Keto Diet Hungry at Night – What Is The Reason?

With summer just around the corner, I have been working out regularly. Much more than wishing for the perfect summer body, I believe in the health benefits of working out, and to improve my overall well-being, I decided to change my diet as well.

I’ve spend a lot of time researching different diets, and I’ve tried a fair share of diets so far. But, the truth is, although I’ve managed to lose some weight that I almost instantly gained it back, my health suffered. This time around, health is my priority!

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I’ve noticed that the keto diet has been gaining a lot of traction lately. From friends, colleagues, and gym partners, to celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian, everybody seems to approve of this diet. I thought I should really try to keep up with the Kardashians and give keto a try, but I didn’t expect to experience the keto Diet hungry at night curse.

Praised as the anti-hunger diet, I was surprised by all the cravings I experienced. I’m one of those people that believe that the light in the fridge is there so we could eat at night, but I expected for that old habit of mine to decrease once I start the keto diet. I researched online and I consulted with a few people who have embraced the keto diet as a lifestyle. Little did I know, I was doing it all wrong!

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Here are the top 3 mistakes that held me back and a few tips that helped me beat keto hunger and night cravings.

Proper Start

When I first started the keto diet, I was all about following the macros without fully understanding what macros meant. The keto diet is based on reducing the carbohydrate intake and moderately limiting protein intake, while focusing on eating good fats. It’s important to consume just the right amount of each nutrient after previously setting your goal: lose, maintain, or gain weight.

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Macros describe the daily caloric intake for the keto diet. There are three categories: optimal fats, carbohydrates, and proteins.  They also differ from person to person. Macros are based on the person’s age, weight and height, activity level, body fat percentage, and of course – your goal. Although macros are often referred to as the roadmap to a successful diet, I learned the hard way that you can’t follow the macros blindly, at least not at the very beginning.

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At the very start, your only goal is to gradually prepare your body for ketosis. Try to cut down the carb intake to around 20 grams per day and scale up fats intake. If you eat enough fats, chances are you won’t feel hungry either.

The Stress Factor

One of the main causes of obesity is stress. According to a number of researches, weigh gain is more often than not linked to stress. Emotional eating is one way we cope with stressful situations. By nature, I get anxious if something doesn’t go according to plan and I tend to reach for chocolate or chips.

While on my first attempt at the keto diet, I used to stress a lot about not being able to keep up with the macros, as mentioned above. Of course, I sought consolation in sweets and chips, which is the exact opposite of what I should have been doing.

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But, at my second attempt, I learned to literally chill. It not only helps my physical health, but I’ve been feeling a lot better mentally as well. A good mind set together with proper diet is a bliss that I’ve recently been experiencing!  And, if you’re a stress eater like me, I’d recommend you look for some healthy snacking alternatives.


Possibly the hardest thing for me when I’m on a diet is to get enough sleep. As somebody who is constantly on the run, doing five things simultaneously, sleep is the last thing that comes to mind.

But, procrastinating on your sleep and going to sleep at random times every day leads to sleep deprivation. And yes, sleep deprivation is as bad as it sounds! Our bodies need energy to function and the two main sources of energy are food and sleep. When on a diet, you’re reducing your meals, and just imagine cutting on sleep as well.  This is one of the major factors for Keto Diet Hungry at Night.

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Scientifically speaking, our digestive system secretes a hormone known as gherlin. Gherlin is secreted when our stomach isn’t full, hence, we feel hungry. But, a lesser known fact is that sleep deprivation also increases gherlin levels, so there’s no wonder we are hungry at night.

Keto Diet Hungry at Night – The Bottom Line

Taking all things into consideration, it’s fair to say that eating keto-friendly foods is not enough in order to see the benefits of this amazing diet. Remember that the first thing you need to do is prepare your body and mind for ketosis, and not try to go into ketosis from the very first day. Combined with good night’s sleep and good mind set, there’s no doubt that you’ll see for yourself why the keto diet is so famous!

Best Shoe for Ankle Pain – Our Top Picks

Small, but mighty, the ankle is the most important joint of the leg. It supports our body weight and provides with balance. Once you realize the importance and function of this joint, is when you start looking for the best shoe for ankle pain. There is nothing worse than twisting or spraining your ankle, and those who have experienced this pain know that I am right.

