iFit Axis HR Activity Tracker Review

Being healthy is one of the most important things in life. To stay healthy, you need to know how to improve your health. Something that could help you achieve this is the iFit Axis HR Activity Tracker.

Activity trackers are wearable devices that monitor your fitness activity throughout the day. These gadgets can give you information on calories, physical activity, sleep, and other vital signs. By been aware of this information, you can set beneficial health goals and understand what you need to improve.

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Very often activity trackers come in the form of hand watches. This is a practical way to wear the tracker while getting accurate information about fitness-related things and activities. In this iFit Axis HR activity tracker review, we will tell you more about this watch-like tracker and its features.

What is the iFit Axis HR activity tracker?

The iFit Axis HR activity tracker is a fitness tracker that you can wear as a hand watch. The ‘HR’ in its name stands for ‘heart rate’ and can monitor your heart rate. Besides from your heart rate, this activity tracker can also monitor your physical activity, calories, and sleep. 

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This water resistant activity tracker is available in two sizes. It has comfortable and adjustable bands and an OLED touchscreen which you can use to swipe through the different fitness metrics. The iFit Axis HR is comfortable, easy to use, and offers you insight on your health and activity levels.    

Features of the iFit Axis HR activity tracker

The iFit Axis HR collects fitness data with the help of its many features. Let’s take a look into these features and explain how they can benefit your health.

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Heart rate monitoring

The iFit Axis HR can monitor your heart rate with the help of its three optical sensors. These sensors can sense your pulse on three different spots on your wrist and give you accurate data on your heart rate. You can then use this data to know when to exercise more intensively and when to relax.

Activity tracker

This activity tracker can inform you about how many steps you’ve made and how far you’ve run or walked. The information on your steps and distance can give you an insight on whether you’ve achieved your daily exercise goals or not. Therefore, with this data you’ll know how to improve your activity level.

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Calorie tracking and logging

Aside from tracking your activity, the iFit Axis HR also tracks your caloric intake and the calories burnt. Furthermore, on this tracker you can also quickly log in the calories you’ve eaten by entering their numeric value. With all of these possibilities, you’ll achieve your goal to eat more or less in an easy way.

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Sedentary reminder

The iFit Axis HR will not let you stay inactive for a long time and will remind you to get up and be active with its sedentary reminder. The activity tracker will vibrate once a certain time has passed and you’ve stayed inactive and encourage you to be active and to take care of your health. 

MoveReady technology

The MoveReady technology on this activity tracker is a feature that can differentiate between different activities. The tracker will convert every fitness activity into steps and add those steps to your daily steps. This allows you to do your loved activities without having to worry about them being considered as part of your daily goal.

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Sleep monitoring

Sleep is very important for your overall health, and sleeping better can help you be healthier. The iFit Axis HR activity tracker can accurately track how long you’ve slept and how long have you spent into each sleep phase. This information can help you find the right way to improve your sleep and support your health.

Works with an app

The iFit app is very convenient for you to see your goals and all of your fitness metrics on it. You can also see the information on your desktop if you log in on iFit.com. Furthermore, you’ll also receive advice on what to eat or which exercises to do based on the data that you’ve entered about yourself.

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Good battery life

The battery of this activity tracker can last for long. With up to 5 days of battery life, you can be sure that this battery will support the tracker in providing you with accurate data. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about having to charge the tracker too often.

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Calls and text messages

Besides from all of the other features, this activity tracker has another great feature related to your social life. The iFit Axis HR activity tracker will also let you know if someone is calling you or texting you. This is great because you won’t be isolated from the people that you care about while exercising.

Compatible with iOS and Android

The iFit Axis HR activity tracker is compatible with iOS and Android. Therefore, you can count on it connecting to your phone or other devices with no problem.

Should you buy the iFit Axis HR activity tracker?

If you are looking for an activity tracker that can track multiple fitness metrics and your heart rate, this is the tracker you should consider buying.  This tracker offers you a holistic approach to your health by giving you an insight of its many aspects. 

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The tracker is, furthermore, very reliable, and it will give you information that’s very accurate. This is due to the technology behind it, which allows for the quality of the data.


The iFit Axis HR activity tracker can be very beneficial to your overall health. We recommend you do some more research on this gadget and see whether you find it attractive. It was our pleasure to help you learn more about it and, we hope that you liked our iFit Axis HR activity tracker review.

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