

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Through three generations of cutting edge science, Modern Man has developed this product with the aim to be an effective test booster supplement. The product formulation evolves around 1 thing, delivering fast acting results you can see and feel.

Although a weak test booster, Modern Man claims that with this supplement, and combined with proper diet and exercise, you will avoid muscle break-down while shredding. The other issue we see here is the inclusion of caffeine as part of the “fat burning” ingredients, which can disturb your sleep patterns. Overall, you shouldn’t run into any side effects from this product since all the ingredients are natural.

ANDROSURGE – Testosterone Booster

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Androsurge is scientifically dosed, non-proprietary blend, all-natural testosterone booster and estrogen reducing supplement for men. Featuring research supported ingredients such as grape seed extract and diindolylmethane. Optimize your natural potential for maximum muscle building & fat loss. This formula works as a muscle builder by promoting muscle fullness during your training and reduce muscle catabolism.

Boost your energy levels through the day, your workout sessions and your life with a sense of vitality you’ve never felt before. Improve your overall confidence, experience a boost in drive, a reduction of stress, and a relentless alpha drive. This products is manufactured in a state of the art cGMP facility, guaranteed that you are getting nothing but the purest, safest, and highest quality product on the market.

Evlution Nutrition – Testosterone Booster EVL Test

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EVL TEST is a highly rated and recommended testosterone booster with excellent reviews on Amazon and one of Amazon’s choice products. With 8 active ingredients EVL TEST is designed to support testosterone levels, recovery, stamina and strength. In addition, it includes vitamins to support optimal sleep levels to get you well rested and ready for the next training session.

As with all test boosters, EVL TEST helps your body naturally increase its own testosterone production to provide the physique and strength goals you desire. Every facet of ELV TEST goes hand-in-hand to provide you with the most unique training and recovery amplifier on the market.

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Arazo Nutrition – Testosterone Booster

This is yet another testosterone booster with excellent reviews as well as one of the best sellers. A powerful product with 1500mg of tribulus per dose that will help you get the best results in the gym.

This is a straight tribulus terrestris supplement with over 1500 mg of pure Tribulus standardized to 45% Steroidal Saponins, this formula is created to increase your body’s energy levels, stamina and libido. It is made in the US in a FDA and GMP Certified Facility and third party safety tested for purity.

Nugenix Total T – Testosterone Boosting Formula

The all-new Nugenix Total-T combines elements of the original flagship formula with additional key ingredients and the latest research for best results. Nugenix Total-T is a scientifically optimized formula to elevate both total and free testosterone, increase your muscle gains, and improve your performance.

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This formula contains 8 powerful ingredients including clinically validated Testofen, elevATP and Boron for more muscle, more energy, and better performance than before. Nugenix Total-T includes a key ingredient backed by 5 clinical studies, and two clinical studies showing an increase in your energy production at the cellular level. Feel more alive and energized from the office to the gym with no stimulants or crashes.

This product is manufactured under FDA Good Manufacturing Practices. There’s no stimulants, fillers, or water-downed ingredients – just complete transparency.

Cutler Nutrition – Triumph Testosterone Booster

Cutler Nutrition is a renowned brand that won’t disappoint you. This testosterone booster has a cutting-edge blend of ingredients designed to naturally boost testosterone from multiple angles. It increases lean muscle mass thanks to the patented KSM 66 Ashwagandha extract, and it also improves endurance in a natural way.

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In its ingredients, you’ll also find natural estrogen blockers like DIM (diindolylmethane) and Argaricus Bisporus Fruit extracts, keeping your hormones at a normal level while increasing your stamina and energy. It has high-quality ingredients and they come in much larger amounts than many testosterone boosters at similar prices.

Cutler Nutrition products are manufactured in the USA in a cGMP compliant facility and is rigorously tested to ensure quality.

TestoGen – Triple Action Testosterone Booster

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TestoGen is a natural testosterone booster containing 11 ingredients with no artificial colors or flavors. With TestoGen, you can safely and naturally boost your testosterone levels and it will help you increase muscle fullness. You’ll get more energy and a boost in your libido and drive as well. Best of all, TestoGen is safe, natural and thoroughly tested unlike some testosterone boosters.

This formula comes with eight main active ingredients. There are four ingredients for targeting test boosting, the rest are overall health support. Designed to work together to increase your testosterone levels and improve overall health. Testogen is proven, plain and simple. Just pure natural ingredients in the right combination to work effectively.


The testosterone boosters listed above have a long list of satisfied customers, just pick one that suits best for your targets and budget. All products on this review are suitable for men over the age of 18 years, and obviously, are designed for males with low testosterone levels. They are also suitable for those looking to amplify anabolic levels and build permanent lean muscle whilst burning off fat with the assistance of testosterone boosting supplements.

Before you go ahead and start taking any supplement, including any of the above products, always consult your doctor as they can interfere with other medications and pre-existing medical conditions. Stay healthy, strong and safe!

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Where to buy Tongkat Ali – Get the absolute best

Eurycoma longifolia, or what we commonly known as Tongkat Ali, is a supplement coming from a shrub-tree from Southeast Asia. People have been making tea and other supplements from this tree for many years now. This is because its benefits have been proven worthy. Still, we were curious about the best Tongkat Ali supplement, the best Tongkat Ali brand and we decided to do a bit of research. If you are open to alternative medicine, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll tell you which is the best place to buy Tongkat Ali as well as the answer to the question – where to buy Tongkat Ali extract without being scammed. Stay tuned to see if you might benefit from a supplement like Tongkat Ali, it is one of the most effective ones!

