Bellabeat Leaf Fitness Tracker – The Smart Jewelry

Jewelry is often very appealing. Women do enjoy a nice pair of earrings or a necklace that accents their appearance. Rings, bracelets, and clips—jewelry is a statement of who they are. 

However, jewelry is not the only thing that women enjoy. They also like to stay healthy, eat well, and sleep well. They also like to be physically active and exercise. Many women like to look and feel good, and there is one gadget that can help with the process.

This device is the Bellabeat Leaf fitness tracker, which we review in this article. The article focuses on the design and features of this smart jewelry, and explains the advantages of wearing it. Lets discover what the Bellabeat Leaf fitness tracker has to offer.

The Design

The Bellabeat Leaf is designed as a small piece of jewelry, but it’s actually a fitness tracker. This fitness tracker is stylish and elegant, and yet, it is remarkably simple. There are two models available to choose: the Bellabeat Leaf Urban and the Bellabeat Nature.

The tracker is shaped like a leaf, and it is consisted of two parts. One of the parts is made of stainless steel, and it has an interesting, leafy shape with openings and curvatures. The other part is made of wood, and it is elegantly enclosed by the steel part of the Leaf.

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One could confidently argue that the Bellabeat Leaf is pretty much everything a woman needs. This is because you can wear this smart piece of jewelry in multiple ways. The fitness tracker doesn’t even resemble a fitness tracker, so it will perfectly fit your attire no matter how you wear it.

One of the ways you can wear it is as a necklace. To wear your Leaf as a necklace, just attach it to the chain that will be shipped to you in the package. You will look elegant and fancy while the Leaf tracks your vital signs.

You can also decide to wear the fitness tracker as a bracelet. For this purpose, you can use the true leather strap that comes inside the Bellabeat shipping package. The Leaf will be a great addition to your looks in this way, and it will collect data on your vitals from the wrist.

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Finally, you can also just attach the Leaf somewhere on your clothes and wear it as a clip.

The Features

Bellabeat App

This fitness tracker works together with the Bellabeat fitness app. The app will provide you with data on all the things that the fitness tracker can track. This app also allows you to set new fitness goals and monitor your progress on a daily basis.

Fitness tracking

The Leaf can accurately track how long you’ve been exercising and your calories, steps, and distance. Therefore, you’ll always be aware of your progress at a given moment and feel motivated to improve. 

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Sleep tracking

If you would like to know more about the quality of your sleep, the Leaf will provide you with data on that as well. You’ll have access to the information as soon as you wake up and then plan how to improve your sleep patterns and get a better sleep.

Menstrual cycle tracking

The Leaf also keeps track of your fertile days and the days you’re supposed to start menstruating. Furthermore, if you’re pregnant, you can also set it to track your pregnancy timeline.

Breathing exercises

Another way you can use this fitness tracker is to do some breathing and meditation exercises. For this purpose, the Bellabeat App offers you a list of exercises for the times you need rest and relaxation.

Stress monitoring

With this fitness tracker you can also monitor your stress levels. To inform you about this, the tracker relies on the data of your sleep quality, rate of breathing, meditative and fitness exercises you’ve done throughout the day, and other information.

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Sedentary reminder

Inactivity is one of the main causes of many common health problems people face today. For this reason, the Leaf comes with a feature that reminds you to quit sitting and be more physically active.

Water resistance

The design of the Leaf features some water resistant components. The tracker will work well even if exposed to short contact with water. However, do not use it when swimming or doing any other activities that involve being in water.


  • Great design
  • You can wear it in different ways
  • Tracks multiple things
  • Water resistant
  • Has a battery that lasts for up to 6 months


  • The app has a few bugs

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Alternative to the Bellabeat Leaf fitness tracker

A great alternative to the Leaf is the HealthWatch. The HeathWatch is a fitness tracker that you can wear on your hand like a regular watch. The watch looks very stylish and comes in different colors, which means that it will be a great addition to your looks and attire.

Aside from its good looks, the HealthWatch also offers great features tracking your vital signs. The tracker monitors your heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen levels, steps, calories, distance, and sleep quality. Furthermore, you will always be connected with the people you love since the HealthWatch will receive calls, messages, and social media notifications.

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Bellabeat Leaf fitness tracker – conclusion

In this Bellabeat Leaf fitness tracker review, we told you more about the design and features of this fitness tracker. Given our modest opinion, we think that this smart piece of jewelry is something you should consider buying if you are looking for an elegant fitness tracker.

First of all, the tracker comes with an app, which means that you’ll be able to see all your data in an organized interface. Furthermore, the sleep monitoring allows you to tackle any reasons behind your sleep quality.

On the other hand, the breathing and meditative exercises relax you and give you more energy. Related to this feature, the stress monitoring shows you what the main stressors are in your life.

Ultimately, this fitness tracker will motivate you to exercise more and help you organize your life better. We believe that you should consider making it part of your jewelry arsenal.