Best Colic Drops For You Or Your Baby

Babies are all fun and cute when they aren’t yours and you don’t have to worry about health problems, fussiness and sleep deprivation. It is completely normal for a baby to have extremely hard gum pain, tummy aches, cramps and colic.

However, good parents are always on the lookout for the best remedies for such cases, and one of the most common remedies a great, well-slept parent has are colic drops. Still, when you are buying medicine for you or for you baby’s health, you should always look for the absolute best, which is why we have a list of the best colic drops you can possibly need for you or for your newborn. So, if your son or daughter suffers from colic – here is what should be in your shopping cart:

Colief Infant Drops

The first ones which have a world-wide fame because they are so helpful are the Colief Infant drops. These are amazing because they are basically lactase enzymes infant drops. A lot of people love them because they are very easy to use. You just add them to the baby’s usual milk and they do their thing. Of course, their thing is reducing the levels of lactose and they help with compensation of lactase deficiency in the digestive system of the bib. They’ve been clinically tested and are completely safe to use.

You should just know that they should be stored at a room temperature or below it, with maximum of 25C. And, you should know that once you’ve opened them, you must use them or throw them away within 3 weeks.


  • Very effective
  • Clinically tested and safe
  • Reduce levels of lactose


  • Must be thrown away within 3 weeks of opening


Mommy’s Bliss Baby Probiotic Drops

The Mommy’s Bliss baby probiotic drops are a wonderful revelation for all parents with colic babies. They truly are a bliss because of many reasons. For instance, they are great infant probiotics, even for everyday use. As liquid drops, they can be used for babies from the moment they are born, as a probiotic supplement. They don’t even have a taste.

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Being a healthy baby probiotic, the Mommy’s Bliss drops are great for supporting the whole digestive system. With these drops, your baby will digest the vitamins easily and will go stronger faster. No wonder most of the pediatricians recommend them to all parents. They are great for easing babies’ discomfort and they are of great help to all parents. Moreover, Mommy’s Bliss drops contain the very helpful, live culture Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG, the most studied probiotic in the world with over 800 scientific facts stating its safety and healthfulness.


  • Multiple helpful effects
  • Very effective probiotic
  • Large 10ml package is sufficient for longer use 


  • Shouldn’t be given with warm milk or water


Infacol Colic Relief Drops

Infacol is another very reliable brand you can safely purchase baby medicine from. Their colic relief drops are great for relieving wind as well as infant colic and the gripping pain. Of course, for you as a parent this means minimized sleepless nights and a happy baby. The Infacol drops feature a nice, natural orange flavor which your baby surely would love.

In addition to this, they drops come with a very convenient plastic dropper which is quite easy to use. They are great for a short term colic remedy and they can act as an anti-foaming agent as well. This means that your baby will expel gas bubbles easily and without any pain. These drops are great for new parents who still don’t know their way around the baby. Of course, they are also safe to use, regardless of how old your baby is.


  • Package of 50 ml is great
  • Budget friendly
  • Relieves both wind and colic


  • Some babies tend to get fartier and burpier with these drops


Colief Vitamin D3 Drops for Mum and Baby

These Colief drops are another great choice you can have for a lot of purposes, including colic relief. The Vitamin D3 drops can be used for infants and children as well as pregnant and breast feeding mothers. More importantly, the 20ml package is enough for an incredible 5 month supply.

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These drops provide the required dose of Vitamin D3 to children and infants by pediatricians. This type of supplement helps for the normal and healthy development of teeth and bones in young children. Also, the Coleif Vitamin D3 drops are completely safe, they don’t have sugar, flavorings, colors or preservatives. Basically, you as a parent simply mix it with drink or food if your child doesn’t like it, and you are good to go. Of course, you can give it directly by mouth if your baby isn’t fussy.

Asides for being a very effective colic remedy, these drops help the overall function of the immune system and keep your baby strong.


  • Great Vitamin D supplement for babies who don’t get to see a lot of sunlight
  • Effective colic remedy
  • Very helpful for bones and teeth


  • Should be carefully stored


Colic Calm Homeopathic Gripe Water

The Colic Calm gripe water is a homeopathic but yet, effective remedy for infants. It is a natural remedy for colic, gas, and upset stomach and it is quite effective in doing so. It is safe for your baby, it is completely natural and it most importantly, it is an FDA-listed medicine which speaks for its reliability.

Moreover, as a remedy, it is good for your baby because it doesn’t contain herbal oils and extracts, sugar, sodium bicarbonate, animal products, dairy or soy, wheat or gluten and it doesn’t have artificial flavors or colors either. All the natural ingredients have a very calming and soothing effect on your baby and relieve gas. They also help the whole digestive system to work better and to absorb the food. As a proprietary formula, it helps the body of your baby to heal itself.