Before answering these questions, we think that there are certain things that you should know about Tongkat Ali. So, here it goes

What is Tongkat Ali

As we said before, Tongkat Ali is a shrub-tree. However, this tree is almost a protected species because of the high demand of supplements from it. This is because it has several proven positive effects on the human body. After all, people from the Southeast Asia have been using it for centuries as a remedy and alternative medicine.

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Additionally, you should know that the Tongkat Ali root is taken orally as a medicine. Taken into the body, it has positive effects and increases the chances of fighting male infertility. Some research even proved that it is effective for treating erectile dysfunction and boosting athletic performance. In addition, it is great for sexually active adults as it increases the sexual desire. Although it isn’t often used in medicine, this still doesn’t refute the secret of keeping male fertility high of the Southeast Asian people.

How and where to buy Tongkat Ali

If we caught your attention with the benefits of it, you are probably wondering where to buy Tongkat Ali for yourself, right? Don’t worry, we also have the answers for you. The answer to the question: Where to buy Tongkat Ali lies within the way the world works today. Although there are a lot of manufacturers who offer Tongkat Ali claiming it is pure, you still need to be very careful. This is why, the first thing that you need to consider is the manufacturer.

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Basically, this means that you shouldn’t just go and buy from the first person to offer you Tongkat Ali. We suggest doing some research and reading into the subject. In addition to this, we also suggest reading a few reviews of the different Tongkat Ali supplements offered by such manufacturers. Know that there are different brands of Tongkat Ali and they all have different quality. So, make sure that you are getting the absolute best.

Finding the best Tongkat Ali supplement – buying guide

In order for you to find the best Tongkat Ali supplement, there are certain steps that you need to take. First of all, see the types of Tongkat Ali and see which one is suitable for you. This will be your guide throughout the process of making the purchase. Secondly, look for the best manufacturers for the Tongkat Ali supplement. In most cases, this means buying from a reputable brand. Of course, finding reputable brands isn’t easy, so we suggest reading into some Amazon reviews. Lastly, make sure that the best Tongkat Ali supplement for you is within your budget. As an alternative medicine, you shouldn’t overpay for it. However, don’t buy the cheapest one you find either. This could possibly mean that you are getting low quality Tongkat Ali.

Which is the best Tongkat Ali brand

Another thing that you should look for is the brand. As we mentioned before, the brand plays a very important role in the quality of the supplement you are purchasing. Specifically, the best Tongkat Ali brand for your will be the one that will fulfill your expectations. This basically means that the brand should offer Tongkat Ali of such strength and price that will be up to your needs. In addition, the best Tongkat Ali brand for you will have the proper quality and reliability of the product.

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Whenever you are purchasing supplements and extracts, it is important for you to get safety of them as well. So, make sure that the brand you are purchasing from offers safe products which are ok to use, even on long term. This way you ensure that you will get all the positive effects of Tongkat Ali without any side effects that you aren’t aware of. However, it is also recommended to consult a doctor before taking supplement like Tongkat Ali. So, take the package with you and show it to your doctor before consuming it.

Which is the best place to buy Tongkat Ali

If you are wondering which is the best place to buy Tongkat Ali, you aren’t the only one. As there are too many manufacturers and shops offering it, you might be confused or even scared. Don’t worry, we also have the answer to this. We’ve done our research and concluded that the best place to buy Tongkat Ali should have several features.

First of all, the place offering you Tongkat Ali should be a reliable brand and manufacturer, as mentioned above. This also means that you should have knowledge about their reputation and the safety of their product. Also, the Tongkat Ali should be nicely packaged with clear instructions on how to use it, the side effects and the expected effects. This would also guarantee the quality of it.

Secondly, the place where you get Tongkat Ali from should be professional and up to the basic standards for buying alternative medicine. Although it seems like a paradox, getting Tongkat Ali online can be quite safe. You are protected as a purchaser, and you have all the information, including user reviews at disposal. So, you should check on websites, but try to avoid random manufacturers with no clear information on the or the products they sell. We always recommend Amazon for your supplementation needs, on Amazon you will find a variety of Tongkat Ali products and best deals. This will ensure that you get the product and results you expect.

Why and where to buy Tongkat Ali extract

When it comes to the location of where to buy Tongkat Ali extract, people have different opinions. Since it has been proven that the Tongkat Ali extract is quite helpful and effective, people are going nuts for it. Still, this also encouraged different brands to offer Tongkat Ali extracts at very reasonable price. The same goes for the Tongkat Ali extract as it does for the Tongkat Ali supplement. Make sure that you know everything about the brand and the product, and you are good to go.


Tongkat Ali is a highly effective supplement which helps treating male infertility, and it isn’t a surprise that people have been using it for centuries. If you have needs for an increased libido or if you are fighting male infertility, we suggest turning to alternative medicine and Tongkat Ali. However, we also recommend that you are careful when purchasing it. This comes from the moment you ask yourself where to buy Tongkat Ali from in the first place.

When is the best time to take L-carnitine?