That is why ankle care is important, not only after an injury, but you should also think about prevention as well. Luckily, there are thousands of shoes promising to protect and care for your ankles. As shoe manufacturers are competing with each other and putting forward shoes on daily basis, you have to be extra careful when selecting and buying the best shoe for ankle pain. Although they all promise to work miracles for your ankles, not all of them are providing the needed support, and I learned this the hard way.

But, today’s article will steer you in the right direction when it comes to the best shoe for ankle pain. Let’s begin!

Best Shoe for Ankle Pain – Criteria Used for Evaluation

Before I proceed to listing the best shoe for ankle pain available on the market today, let’s take a short while to discuss a couple of factor you need to consider before making a decision. Of course, you should always factor in the specific features the shoes come with and their style, but we feel like the following criteria should never be neglected.  

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It’s crucial to remember that all of these factors may vary depending on the activity you need the shoes for! The most comfortable shoe for hiking may not be as comfortable for working out. Therefore, make sure you need what you’re looking for before you place an order!


First and foremost, you need to look for shoes that are comfortable. The comfort of the shoes is determined by a number of factors such as breathability, adjustability, material quality, but probably the most important feature is the cushioning.

Bear in mind that cushioning comes in many varieties, and if one type of cushioning is good for your friend, it will not be good for you as well. Starting from the person’s weight, all the way to the type of activity you need the shoes for; you might need softer cushioning, whereas others may look for stiffer cushioning.

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To choose the most comfortable shoes available, pay attention to the foot-bed (molded or contoured). Examine the design, for example, consider if you need a removable insole. The material the shoe is made of also plays its part in the overall comfort of the shoe. Generally speaking, leather and suede shoes have the ability to shape and mold to the form of your foot, while lightweight materials are more breathable. Therefore, you’d want to look for shoes made of such materials.


Well-fitted shoe is a must when you have ankle problems. Basically, ankle pain is a direct result of lack of support and discomfort, unless you’ve hurt your ankle while working out or you have a medical condition.

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Without proper fit, your shoe gets loose or tight, therefore it lacks support and causes discomfort. Lack of support and discomfort are sworn enemies to your ankles. In order to choose the right fit, we’d recommend you fit the footwear and measure your feet in the evening as they are largest at the end of the day. There’s an unwritten rule that shoes need to fit half-inch from the toe box to the tip of the longest toe. In addition, we’d recommended looking for a thicker tongue.

New Balance 928v3

New Balance is a brand that I’ve known and loved since childhood. Although I used to buy their shoes because I liked the looks, once I got interested in running, hiking and working out, I started considering the comfort of the shoes, how long I could wear them, as well as how they fitted me.  I was genuinely happy to find out that my favorite childhood brand is at the forefront of the supportive and motion control footwear industry!

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Available for men and women both, the New Balance 928v3 is one of the best shoes for ankle support. The shoe sports an attractive design but it is much more than just a pretty shoe. It is extremely comfortable and easy to wear, upgraded with unique technologies that deliver stability and motion control.

The 928v3 reduces the movement in the rear of the foot as is made with ROLLBAR technology. You need not worry about stability, New Balance made sure to include the Walking Strike Path in these shoes that will also guide you to taking proper steps. As far as the midsole is concerned, the 928v3 model has a plush, cushioned midsole and a Phantom Liner.

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On a negative note, 928v3 is made of a synthetic material. Compared to leather, synthetic materials are less durable. However, considering the comfort these shoes provide with, along with the unique built-in technologies, that’s one drawback I’m willing to overlook. On top of it all, the New Balance 928v3 are also odor-resistant!

New Balance 928v3 Pros

Extremely comfortable
ROLLBAR technology
Walking Strike Path
Attractive Design
Cushioned midsole

New Balance 928v3 Cons

Synthetic material
Heavy for some

Vans Sk8-HI

As the name itself suggests, the Vans Sk8-HI shoes were primarily made with skateboarders in mind. These legendary lace-up high top shoes are inspired by the classical Old Skool and come in a variety of colors. Although skateboarding is not my thing, I went ahead and ordered these Vans as they received a lot of positive feedback.

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I’m not going to lie, at first they felt a bit tight, but I still wore them because I adore the design. Once they broke in, they become the most comfortable shoes! From then on, I wore them in the gym, I took them out running, and I even went mountain biking with my Vans. They offer all the support needed for a number of activities. Even though this pair doesn’t support orthotics, I don’t think there’s room to improve the comfort – at least not for me.

Thanks to the padded collar, the shoe fits better allowing your joints mobility and further increasing the overall comfort. It also creates a snug fit. To prevent unruly wear, the toecaps are reinforced. In addition, Vans Sk8-HI features Vans vulcanized signature Waffle Outsole with an incredible grip.

