Poiuzet Fitness Tracker vs Fitbit Fitness Tracker

It is not a secret that the Poiuzet Fitness Tracker is very affordable. However, we also know that Fitbit have mastered their craft and they deliver quality fitness trackers. So, who is the winner in this battle? To answer this question, we’ve compared these two popular fitness trackers from both brands, the Poiuzet Fitness Tracker and the Fitbit Alta.

Poiuzet Fitness Tracker

The Poiuzet Fitness Tracker looks very similar to the Fitbit Alta. It is available in multiple colors, and it has a very sleek design. Its band is comfortable on the wrist, and can be adjusted to the size of your wrist.

This tracker features a large screen, making it easy to see all readings, and as expected, it is waterproof, so you don’t need to worry about exposure to sweat or liquids.

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When it comes to the features of the Poiuzet Fitness Tracker, the tracker has a lot to offer. It can track your heart rate in real-time, which is very useful when you are exercising. Furthermore, the tracker will provide you with useful information about the quality of your sleep, and we all know how important sleep is for our health. However, the sleep data on this fitness tracker resets at 12 AM which could be annoying if you are trying to see long term trends.

The Poiuzet Fitness Tracker will keep track of your calories, steps, and distance. The gadget can track your activity in 14 different sports, so you’ll have a general idea of how you perform at specific activities. Furthermore, if you connect it to your phone’s GPS, it will track your pace, distance, and make a map of your activity.

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Another great feature of the Poiuzet Fitness Tracker is the built-in USB cable used to charge the battery. To charge the battery, all you have to do is remove one of the straps which is actually a USB. Then, plug the USB to a charger and enjoy spending the next seven days exercising.

The Poiuzet Fitness Tracker receives calls, text messages, and social media notifications.

Fitbit Alta HR

The Fitbit Alta HR fitness tracker looks elegant and it comes in multiple colors. It is a very slim fitness tracker, and feels comfortable on your wrist. Its comfort is promoted by the great adjustability of the strap, which will fit any wrist.

The screen of the Fitbit Alta HR is easy to understand and manage. It is also very bright, so you will not struggle to read the information during the day.

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This fitness tracker has many features. It can track your heart rate, number of steps, calories, and remind you to stay active when it detects you have been inactive for extended period of time. These are all basic things for fitness trackers, but they are the most important features that a fitness tracker must have.

Furthermore, the Fitbit Alta HR will track the quality and duration of your sleep. This gadget is designed to offer a precise sleep monitoring. When tracking your sleep, the tracker will analyze how long you have spent in each sleep stage and provide you with data on the overall quality of your sleep.

Another feature of this fitness tracker is its auto exercise recognition. The tracker can recognize what your activity is with the help of the SmartTrack technology. This is great because the tracker will track your activities in the specific parameters for a particular exercise. Also, you’ll get your credit without having to enter anything about the type of activity you’re doing.

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The Fitbit Altra HR is compatible with devices that use Windows, Apple, and Android. Also, this fitness tracker can receive calls and text messages.

The bottom line – Who wins?

Both fitness trackers look good and very similar. Therefore, they will both suit your attire at all time. Also, the band on each of the trackers is adjustable, so they’ll both fit the size of your wrist.

The tracking of your heart rate is one of the most important features that a fitness tracker should offer. We can say that both of the trackers can accurately track your heart rate.

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Both trackers monitor your steps, calories, and distance with great precision. Therefore, both of the fitness trackers do well when compared based on their ability to track activity.

Sleep tracking is also important, and again, both of the fitness trackers can track your sleep. However, the Letscom fitness tracker HR resets and starts to track sleep at 12 AM. Therefore, some people will find the Fitbit Alta HR to be a more suitable fitness tracker for their sleep schedule.

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These two trackers keep you connected to the people you love, but each on its own way. The Fitbit tracker receives calls and messages, while the Letscom one receives social media notifications too. If you are very active on social media, you might want to give a point to the Letscom tracker on this one.

The Letscom fitness tracker HR is more suitable if you do a lot of activities close to water. This fitness tracker is water resistant, which is not the case of the Fitbit Alta HR.

However, when it comes to which one of the trackers is easier to use, that’s a sure win for the Fitbit tracker. This is because its screen is a bit brighter and you can see it more clearly in the sunlight. Furthermore, you can better understand and interact with friends through exercise challenges, which makes it more motivational too.

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Letscom wins when it comes to battery charging, since the USB used for charging is on its band. This is great because you will not have a cable or docking device that you will forget at home when you go somewhere.

The Letscom tracker can also function as a camera remote, which the Fitbit tracker cannot do. Furthermore, the Letscome tracker can call your phone and you can find it if you’ve lost it. The Fitbit tracker doesn’t do this.

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Ultimately, we would say that if you want a tracker that can accurately track your activity, you should go for the Fitbit Alta HR. However, if you’d like a tracker that offers more extra features, you could buy the Letscom fitness tracker HR. The final selection is for you to decide.