It is hard to stay in good shape and follow a healthy lifestyle, especially when you are surrounded with temptations. We are constantly rushing everywhere, and sometimes, working out is simply not possible. I, myself, have often been in situations when I couldn’t even find time to prepare a healthy meal. And buying take out salads and steaks doesn’t seem like a budget friendly option either.

So, with time, I realized that if I need to keep up with my lifestyle and workouts, I need to take supplements, vitamins and amino acids. Of course, I had to learn this the hard way, on the verge of giving up before someone introduced me to L-carnitine. I learned how and when is the best time to take L-carnitine, how it can be helpful, and what I was supposed to do.

So, you’ve come to the right place. This article examines the potential risks and benefits of L-carnitine supplements and explains when is the best time to take L-carnitine and how this nutrient functions in your body. So, here is everything you need to know about this amazing compound. I hope the following things will help you boost your performance, training, and overall condition.

What is L-carnitine?

L-carnitine is a naturally occurring substance that the body needs for energy and is often taken as a supplement. If you take L-carnitine properly, you will experience some notable benefits. But, as with any other supplement or medication, the most important step is to know the basics first in order to understand how it interacts in your body and prevent any unwanted reaction.

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L-carnitine is the standard biologically active form of carnitine, which is found in your body, foods and some supplements. L-carnitine helps the body produce energy. It is important for heart and brain function, muscle movement, and many other body processes.

Before we get to the main point, we should note that L-carnitine is likely safe when taken for up to 12 months. In some cases it can cause side effects such as nausea, vomiting, stomach upset, heartburn and diarrhea.

Often and by many, L-carnitine is categorized as an amino acid. Technically, it isn’t an amino as much as it is a compound which resembles amino-acids and vitamins, it is more related to B vitamins. At the moment it was studied, it was referred as vitamin BT. 

L-carnitine’s main role in your body involves mitochondrial function and energy production and naturally it is produced in the kidneys and the liver. L-carnitine can be also formed by the amino acids lysine and methionine. About 98% of your L-carnitine stores are contained in your muscles, along with trace amounts in your liver and blood.

To maintain efficient levels of L-carnitine in your body, your diet should include animal products, most importantly high quality meat and fish. Researchers found that some plants, fruits and vegetables have traces, but not in sufficient amounts. Mainly red meat is the best L-carnitine source.

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You can find carnitine in two main forms – L-carnitine and D-carnitine. Of these, the first one is biologically active and it can be found in organic products. If you want to search for food containing the L-form, you should search for L-carnitine L-tatrate, Propionyl L-carnitine or only L-carnitine. All of them are equally beneficial to the body.

However, D-carnitine cannot be found on shelves in markets and shops, and isn’t sold as a dietary compound.

What does L-carnitine do and how does it affect the body?

Your body can have enormous benefits from proper amounts of L-carnitine. For instance, this compound helps your body when it transports long-chain fatty acids, or fat into the cells. And once they are there, they serve as fuel and energy for your body. It is especially helpful for those who like to have intense workouts every now and then. L-carnitine’s benefits may be indirect and take weeks or months to appear. This differs from supplements like caffeine or creatine, which can directly enhance sports performance.

As a conditionally essential nutrient, it is also important for those who have L-carnitine deficiency. If you suffer from low L-carnitine levels, you feel that your muscles are weak and you don’t have strength. Also, you might suffer from other health problems including stunted growth or even an enlarged liver. In addition to this, L-carnitine helps the insulin do its thing. Specifically, it keeps the glucose levels low, especially if taken after meals.

However, the greatest effects L-carnitine has, are on your athletic performance. It is a great asset for your body to burn fat as fuel, and it gives you energy while doing so. Moreover, it helps your body to be more resistant to fatigue and keeps you energized and active for more time. This also helps your brain to perform better.

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Asides from the improved recovery times and the decreased muscle soreness which are proved with L-carnitine, it is also suggested that consumption of L-carnitine will help you in keeping a steady body weight. Also, it is suggested that it can help you lose some weight too. So, it is very important to optimize its consumption and find the best time to take L-carnitine.

When is the best time to take L-carnitine? 

In order to receive the positive effects and minimize possible side effects, you should take L-carnitine with caution and at proper times. As suggested by medical experts and bodybuilders, the best time to take L-carnitine is after workout. You should be careful if you want to stack L-carnitine with other fat-burning supplements. In this case, it is best to take the acetyl-L-carnitine from of it.

Doses of 2 grams or less per day seem to be well tolerated and safe for most people (The standard dose of L-carnitine is 500–2,000 mg per day). Tentative evidence suggests L-carnitine supplements might increase your risk of atherosclerosis as it may raise your blood levels of trimethylamine-N-oxide (TMAO) over time.

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Something we all should be aware and know by now, when adding any supplement into your routine, you should always start with a low dose and work your way up to ensure you’re able to tolerate it without any side effects.Also. We suggest consulting your doctor before taking this, or any other supplement.

Side effects of L-carnitine supplements

It is important to be aware of the positive and negative effects that the L-carnitine can have. When used as directed, carnitine can be safe and effective with minimal risk of side effects. If you experience any side effects, be sure to report to your doctor to determine if supplementation is correctly administered and dosed for you.

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Also, there are rare effects on some people, which suggested that people with seizure disorders might experience seizures or muscle weakness.

You should also know that there is a positive side-effect of L-carnitine too. It can enhance blood flow to the muscles. Increased blood flow means more nutrients and hormones go where they’re needed most, making L-carnitine an effective therapy for erectile dysfunction. After all, with better blood flow, this would be a reasonable effect of L-carnitine.