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However, the soles were first to suffer, but after all these are skating shoes, not meant for mountain trails. Although I got holes in the outsoles, I believe this is easily repairable, but even better, I can always order another pair as the price is just right!

Vans Sk8-HI Pros

Extremely comfortable
Classic, attractive design
Great for skating, but other activities as well
Comfortable Waffle Outsole
Padded collar
Canvas upper
Reinforced toe area

Vans Sk8-HI Cons

Doesn’t support orthotics
Outsole is prone to tear

Dr. Martens 1460

During my punk teenager days, Converse and Dr. Martens were the two brands I couldn’t live without. I’ll never give up my Chuck’s, but nowadays, I rely on Dr. Martens more. As far as the design is concerned, you either love it or hate it. But as far as comfort goes, Dr. Martens 1460 are among the comfiest shoes out there!

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A rather alternative solution to your ankle problems, you can tell that the Dr. Martens 1460 gives all the support and grip you need just by looking at the boot. But, what you can’t tell at first sight is that it also comes with air-cushioned sole that provides unmatched comfort and energy-return.

In addition, the boot comes with 8 eyelets allowing you to fully adjust the fit. They come at a certain price, but they are built using the Goodyear welt technique. Thanks to this, this boot can be easily re-soled without doing any damage to the design. This means that Dr. Martens 1460 are good for years to come!

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My punk years are long gone, but Dr. Martens is here to stay! Despite the somewhat alternative look, they are as versatile as they come. Providing unmatched stability and over-the-top comfort, Dr. Martens 1460 is a mighty ally in a number of activities. Full disclosure: I wouldn’t wear them in the gym though!

Dr. Martens 1460 Pros

Leather upper
Goodyear welt technique
Air-cushioned sole
Adjustable lace closure

Dr. Martens 1460 Cons

Unconventional design
May not be the right fit for people with wide calves

ASICS Gel Nimbus 18

One of the leading names in running footwear in the past decade, the Japanese brand ASICS, once again proved why they deserve their reputation! With the Gel Nimbus series of running shoes, ASICS managed to gather the attention of athletes worldwide.

Personally, I prefer the classic design of shoes and I believe that there will never be new black, contrary to the propaganda that pink, purple, or red is the new black! But, the ASICS Gel Nimbus 18, despite being on the ‘brighter’ side, is a shoe I immediately fell for.

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The outsoles of these running shoes are partly made of Asics High Abrasion Rubber, a proprietary material to the brand. This material is responsible for the supreme durability and is mostly found in the heel area. I’ve previously owned other pairs from the Gel Nimbus line, but the 18 iteration has a different outsole design that provides with a better ride.

The highlight of these shoes is the gel which is placed in the midsole. This way, the ride is more cushioned and responsive and the gel also serves as a shock absorber making it one of the best shoe for ankle pain. Moreover, Asics uses the FluidRide technology for increased cushioning and durability, which doesn’t add any weight to the shoe. Since these running shoes are rather heavy, I was pleased to learn this.

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Due to the seamlessly engineered mesh fabric upper, the Asics Gel Nimbus 18 are extremely breathable. Although I found these shoes to provide with just enough comfort, some runners find the midsole to be a bit stiff. There’s also a certain concern regarding the toe box as many runners feel that it is too narrow. If you have wide feet, I’d recommend buying a size larger than usual.

Asics Gel Nimbus 18 Pros

Attractive design
High Abrasion Rubber
Gel in the midsole
FluidRide for increased comfort

Asics Gel Nimbus 18 Cons

A bit heavy

Under Armour Valsetz RTS

This pair of military-style boots is my go-to shoe for my regular mountaineering activities in the spring. They provide with awesome stability and are water-resistant, so I needn’t worry about sudden rain either. I really believe that this is the shoe that your footwear collection can’t go without.

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Made with the unique UA ClutchFit design, these boots will give your ankles all the stability they need. If you’re one of those people who tend to twist their ankles just by walking, I highly recommend this pair as the UA ClutchFit is unparalleled.

They show high shock-absorbent properties, and are made with UA Micro G foam midsole. This helps supporting your feet. Thanks to the fact that they absorb shock, this pair will take impact load off of your joints.

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They may not be your preferred design, but when it comes to the best shoe for ankle pain, appearance should come last, and functionality first. That said, even though you might not wear this pair every day, you will find them extremely useful in a number of activities. They come at a price everyone can afford too!

