Living a Healthy Life

In this fast paced world that we live, it can be very easy to neglect our health and well-being.

We’re always busy rushing through our day to day lives – family, friends, work, social engagements – that we don’t take the time to take care of ourselves. It’s obviously no surprise that such a large amount of people are tired and run down. What are some easy things that we are able to do to enhance our quality of life and live a healthy life?

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Drink Drink Drink… 

You’ve heard it a million times and you’ll in all probability hear it a million more – drink a lot of water!

Think about it. The human body is seventy two percent water. A five percent drop in fluids creates a 25-30% loss in energy. A fifteen percent drop in fluids can cause serious health problems. At this point in time sixty six percent of us simply aren’t drinking enough water, so over half the population isn’t running on all six cylinders to begin with – before things like unhealthy air, unhealthy food and stress take their toll.

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It’s not honestly a difficult thing to rectify. You can simply drink one glass of water every half hour – or 10-12 glasses of water per day – and you’ll notice a significant increase in your energy levels.

Living Food – Loving Life! 

A little known fact is that heating food higher than 116°F destroys most of the nutrient contents. Considering that we already aren’t consuming enough veggies, that’s a reasonably substantial problem. Nutritionists suggest five serves of fresh vegetables per day. How many people are actually taking that advice?

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A great and effective way to get the nutrients found in fresh veggies without slaving all day over the stove or eating raw celery sticks is to juice your veggies. Ensure that you own a good quality juicer (some juicers expose vegetables to considerably high heat created by friction during juicing, that breaks down necessary enzymes), grab some fresh vegetables, juice and drink your way to good health. It takes a fraction of the time (there’s no preparation involved, for one thing) and it’s convenient. You can take some juice with you to work and even give some to the kids to take with their school lunches!

Wheat-grass especially is a wonderful source of nutrition. It’s high in chlorophyll (sometimes described as ‘plant blood’ due to the fact that it closely resembles human red blood cell molecules) and has over one hundred elements that the body needs. Fresh grains are another wonderful source for vitamins and minerals that can help you to lead a healthy life.

Energy In – Energy Out

Exercise is another dreadful word for many of us. The thing is, exercise doesn’t need to be time intense or mind-numbingly boring. There are many options.

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Years ago gyms usually offered weight rooms, aerobics groups and perhaps a hydro-circuit. Now you can add water aerobics, yoga, pilates, dance exercise, step classes and an entire range of recent and trendy workout options.

If you don’t really have any available time or your budget is tight for a gym membership, or you prefer to spend your mornings/nights at home, then try an exercise bike or walker. You could easily set it up in front of the tv and peddle away happily during your favorite shows.

If, you suffer from some type of illness or injury or your level of fitness is a bit low, you may wish to consider some priceless advice that once I got from my doctor.

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Once you’re unfit, and particularly if you’re unwell, it may be a struggle to simply do the most minimal amount of exercise during the day. The danger with this problem is that inactivity results in additional loss of energy, which becomes a self-perpetuating cycle until you’ll be able to barely get off the couch and walk to your letterbox.

Get back into a physical and active routine – start out slowly.

For the initial few weeks, walk or ride for at-least five minutes per day – exactly five minutes, no more, even if you’re thinking that you could continue. Once the two weeks are up, increase to seven minutes, then ten minutes, twelve minutes…. continue to bit by bit increase your activity till you’re at a level that you’re comfortable with.

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It may sound a bit silly, but it works. In effect, you trick your body into producing additional energy. You’re building your exercise time up so slowly that your body doesn’t really realize what’s happening. Follow this technique and, before you know it, you’ll be comfortably exercising inside your energy and tolerance limits on a daily basis and create the foundations to living a healthy life

So, folks, that’s the fundamentals. If you can rearrange your life a bit to allow for better eating habits and a bit of exercise, and if you keep in mind to simply drink a glass of water roughly every half hour, you’ll be on the way to a healthy life.

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On a final note, don’t forget to also have some quiet time for yourself. Meditating is a superb way to minimise stress. You don’t need to sit around for hours, simply give yourself five minutes of quiet time each day… even in the shower, if that’s the only place where you’ll be able to get time out… and have a little catch up with yourself.

And, last but by no means least, laugh….laugh like a loon….the louder the better! You’ll be surprised at how much such an easy thing can lift your spirits!

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