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Pure Himalayan Shilajit

Do you know the value of pure Himalayan Shilajit? Did you know that Shilajit has properties with incredible health benefits for both men and women? This guide will assist in finding the absolute best Shilajit to buy. In addition, we’ll explore the subject of organic Shilajit and how to use Shilajit properly. So, stay tuned to learn how you personally can benefit from Shilajit consumption.

Regardless of the fact that pure Himalayan Shilajit has practically all of the elements contained in the periodic table, what makes it even more exceptional is that it is molded through great amounts of atmospheric pressure. This pressure, at the Himalayan Mountains, helps bind minerals and organic compounds together, resulting to the creation of Shilajit, with all of its extraordinary benefits.

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What are the natural Shilajit health benefits         

If you wish to drink a potent nutritional supplement which has been known for hundreds of years, you should definitely read this. If you are wondering what are the natural Shilajit health benefits, we are listing few of the known benefits here. Shilajit has a very powerful and beneficial effect on our body, which is why you should consider it. 

Shilajit has a tremendous benefit on your overall brain function. As it is formed through slow decomposition of plant matter, it is available as a supplement or a powder. Both options have the potential to improve your overall cognitive abilities. Also, the compounds found in Shilajit help fight and control cognitive disorders. For instance, researchers proved that Shilajit exhibits excellent results at preventing Alzheimer’s.

In addition, it is noted that the key compound in Shilajit, fulvic acid, has a beneficial effect as it is both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. This basically means that your body will have protection from free radicals and as a result, protection from cellular damage. Both of these factors are key-parts of aging, so it is safe to say that Shilajit can assist with the aging process and consumption of Shilajit will improve your vitality and energy.

The Shilajit resin benefits come in the form of preventing and fighting anemia. So, if you or someone you know don’t have challenges with red blood cells or hemoglobin, or iron deficiency, you should consider Shilajit as a supplement that can help and support your health. After all, anemia is a serious disease and can cause many symptoms like fatigue, headache, and weakness. Considering that Shilajit contains humic acid and iron in high levels, you can easily treat anemia. Still, as we always advice for any supplement, before starting a course you should discuss and explore options with your doctor.

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Pure Himalayan Shilajit and Rodiola Rosea share many common benefits and characteristics although these two are of different origin. You can read and find out more about the benefits of Rodiola Rosea in our article for this amazing herb by following this link.

Organic Shilajit powder benefits

There are numerous benefits of Shilajit. However, in order to get the absolute best, we suggest aiming at organic Shilajit powder benefits, especially if you don’t prefer Shilajit resin. You should know that Shilajit is a complex substance with many trace minerals and fulvic acid and organic Shilajit will offer the absolute best results.

This is why you need to be careful about how you use it and how you dose it. It is also suggested to use it under supervision of a professional holistic medical practitioner. The holistic doctor will help you determine the proper dosage for you, as each and every body is individual and unique. In addition to this, organic Shilajit powder benefits include; better metabolism, improved bodily functions and slowed aging processes.

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It is important to note that organic Shilajit, or as people call it, natural Shilajit, is a high-quality supplement and produce the best results. Natural Shilajit will achieve results faster.

Shilajit benefits for men       

Asides from the general potential that pure Himalayan Shilajit has, there are also Shilajit benefits for men you should know about. For instance, it was proven that Shilajit is capable of increasing the male fertility. Specifically, Shilajit improves the overall sperm count and it can develop the sperm motility. The underdevelopment of both these factors is the main reasons for infertility. So, it is safe to say that Shilajit has a huge benefit for male fertility.

In addition to this, there are other Shilajit benefits for men you should be informed of. Specifically, even if you are completely healthy, you can still have positive effects of Shilajit. It can improve and increase the testosterone levels in male individuals. This will improve your overall reproductive health too. So, regardless of your age or your reasons, if you are a male, you can surely gain excellent benefits from Shilajit.

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Shilajit benefits for women 

Men aren’t the only ones that can gain a lot from Shilajit, or course, there are Shilajit benefits for women too! We are happy to say that Shilajit can enjoy this super-food in their diet because it has a lot to offer them.

First off, the regular consumption of Shilajit can improve the vitamins in the body and it will result in better looking hair. Basically, the nutrients in Shilajit feed the hair and the skin making both look healthier with a natural shine.

Secondly, the Shilajit benefits for women are much broader as just like in men, it also improves the sexual health in women. The consumption of pure Himalayan Shilajit improves the balance in women’s reproductive system. Basically, it means that the periods will be regular and free of pain. In addition to all this, Shilajit regulates the hormones in a woman’s body, so it will also affect the physical health too. This natural way of balancing hormones is very important because you don’t take any drugs, yet you get the positive effects of them.  The well-regulated hormones also have a big effect on the overall immune system of a woman’s body.

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Lastly, in our list of Shilajit benefits for women, we should mention the anti-aging effects this supplement has. Specifically, the nutrients and the vitamins found in Shilajit are excellent for maintaining an energetic body. By using Shilajit carefully, you will be healthier and you will look younger too.

Where to buy Shilajit  

After reading the most important benefits regarding Shilajit you too are probably wondering where to buy Shilajit for your needs, right? Luckily for you, we’ve combined a small buying guide for Shilajit for you. We know that the question of where to buy Shilajit can be a bit complicated, as there are too many markets offering it. So, the most important things you need to know are the following ones.