Under Armour Valsetz RTS Pros

ClutchFit design around the joints
UA Micro G foam midsole
Extremely comfortable

Under Armour Valsetz RTS Cons

Unattractive design

Best Shoe for Ankle Pain – Summary

Taking everything into consideration, you can see that you are basically spoil for choice when it comes to the best shoes for ankles. In this article, I included the shoes which really served my needs and which I can recommend to everyone. However, before you make your decision, please consider why you need the shoes so that you can buy a pair accordingly!

Best Way to Drink Collagen Powder

If you ever purchased a skincare product and paid attention to the ingredients label, chances are you’re not new to collagen. If you ever researched what collagen is and its benefits on our skin, chances are you want to improve your relationship with collagen in every possible way.

Well, good news is that more and more people are on board and drink collagen powder, and scientists, health professionals, and a number of celebrities have been promoting its amazing effects and benefits. The latest form of collagen that is winning the hearts of our population is – collagen powder!

Well, I’m not immune to this craze! Lately, I’ve been trying different collagen powders and I’ve been monitoring their effects. To increase the benefits of collagen powders, I went a step ahead and discovered the best way to drink collagen powder!

What is collagen and why do we need collagen supplements?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. It is a well known fact that it is a huge component of connective tissue that makes up tendons, ligaments, muscles, and of course, skin. To be honest, I was first introduced to collagen when I was searching for the best skincare product. I’ve read that it provides the skin with structure, elasticity, and generally slows down the ageing process. Bad news is, collagen production starts to reduce after the age of 20.

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Luckily, collagen supplements have become very popular in recent years. Most of the supplements available today are hydrolyzed, meaning your body will find it easy to absorb it as the collagen has been broken down.

It’s important to mention that you can get collagen from certain foods, like pork skin or bone broth. But, the only time I have the opportunity to eat bone broth is when I visit my grandmother. And you know you can’t simply say no to granny! Any kind of meat skin is an absolute no go for me, so I started taking collagen supplements, more precisely, collagen powders.

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Note that most of the collagen powders are made from common food allergens, including fish, eggs, and different animals. I’m personally allergic to shellfish, so I was not pleased with the allergic reaction I had because I was too lazy to read the label. On the plus side, there are a few vegan alternatives that you can try. But, when it comes to powder, I believe that collagen powders made from animal tissue are more effective.

According to collagen powder brands, these supplements help your skin, hair and nails, muscles, as well as bones and joints. There has been an ongoing discussion that collagen powder can also improve sleep, control your weight, and promote gut health.

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Best way to drink collagen powder

The best thing about collagen powders is that you can mix it with literally anything that comes to mind. You can bake with it, put it in smoothies, cook with it – the options are literally limitless. But, probably the most convenient and easiest way to ingest collagen powder is to dissolve it into a glass of water.

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There were certain rumors going on that collagen powder shouldn’t be mixed in hot drinks. Here’s the science behind this. Reportedly, collagen molecules found in creams and lotions are too big for the skin to absorb, so they basically sit there until washed off. Hence the need for hydrolyzed collagen which is, as mentioned above, broken down into smaller fragments.

When collagen is put into hot drinks, it further falls apart since the temperature is above body temperature. When added in hot drinks, collagen’s molecular structure deteriorates, therefore diminishing the benefits we get from collagen.

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But, there’s a ‘but’. It’s true that many foods lose their nutritional value under increased heat, but collagen powder is not one of them. The science behind this? Collagen powders contain high number of amino acids per peptide, therefore these powders are stable at high temperature. If you prefer taking your collagen with coffee or tea, look for powders with high percentage of amino acids. Usually, every powder that contains type 1 and 3 collagen is heat-tolerant.

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Collagen powders show a heat stability of up to 300°C, while water boils at 100°C. That said, next time you mix your collagen powder into your morning coffee you don’t have to worry about weakening its benefits.

 The bottom line

As collagen powders are rich in amino acids, they easily dissolve in both cold and hot drinks, and you can easily put them into your favorite recipes. Since these powders are usually sourced from animals, they might have unpleasant smell and/or taste. Luckily, there are hundreds of recipes online that you can look up and include collagen into your diet!

Testosterone Pellets – How Long to Take Effect?

Dealing with hormone imbalance is a stressful experience and unfortunately, many people are facing this struggle. Thanks to advanced scientific research and options available from the pharmaceutical industry, there are numerous types of pills, pellets, injections, gels and patches serving as treatments for hormone deficiency and assist in elevating our testosterone to normal levels.