  • Great for all digestive discomfort
  • FDA listed
  • Completely natural
  • Doesn’t have sugar, artificial colors or flavors


  • Not a very strong remedy


BioGaia Protectis Probiotics Drops

When your little baby has problems with the digestive system and has cramps, colic or gas – BioGaia Protectis comes to the rescue! As one of the world’s bestselling probiotic drops, these are incredibly effective in serving their purpose. They have only high-quality ingredients which are clinically tested. Also, they are great for both newborns, babies and even toddlers.

Although they are a gentle solution, they are helpful for soothing a baby’s digestive problems. They are an all-purpose remedy for babies. You can give the BioGaia Protectis to your baby in a lot of occasions without any worry. They are great for both constipation and diarrhea, spit-ups and most importantly – colic.

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So, if your baby is colicky, you stick to the recommended daily dose of 5 drops, and you will surely help your baby and yourself sleep better. The 100 million live L. reutieri probiotics will instantly relieve the discomfort and your baby will stop crying and fussing. Most importantly, these last are non-GMO, BPA and paraben-free, vegan, vegetarian, free from dairy, milk, eggs, soy, fish, tree nuts, peanuts and shellfish. Also, they have no smell or flavor, which is great for picky children.


  • Very effective for all types of digestive discomforts
  • Safe for children
  • Vegan & Vegetarian
  • GMO-Free


  • Only 25 servings in a single bottle


Probio7 Bifikalm

The last but not least worthy colic drops on our list are the Probio7 Bifikalm drops. These 1005 natural probiotic drops are of high quality and great for both babies and infants. Regardless of how old your baby is, these drops will surely help with digestive discomfort and colic. However, know that you should give them on a daily basis to babies who are younger than 2 months. They are clinically tested and proven that they reduce a baby’s crying time to up to 68%! Imagine how nice those sleeping nights will be for you!

Additionally, the Bifikalm drops have 2 clinically proven strains of the so-called “good” bacteria. Of course these bacteria are found in both breast milk and in the digestive system. However, if these good bacteria – probiotics aren’t sufficient, your baby’s digestive system starts showing symptoms. Amongst those of course is, colic. Bifikalm can help your baby’s immune system and as a nicely formulated supplement, can restore all imbalances in the gut flora.

In order to avoid constipation, diarrhea, indigestion, stomach upsets, gas production and inflammation, a daily dosage of Bifikalm is a must. These drops can supply your baby’s body with around 1 billion friendly bacteria. This way, they offer colic relief and calm your baby, letting her or him digest food better.

Lastly, these drops are free from lactose, gluten and GMO, and don’t even need to be refrigerated. They are very to use too. With the dropper, you can easily give it to even the fussiest baby.


  • Great probiotic supplement
  • Restores imbalances in gut flora effectively
  • Suitable for both breast-fed and formula-fed babies
  • Reduces indigestion


  • Suitable for daily use for babies over 2 months

Important information about colic

Colic is a very common condition affecting 1 in 5 infants within the first months of their life. All parents have experienced occasions where they did everything possible – fed the baby, dressed it appropriately, gave it a bath, played with it, and still, the baby kept crying and crying. This is exactly what colic is. When your baby has repeated episodes of unnecessary crying and it is healthy and fed – this is it.

These long bouts of reason-less crying named colic can last for a few weeks, but it can take a few months too. So, this is why the new parents need remedies. When your baby is crying, this means that you are up throughout the night, frustrated and trying to figure out what is wrong. Don’t worry, nothing is. By choosing some of the best colic drops for infants, you save yourself a lot of trouble. They are known for significantly minimizing the symptoms of the condition called colic.

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Through effective remedies, you also minimize the stress for the family. Since colic usually appears in the few weeks after birth and can last until the baby is about three or four months old, this can be very energy-consuming. Although it isn’t dangerous, harmful or pose long-term effects, it is reasonably why parents want to find effective solutions.

Symptoms of colic

Although the medical diagnosis of colic consists of ruling out other diseases, there are certain symptoms which are known. Often, they appear in a well-fed and healthy baby. The first and the most annoying and frustrating is the intense crying. In these cases, the baby keeps crying furiously and parents are helpless in comforting it. It is often that the face becomes flushed and red too. It is notable that these crying episodes occur in the late afternoon or evening and might last from a few minutes to a few hours. Also, it is symptomatic that the baby starts crying suddenly and without any apparent reason.

Another common symptom of colic is the changed body posture of the baby. Since the baby keeps crying, it might clench the fists and have tense muscles, especially around the stomach. Also, the back might be a bit arched. The crying also affects the baby’s sleeping pattern. The crying might occur during the night and interrupt the baby’s dream. Also, although the feeding amount is not reduced, the baby might get fussier when it is time for a meal. The last but not rarest symptom is the passing wind. With stomach ache and crying, the baby passes wind often and this isn’t something to be worried about either.

So, we suggest seeking medical attention if you don’t think that your baby is crying because of colic. Sometimes, they might have injured themselves without you seeing them. A medical advice is the most reliable one to rule out other crying reasons.