Basically, pure Himalayan Shilajit can be found in organic shops which are well-equipped as well as in online organic shops. However, you should be very careful when you are buying Shilajit, as there are fake ones offered by malicious sellers. In addition to this, you should only strive to find the best Shilajit to buy. The latter has some features you should note.

Best Shilajit to buy      

If you are looking for the best Shilajit to buy, we have some good news for you. We’ve combined the most important features you should look for in order to get the premium quality you deserve. So, the best Shilajit that you can find should surely have an organic trace mineral complex, and it should be full of valuable minerals and metals. In addition to this, the Shilajit should be a completely natural source of fulvic acid. Basically, this means that it should not be made out of concentrate or anything chemically produced.

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Moreover, the high-grade resin should be made through the most modern purification methods and it should be a strong adaptogen. If you ensure that this is done properly, your Shilajit will have a decreased sensitivity to stress and it will turn out to be a powerful electrolytes. For you as a user, this would mean that the Shilajit will be powerful enough to balance the overall vitality of the cells in your body.

Lastly, when looking for the best Shilajit to buy, make sure that you are purchasing a Shilajit which is tested for heavy metals. This safety precaution will surely be of huge benefit to your health and it the Shilajit will be able to provide the expected results. Regarding this matter, we suggest buying from a reputable provider which has positive user experiences and reviews.      

How to use Shilajit      

If you are wondering how to use Shilajit, we also have the answers for you. Regardless of how you get it, as a powder or as a supplement which you can dissolve in water or milk, there are a certain things that you should know.

After you make your purchase, we highly suggest that you consult a doctor regarding the usage of Shilajit and the means of how to use Shilajit for your own needs. This will result in a safe intake of Shilajit which will increase the chances of you being completely satisfied with it.

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Moreover, regarding the two ways of Shilajit intake we have a certain things to tell you too. If you get it as a supplement you can dissolve it into water or milk, as we said before. Specifically, you can dissolve a pea-sized part of Shilajit in any liquid. Most often, you will be able to drink it up to three times per day. However, we also suggest reading the instructions which are found on the package carefully and thoroughly. It is suggested to drink Shilajit in doses of 300 to 500 milligrams daily, but still, talk to a doctor before taking this natural supplement.

When to take Shilajit

We believe that it is very important to know when to take Shilajit to achieve the maximum results. Namely, you can take Shilajit early in the morning or during the day. Still, it is suggested not to take it at night, especially not before going to bed.

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In addition to this instruction, experts recommend that you shouldn’t take it with food either. Instead, eat your meal, make a pause, and take Shilajit. If you do need to take it with food, it is suggested to get a larger dose, but still less than 300mg per serving.

On a weekly basis, it is suggested to take Shilajit 1-2 times per day, and 4-6 times total in the week.  The best duration for optimal results is to take it one month at a time, 2-3 times per year.

Shilajit vs fulvic acid – what is the difference?

If you want to get the absolute best, you should know the difference between Shilajit vs fulvic acid, as this is a common misconception. Namely, the fulvic acid is just one part of the Shilajit, and if someone tells you they are selling you fulvic acid – it doesn’t mean that you are getting pure Himalayan Shilajit. So, know that a standardized Shilajit product should have at least 12.5% fulvic acid.

Still, a lot of Shilajit products, especially if they are from shady manufacturers, don’t follow these standardization. So, make sure that you know the actual percentage of fulvic acid in your Shilajit.      

Another difference between other supplements which state they contain fulvic acid and Shilajit is their overall manufacturing. The proper Shilajit supplements should have FDA manufacturing, proper labeling and bottling. A small difference on the side of fulvic acid are the side effects. While fulvic acid supplements are safe for anyone, Shilajit is not safe for people who have a diagnosed heart conditions and cause some side effects.

Shilajit powder vs resin        

The discussion between pure Himalayan Shilajit powder vs resin is an everlasting one. Of course, the resin is the closest form of Shilajit, and less processed. On the other hand, the powders are processed, but still, they are much easier to find and often, cheaper. In addition to all this, the Shilajit resin is often of higher quality compared to the powders as the lower-quality resin is easily distinguished from the high-quality resin.

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Shilajit side effects      

Although the pure Himalayan Shilajit side effects are thoroughly examined, and it was concluded that it is completely safe for long-term use as a dietary supplement, there are some things you should have into consideration about the potential Shilajit side effects.

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Basically, pure Himalayan Shilajit may lower blood pressure, so it isn’t suggested to use it if you drink high blood pressure medications. Also, active heart diseases are given the advice not to use Shilajit. The most important Shilajit side effects come from the low-quality Shilajit. Make sure that your Shilajit doesn’t have heavy metals, free radicals, and even arsenic in some cases. You can do this by getting your Shilajit from a reputable source.

The Best Rhodiola Rosea Brands to Buy

It is said that nature has a herb for every purpose. Today we’ll be looking at one of the most useful herbs out there. Rhodiola Rosea is an adaptogenic herb used for its many benefits, including medicine and mental health. Rhodiola rosea seeds are good for both men and women. The benefits are amazing, people also use Rhodiola Rosea for weight loss.