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Today, we’re going to talk about testosterone deficiency in both men and women. We’ll focus on the symptoms of low testosterone and the different forms of therapies. Ultimately we’re going to answer questions related to testosterone pellets, how long to take effect included.

What is Testosterone Deficiency?

Testosterone deficiency syndrome, known as hypogonadism, is a condition in which the body doesn’t produce enough testosterone. In general, the condition is more common in men, but there are cases of testosterone deficiency in women as well.

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In men, testosterone is a key factor in men’s sex drive, muscle mass, physical energy, and men with low testosterone are prone to having mental health issues as well. Among the most common symptoms related to deficiency of testosterone in men are:

  • Difficulty getting and/or maintaining erection
  • Low sex drive
  • Hair loss
  • Low energy levels and fatigue
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Increased body fat
  • Decreased bone mass and muscle mass
  • Mood swings
  • Depression

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When it comes to women, the research regarding testosterone levels in women are very limited. Generally, women with low testosterone have difficulty producing new blood cells, show lower sex drive, and low testosterone can also affect women’s fertility, muscle mass and fat distribution. These are the most common symptoms of testosterone deficiency in women:

  • Muscle weakness
  • Sluggishness and fatigue
  • Irregular menstrual cycles
  • Difficulty reaching an orgasm
  • Fertility issues
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Low sex drive
  • Weight gain
  • Disturbed sleep
  • Depression

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What Are Testosterone Pellets?

Testosterone pellets are a long-acting form of hormone replacement therapy. They are small and contain crystalline testosterone. Testosterone pellets facilitate the administration of a steady, low dose of testosterone to the person under therapy over the course of three to six months at a time.

Usually, these pellets are implanted under the skin, near the hip or the buttocks, strictly by a medical professional. The procedure is fairly simple and quick. It starts with thoroughly cleaning the area where the doctor intends to implant the pellets. After administering a local anesthetic, the doctor makes a small incision in the skin. Using an instrument called trocar, the tiny testosterone pellets are placed under the skin. Typically, 10 or 12 pellets can be implanted, but you can work with your doctor to find the right dose.

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Testosterone Pellets – How Long to Take Effect?

One of the most common questions related to testosterone pellets is how long it takes before they actually start working. It is important to mention that each patient is unique and their body chemistry is different from other people. This fact shouldn’t be neglected when talking about pellets or any other medication, as our body’s chemistry plays a major role in how the pellets are absorbed and utilized.

Generally speaking, relief of deficiency symptoms can occur anywhere from few days and up to three weeks. However, we can also talk about short-term and long-term effects. Short-term effects usually occur within the first 2 weeks, and these effects reach their full potential within a month. During this time, you will notice the following:

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  • Healthy sex drive
  • Better sleep
  • Improved concentration
  • Higher energy

Long-term effects, on the other hand, happen after the pellets have fully dissolved. You should continue your pellets therapy until you reach these long-term benefits which are overall sense of wellbeing and body composition changes.

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Advantages of Testosterone Pellets over Other Testosterone Replacement Therapies

There are many gels, creams, tablets, and patches that are easy to self-administer to boost testosterone levels. However, they should be administered on daily basis, and the truth is, not everyone will remember, or have the will to do it daily. Moving on, another possible disadvantage of these traditional treatments is the fact that your family members or roommates can come in contact with testosterone gel or cream.

For a while, injections were the best alternative to traditional testosterone therapies. Of course, they are certainly an upgrade from, let’s say, testosterone patches as they last longer, but there’s a catch. Testosterone injections boost testosterone levels, but as each specific testosterone ester reach half-life their effect weakens, testosterone levels decline before the next injection, creating fluctuations on testosterone levels. This can result in serious mood swings, unstable sex drive and in some cases depression.

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The Bottom Line

Testosterone pellets are considered to be an effective long-acting hormone replacement therapy as pellets are more convenient in regulating testosterone levels. There is no need for daily or weekly administration so you are not running the risk of missing a dose. Before giving testosterone pellets a try, it’s essential to consult with a doctor and plan / monitor your treatment.

How to Boost Your Immune System

Our immune system is here to defend us against disease causing micro-organisms. There are all kinds of viruses that attack us every day, and the latest COVID-19 outbreak have us wondering what we can do to protect ourselves. In general, older adults and those with weak immune systems are most likely to be at risk with most infectious diseases, the latest coronavirus, COVID-19 included.