In our following text we’ll find out what is the best Rhodiola Rosea. Furthermore we’ll look into what is the best Rhodiola Rosea supplement and also what is the Rhodiola Rosea best brand. So if you’re interested in learning more about this amazing herb, stay tuned and prepare to be amazed of all the benefits it brings.

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You can buy Rhodiola rosea in your local health food store or you can search for Rhodiola Rosea amazon and order it online.

Rhodiola Rosea seeds – what are they ?

Rhodiola Rosea is an adaptogen herb, that can be found in cold climates, usually in parts of Europe and Asia. It falls into the category of an adaptogen herb, which means that it’s a herb that improves your performance, mental and physical health, overall wellbeing and balance within the body.

Traditionally, Rhodiola Rosea is known as golden root. Rhodiola Rosea has been used for centuries around the world as a general health herb. The abilities of this herb are amazing and can aid with a variety of ailments in many cases. It is rich in antioxidants and improves your performance by increasing the brain blood flow.

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People who use Rhodiola often experience increased resistance to stress, irritability, headache and fatigue. Stress reduction is a very important benefit of this herb, by doing so it is proven beneficial for the heart and other organs in our body.

Athletes also use Rhodiola Rosea because of its ability to improve physical performance. Students also enjoy the benefits of this herb, it has proven to improve mental state and performance.

Buy rhodiola rosea Amazon or elsewhere?

Rhodiola Rosea can be easily found as it is very popular and is among the top performing adaptogen herbs. You can expect to find Rhodiola Rosea in most of your local health food stores. However the quality can differ from brand to brand and what part of the world it comes from.

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Another option that is very popular is online shops in the likes of Amazon. You can find a lot of different brands of Rhodiola Rosea on the web. If you have a specific type or brand of Rhodiola Rosea that suits your needs best you can find it online and order it pretty much for the same or cheaper price as you would in a local store. The only downside is that you’ll probably have to wait for a couple of days till you get your order, so you’ll have to plan ahead if you notice your stash of Rhodiola Rosea is running low.

Best Rhodiola Rosea supplement

Many people often go for this option and use Rhodiola Rosea in the form of supplements since the benefits of this herb are numerous.

First of all, it will aid your physical state. Rhodiola Rosea will help you increase your energy and stamina. It has also proven to increase athletic and physical performance. In addition it’s also great for your sexual health, it increases libido and fertility. Because of the fact that Rhodiola Rosea is an adaptogen herb, it also helps you bring body balance. It will help you overcome emotional or physical stress and help you adapt to situations.

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In addition, Rhodiola Rosea is great for your mental state. It enhances memory, increases brain function and improves your mental capacity. Rhodiola Rosea has shown signs in improving brain blood flow, which increases the transport of dopamine and serotonin which results in a better mood. Furthermore, Rhodiola Rosea has antioxidant and anti-aging properties which is a great benefit. Studies have shown that it helps with anxiety too.

Rodiola Rosea shares many common benefits and characteristics with Himalayan Shilajit although these two are of different origin. Read our article on the benefits of Himalayan Shilajit.

Rhodiola Rosea best brand – how to find

Looking for the best Rhodiola Rosea brands might be a bit harder than it seems. Although it looks like you are buying a supplement that can be found anywhere, the situation is quite different. There is always the possibility that you end up buying low grade products which is why we recommend being careful. In order to find the right Rhodiola Rosea best brand for your needs, you must know what are the available options on the market and what to expect in terms of potency and results.

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Also, you should do a bit of research to see the manufacturer and their reliability. In most cases, you can find this type of information through the internet, by reading reviews. Make sure that you leave no stone unturned when you are investing in Rhodiola Rosea (or any other supplement), as this is the only way you will surely end up satisfied with your results. There are a lot of brands offering high-quality Rhodiola Rosea, but only few actually achieve it. Make sure that you are purchasing from well known and reliable manufacturers.

Benefits of Rhodiola Rosea

The benefits of rhodiola rosea are abundant. People use it and enjoy a lot of its amazing benefits. Rhodiola rosea, is a great way to boost both your mental and physical state.

Rhodiola Rosea for weight loss

Rhodiola Rosea can also help you with weight loss. Because if you use Rhodiola Rosea, it will increase your physical performance, resulting in improved stamina. It also helps reduce fatigue and boosts physical endurance.

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In addition, it increases testosterone levels, which will naturally burn more fat and will improve lean muscle gain. Athletes have been using Rhodiola Rosea to improve physical endurance. It’s also a great way to improve your overall physical performance.

If you aim for faster results when using rhodiola rosea for weight loss, combine this amazing herb with a suitable ketogenic supplement. Ketogenic diets and supplements are well known for positive results and long term weight management benefits. You can find here our article and benefits of using ketogenic products.

Other benefits of Rhodiola Rosea

Not only does Rhodiola Rosea supplement improve your physical state it is also a great mental boost. Rhodiola Rosea is proven to reduce stress. Because of the fact that Rhodiola Rosea is an adaptogen herb, it may aid in ways you wouldn’t imagine. This amazing herb will bring balance within your body and regulate hormones.

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Furthermore, it has proven to help reduce the symptoms of depression. Because of its ability to stimulate blood flow to the brain and increase the transfer of the happy hormone, known as dopamine. This amazing herb also has the ability to improve brain function, enhance your memory and increase your mental capacity.

Bottom line

We can conclude that Rhodiola Rosea is one of the best adaptogen herbs. Its use is vast and extremely useful in many cases and suitable for both men and women. With the many benefits it brings it helped lots of people all around the world for centuries. The best Rhodiola Rosea brands provide support for certain health problems and also helping with physical and mental conditioning, this herb truly has multiple purposes.

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Treating cases like decreased libido, to improving the overall physical condition of a person. To more complex issues such as depression and stress. All of these benefits help maintain body balance and help live a more peaceful and balanced life.

Monster Test Testosterone Booster Review

Are you trying to improve your workouts and overall athletic performance? Do you want to increase your libido and decrease your body fat? Do you look for options to treat testosterone deficiency? Are you on testosterone replacement therapy and looking for supporting supplementation?

If you answered with yes to any of the above, we have a recommendation that could be helpful. Our Monster Test Testosterone Booster review will tell you everything there is to know about this supplement trusted and used by many people on a daily basis.

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Monster Test is a product of a company called Angry Supplements based in the US, and known for their health and wellness products. This is one of the main reasons we decided to review Monster Test. We’ve put it to the test, and we’ve come to several conclusions.

Now, if this is the first time you hear about this supplement, don’t worry. We have all the information you will need if you plan to start using this testosterone boosting supplement.

Monster test review – what you need to know

Unlike what you find with other manufacturers and similar products, this supplement is 100% natural and is both a testosterone booster and strength enhancer. Among other benefits you will also see improved muscle mass, strength as well as increased sex drive.

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This Testosterone booster is both safe for vegans and vegetarians, without artificial ingredients which can affect your health. The Monster Test has the potential to provide you with more energy and obvious results in both, the gym and the bed. This testosterone enhancing supplement can assist you gain muscle mass and as a result your performance in the gym will be definitely improved.

One thing is for sure, with Monster Test testosterone booster you will achieve better results than with any similar products. It increases mental sharpness and as a result of improved androgenic response, you will notice your confidence increasing. In addition, with this testosterone booster, you will have a stronger and healthier libido. If you are looking for something more advanced in terms of testosterone production, you can also read our article on how SARMs can help to build muscle mass and strength. 

Does Monster Test Testosterone Booster work

We understand if you are skeptic about the results of the Monster Test Testosterone Booster. We were skeptical as well and for this reason only we did a bit of research before doing our Monster Test review. During this process we realized that it has been on the market for quite some time and real users report many positive, true results.

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You will surely see and feel the results using this tried formula of amino acids and herbs. In addition to everything else, this formula contains a number of herbs which are known for improving your sex drive and tackling male infertility. According to the manufacturer, these herbs can also help with erectile dysfunction, which is what you should actually expect from a good testosterone booster.

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We have also recently published an article on branched-chain amino acids which provides further details on certain amino acids and their benefits. You can read more about the benefits of taking BCAAs here.

Most important ingredients of Monster Test Testosterone Booster

First we should look into the ingredients of this supplement. This testosterone booster has a combined formula of 5,452 mg, which is making it one of the strongest options for males on the market.

There are three very important parts in the Monster Test booster. First, we have L-Carnitine which is basically a fat mobilizer but also excellent for aiding testosterone levels since a well known fact is that cholesterol (the healthy type of cholesterol) is partially responsible for the production of testosterone along with other hormones in our body. In addition, L-Arginine, meant to improve blood circulation as it increases the production of nitric oxide which also helps with muscle growth. Finally, L-Citrulline, one of the known components to assist with athletic performance.

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As part of this formula, we have a combination of Tribulus Terrestris, Tongkat Ali, Fenugreek, Horny goat weed, and Rhodiola Rosea. These are all well known herbs which can assist and increase testosterone levels and improve performance. You can find here the full article on the benefits of Rhodiola Rosea and also our article on Tongat Ali.

Benefits of the Monster Test Testosterone Booster

Coming from a leading brand, you know that you can rely on the manufacturer to receive a safe testosterone enhancing supplement.

In addition, only high-quality ingredients are used with the Monster Test formula. So, with this booster, you can achieve your maximum potential. Working at the gym while you are taking this supplement will be more productive, and the results will be visible within few weeks.

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Is the Monster Test Testosterone Booster for you?

If you are wondering whether this testosterone booster is for you, we have a way for you to find out. If you have any symptoms such as decreased libido, possible infertility, accumulation of fat in your mid-section, depression or low self-esteem, it is possible you can have benefits using Monster Test.

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Like we mentioned before, the Monster Test formula is a product made of all natural herbs, minerals, vitamins and amino acids. All of these are helpful with male hormones, fertility as well as strength. This is why this supplement is a good option for those with male infertility and low libido. This formulation is for adult use only, and it is completely natural. It is definitely a product for many men across the world who have had problems overcoming common issues associated with decreased testosterone levels.

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Where to buy pine pollen?

If one of the most medically aware and advanced ancient civilizations on the face of the Earth uses a herb and trusts it, than you should probably too. Such is the case of pine pollen, it’s an amazing herb with many benefits such as healing and nutrition. It is good for both men and women. If your question is “does pine pollen raise testosterone?”, the answer is yes and we’ll look deeper into that further as well as to where to buy pine pollen. As a matter of fact, the pine pollen benefits for men are abundant.

Pine pollen has over 200 bioactive minerals, vitamins and nutrients in large concentrations, making it one of the best herb on the planet. In our article, we’ll look to give you a little insight on pine pollen and have a look at what do studies suggest, what are the benefits and where to buy pine pollen. So get your reading glasses ready and we hope you enjoy it.