Unfortunately, there’s no reliable cure at this stage for this virus, but scientists are working tirelessly on developing a vaccine. In the mean time, the best we can do is take preventive measures and boost our immunity. There are few options to strengthen our immune system against viruses which we’ll discuss here. But first, let’s see how the immune system works and how can boost your immune system to optimal levels.

Immune System Explained

The immune system works in a way that it recognizes the cells that are part of our bodies, while trying to dismiss anything unfamiliar such as bacteria and viruses, as well as parasites. It does this by using a huge army of defending cells, commonly known as white cells.

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On average, the human body produces about 1000 million of different white blood cells in the bone marrow. Macrophages are considered to be the main warriors of the inborn immunity as they constantly patrol the body, destroying pathogens and viruses as soon as they appear.

But, in case of an infection, your body fights it off with even more powerful T and B cells. These cells give your body acquired immunity therefore the same type of pathogen can’t make you sick again in the future. As long as you boost your immune system to optimal levels, you are protected from a variety of ailments. But, if your immune system weakens or it is suppressed by medications, it can’t fight against strong pathogens, and as a result you fall ill.

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How is the immune system activated?

As mentioned, the immune system is triggered by things that the body doesn’t recognize as its own, known as pathogens or antigens. Proteins on the surface of bacteria, fungi and viruses are all examples of antigens. The immune system usually stores information about each variant and how to fight it, therefore when it comes in contact with the same agent again, it will fight it faster and easier. Although in most cases the antigens are foreign bodies, in some cases even our own cells can trigger our immune system.

Everyone’s immune system is different, but generally speaking, teens and adults have stronger immunity when compared to children and elders. Regardless of which age group you belong to, there are few things that can help you boost your immune system during the coronavirus outbreak and any other infectious disease. 

Proper Nutrition


An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but not when it comes to COVID-19 or any other variant of the coronavirus. As doctors explain, if you’re in contact with pathogens, it doesn’t matter how many apples you eat, eventually you’re going to have symptoms and fatigue, followed by time away from your daily activities due to some type of viral infection. But, if you combine fruits, veggies, proteins and good fats in your diet, your immune system will be improved and ready to fight any virus. However, you should pay attention to your diet not only when there’s a risk of getting a certain disease, but by adopting healthy eating as a lifestyle.

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Vitamins are always helpful, but keep in mind that there’s such thing as overdosing on certain vitamins. Try to get all the required vitamins from food sources. But, if you decide to resort to vitamin shots, juicers, or infusion, keep it in moderate amounts.

A multi-vitamin won’t hurt, but taking 100 times more than the recommended dose can become hazardous in the long run. Aside from the fact that overdosing on vitamins may lead to nausea, dizziness, and headache, it may also affect vital organs like kidneys and liver. When your body is fighting off a pathogen, you need your body to be in the best shape possible.

Vitamin D and vitamin C are essential in order to boost your immune system. Although the sun is the best source of vitamin D and oranges for vitamin C, we might not have access to sun light during colder months or a citrus tree outside our home. Lack of vitamin D can be a cause and symptom of nutritional deficiency. A number of studies conclude that vitamin D supplements may reduce the risk of viral infections, including respiratory tract infections, by reducing production of pro-inflammatory elements in our body.

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Zinc is probably the most important mineral for our immune system. It is involved in white blood cell response to infection. Researches show that people who are deficient in zinc are prone to getting the cold, flu, and other viruses. According to a study, supplementing with zinc reduces the length of the common flu by 33%.

However, this does not imply that it will have the same or similar effect on COVID-19. If you already acquire enough zinc from your diet, it is yet to be known if getting even more zinc from supplements has any additional benefit.

Iron also plays an important role in the immune system. Too little iron can cause anemia and weaken your immune system. For easier iron absorption, it is recommended to use a combination of iron and vitamin C. Iron regulates enzyme reactions essential for immune cells to recognize and target pathogens.

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Selenium is another essential mineral that plays a major role in a number of processes in the body. By helping lowering oxidative stress in your body, selenium reduces inflammation and enhances immunity. There are a number of studies indicating that higher blood levels of selenium are associated with enhanced immune response.

So, let’s look into food choices that are rich in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that your immune system needs in order to be in optimal condition. Before we proceed listing the immune system booster foods, it’s important to note that there is no miracle vitamin, mineral, or any kind of food that will protect you from COVID-19, or any virus for that matter. These are foods that can prepare our immune system, our body and mind to fight off illness.