Pine pollen for testosterone boosting

What do the studies suggest?

Studies have shown that pine pollen can be used to aid you in many ways such as medicine or nutrition. Pine pollen contains: vitamin D as vitamin D3, testosterone, androstenedione and epitestosterone. In recent studies, results have shown that pine pollen is great for increasing potency, in addition it also has an anti-aging effect.

Furthermore, other studies have shown that pine pollen can also act as an analgesic. Recent studies have proven that pine pollen can be a great way to lower pain in a completely natural way. But that is not all, it also has an anti-inflammatory effect which is amazing. It is also helpful in some cases of arthritis. The opportunities with this herb are endless. However, like most trees, the pine tree also possesses antigens, that can often trigger allergies. So if you are allergic to pine pollen it is best that you don’t use it.

Pine pollen benefits for men

The benefits of pine pollen for men are many. Pine pollen traditionally has been known in Asia as the mighty Jing-enhancing herb, which would roughly translate to life force or vital essence. Usually this type of herb (Jing tonics) is used in cases such as burnout from exhaustion or stress, weakness, sexual imbalance (low libido, infertility, erectile dysfunction). Furthermore it is also used in cases where there is a need for nourishment and rejuvenation.

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Aside from all its healing benefits, pine pollen also has great benefits as a nutrient-rich food. It contains hundreds of minerals, enzymes and vitamins that nourish your body and keep it at high levels. It is especially rich in amino acids, which are the core of protein and influence your mood and neurotransmitter production. It is also rich in vitamin B and vitamin D3, which is extremely difficult to get in the form of food, it’s only sources being fish and egg yolks and of course the sun. Pine pollen is also rich in nucleic acids that help repair DNA fragments, it is also a great source of superoxide dismutase, which is a strong antioxidant and cell protector.

Does pine pollen raise testosterone?

Studies have shown that pine pollen is extremely helpful in this area. It is probably the most unique and important benefit of this herb. The ability to strongly rejuvenate and harmonize the endocrine system is a very rare ability in the herb world. Pine pollen is known to be nature’s strongest androgen. What this means is that it’s a substance that increases the production of testosterone and other hormones as well. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is bad for the ladies. On the contrary, the reason why pine pollen is such strong of an androgen is mainly down to the part because it’s a natural source of DHEA, also known as the wonder hormone. Along with testosterone, it is also the precursor to progesterone and estrogen as well.

All of these three hormones are important to both genders, but in different quantities. Pine pollen restores balance in your body so that it adapts its effect to specific conditions that are present, that is why it is considered as an adaptogenic herb. You now understand why it is safe to take for both women and men. It is also good for your internal organs such as lungs, kidney, liver, heart and spleen.

For people that wish to increase testosterone levels faster and boost naturally their testosterone levels, you can combine pine pollen with a well known testosterone booster. One of our articles is a review on a safe and proved testosterone booster and you can read it here.

Pine pollen vs tongkat ali

Pine pollen

Like we mentioned in the text above pine pollen has a great amount of benefits for both male and female use. It can be used as medicine, to relieve pain or for its benefits of being anti-inflammatory. Furthermore it is a great nutrition provider. Rich in vitamins B and D3 which is rare in daily food consummation. It is also rich in amino-acids that help improve your mood. Another thing worth pointing out is the fact that we are talking about an adaptogenic herb here. Which means it includes hormones that are good for both genders and it’s a great way to bring balance to your body. If you wish to buy pine pollen, you can find the best pine pollen products and prices on Amazon following this link.

Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali is also one amazing herb. It also has many uses just like pine pollen. Traditionally it has been used to treat malaria, fevers, high blood pressure, fatigue, impotence or loss of sexual desire. There are benefits for both genders in this herb as well. Studies have shown that using Tongkat Ali increases male testsosterone levels, which results in increased libido, fertility and muscle growth. In addition, this herb helps women too in some of the same symptoms as men, such as low sex drive, slow metabolism and fatigue. Furthermore, increased levels of testosterone mean loss of body fat and increased ability to gain lean muscle. Find the best tongkat ali products and prices on Amazon following this link.


The main difference between using pine pollen and Tongkat Ali is the high nutrition rates of pine pollen. While both are great for boosting testosterone and libido, pine pollen stands out with its nutrition benefits, being rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids. In addition it is a great anti-oxidant.


Having read all of the above we can safely conclude that pine pollen is an amazing herb which has countless benefits. From medicinal benefits in aiding you in pain, anti-inflammatory to many other uses. It is a great source of vitamins such as B and D3 vitamins which are very rare to find in the common food we eat day by day, especially D3. Furthermore it provides us minerals and enzymes, it is also very rich in amino acids, which are extremely important for your nerves and mood. In addition it is also a great way to bring balance into your body in ways you never knew you needed.

It’s an amazing and natural way to boost your testosterone and has potency which is very rare in herbs. It’s also a great antioxidant. Truly a remarkable herb with countless of benefits that has been used for centuries in one of the most medicinally acclaimed civilization. It is available pretty much in any healthy food store or herb store, so it is pretty easy to find if you wish to buy pine pollen. In addition, it is also available online on popular websites such as Amazon and also many other websites. The price usually depends on the quality of the pine pollen, but it does not differ very much.

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