Foods That Boost the Immune System

Citrus Fruits

Almost all citrus fruits are high in vitamin C, and there’s no reason not to include them in your diet as they are tasty as well! As you probably know, most people turn to citrus fruits when it’s the cold or flu season, mostly because of the vitamin C. It is believed that citrus fruits increase the production of white blood cells, therefore directly strengthening the immune system.

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Our bodies don’t produce vitamin C on their own, and unfortunately, they don’t store it either. Hence, you need to make sure that you consume citrus fruits on daily basis, such as:

  • Lemon
  • Lime
  • Orange
  • Grapefruit
  • Tangerine
  • Clementine
  • Guava
  • Kiwi

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Leafy Greens

Beta-carotenes and other antioxidants, vitamins B6 and B9, vitamin E and a lot of essential nutrients are all found in leafy greens. Fortunately, many leafy greens can be found all year around, and if you don’t like eating them fresh, you can always incorporate them into your cooked meals.

Keep in mind though, the less you cook them, the more benefits they provide. If you include a variety of these vegetables into your diet, you’ll have the most health benefits.

  • Cabbage
  • Spinach
  • Broccoli
  • Kale
  • Beet
  • Watercress
  • Romaine lettuce
  • Swiss chard
  • Arugula

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Aside from these, the following list consists of foods that have proven effects in boosting the immune system:

  • Almonds
  • Turmeric
  • Garlic
  • Green tea
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Shellfish (crab, lobster, mussels, clams)
  • Oyster
  • Yogurt
  • Ginger
  • Red bell peppers
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Pomegranate
  • Wheat germ (innermost part of the wheat kernel)
  • Watermelon
  • Berries

Proper Sleep

If you were looking for a sign to hit the bed, this might be it! Numerous studies have shown that proper sleep has amazing benefits on your overall health, and it seems that sound sleep has a major role in improving immune cells known as T cells.

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T cells fight against intracellular pathogens, virus-infected cells like flu, herpes, HIV, and even cancer cells. When these cells recognize a virally infected cell, they activate integrins, a stick protein that allows them to attach to, and destroy infected cells.

In a rather interesting study, researchers compared the results of healthy volunteers who slept as opposed to those who stayed awake. The research showed that the T cells show higher levels of integrin activation in those individuals who slept.

Getting enough sleep is probably the best way to stay healthy regardless if there’s an outbreak or not. During sleep, the body performs critical recovery and repairs essential functions, resulting to a restored immune system. Just one night of poor sleep can reduce the immune response by an incredible 70%.

To boost your immune system and stay healthy during the COVID-19 outbreak, get the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep a night. This way, your immune system will stay in fighting mode if the virus attacks you. If your sleep is interrupted by your busy schedule or other reasons, make sure to stock up on naps. Not only naps will allow you to get some sleep sleep, but they also help relief stress.

To sum up, even if you do come down with a virus or cold, you’ll be able to bounce back faster if you’re well rested!


Regular exercise is the pillar of health. It contributes to overall wellbeing which in turn leads to a healthy immune system. Exercise improves cardiovascular health, helps with body weight, lowers blood pressure, etc.

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Possibly the biggest advantage of regular exercise is the fact that it promotes good circulation and blood oxygenation. Good circulation implies that blood cells move through your body with ease. This doesn’t mean that you should be undergoing intense physical exercise. Instead, moderate regular exercise is just enough to keep your immune system healthy.

How to exercise while staying at home?

Since coronavirus has most of us locked inside our homes, hitting the gym is not an option. Thankfully, there are countless of online programs that allow us to get our daily dose of stretching, lifting, squatting, and all kinds of body exercises, all from the comfort of our home using our body weight and simple fundamental body movements. If you have kids, you can include them in the workout and make it fun for them as well!

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You don’t need to worry too much about meeting Olympic standards, just improvise a bit, adapt, and overcome limitations in your head. Do you really need a yoga mat or fancy leggings? As long as you have a clean carpet and comfy clothes, you’re good to go! Use towels as resistance bands. Fill bottles of water and use them as weights. There are all kinds of items around the house that can be used when it comes to indoor exercising.

The reality is, we all have to sweat this one on our own. At the same time, many of the fitness gurus are proving that claiming there’s still hope for humanity by offering online programs at either discounted prices or completely free of charge 😊

Stress Management

Many people don’t realize the importance of staying calm during times of collective stress. Although stress can temporarily enhance immune function, looking at the bigger picture, it’s among the most significant enemies of your immune system. Known as chronic stress, it can negatively impact you body’s ability to fight off viruses.

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Unfortunately, we can’t make the current COVID-19 craze magically disappear. But we can take measures to control how we react to this situation as there’s no point in focusing on the uncertainties. There’s no legitimate reason for stressing about not having enough toilet paper either!

Final thoughts

As you can see, taking care of your immune system results to the ultimate reward – your health! Even if you get sick, a healthy immune system will fight the disease off and you’re more likely to bounce back in a relatively short time. Faced with COVID-19, it’s crucial to keep your immunity intact by following some basic guidelines and boost your immune system.

How To Use MCT Oil With Intermittent Fasting

Many people decide to fast at least once during their lifetime. They do so for legitimate reasons, the most popular among them being losing weight.

Fasting can be a healthy thing to do if you know how to do it. There are many different ways you can fast, and intermittent fasting is one of them.

Intermittent fasting can be more beneficial if you find out how to use MCT oil. In this article, you’ll learn more about the benefits of this oil with intermittent fasting.

What is intermittent fasting?

Before we start talking about how you can include MCT oil in your intermittent fasting, we should explain a bit more what intermittent fasting is.

Intermittent fasting is a way of fasting involving alternating cycles of fasting and eating. Depending on how you would like to fast, there are multiple ways to do intermittent fasting. All of these ways of fasting work well and are pretty efficient if you stick to the schedule of fasting.

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One way to do intermittent fasting is by using the 16/8 method. This method allows you to eat in a time frame of 8 hours and fast for 16 hours of the day. The most popular way to do this is by having your dinner around 8 pm and then fast until 2 pm the next day.

During the 8 hours that you are allowed to eat, you should make sure to still follow a healthy diet and avoid junk food.

Another type of intermittent fasting is the eat-stop-eat method. For this, you’ll have to fast for a period of 24 hours one or two days in the week. During the other 5 days, you’re allowed to eat your favorite meals.

The third way to do intermittent fasting is called the 5:2 diet. Once you’re on this diet, you’ll need to consume around 500-600 calories for two days of the week. However, you can eat normally during the other 5 days.

Other ways of intermittent fasting include skipping meals by choice, eating only one large meal at night, and fasting every second day.

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Despite what you may think, intermittent fasting is actually fairly easy to do. Many people report feeling better and having more energy during a fast.

Now that we’ve explained the different methods to engage for intermittent fasting, let’s look at MCT oil and its benefits.

What is MCT oil and what are the benefits?

As the name suggests, medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil contains medium-length chains of fats called triglycerides. MCT oil is most commonly extracted from coconut oil since 50 percent of the fats found in coconuts are medium-chain triglycerides. The oil can also be produced from palm kernel.

MCT oil can help prevent obesity, reduce body weight, burn calories, and feed your brain. Needless to say, these are all goals and benefits that many people strive to achieve while fasting.

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MCT oil and intermittent fasting

MCT oil is best to use as a supplement to your morning coffee or your post-exercise smoothie. Mind that you should start with 1 tablespoon of MCT oil if you’re a beginner, and up to 2 tablespoons if you’ve been using it for some time. Consider the following steps when using MCT oil with intermittent fasting:

Know when to eat and what to eat

Make sure you eat healthy and rich in nutrients food when you break fasting. Depending on the fasting method, you’ll need to eat at specific times of the day.

Add MCT oil to your coffee in the morning

When you wake up in the morning, make yourself some coffee. Make sure that you use good quality coffee. Low quality coffee might be rich in mycotoxins.  

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Be active

MCT oil will provide you with extra energy. By following some type of exercise in your schedule, you’ll also lose weight faster, and be healthier.

Have a post-workout smoothie supplemented with MCT oil

After your exercise, you can make yourself a smoothie with MCT oil. This will provide your body with minerals, vitamins, and energy. Mind your fasting method and incorporate the time for exercising in it. 

Time to fast

Keep up with your fasting time. Depending on the style of intermittent fasting you prefer, you’ll need to fast at a specific time of the day. Breaking this rule will lead to nothing but failure to achieve the results that you want.

Time to eat

Make sure you have healthy meals and keep away from junk food. You can also add MCT oil to your salads as a dressing. Eat slowly and don’t have too much to eat in one meal. Remember, staying healthy is the most important thing during this entire process.

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MCT oil can be a great addition to your coffee, smoothie, and other low-calorie drinks for your intermittent fasting. Remember to use the oil in the daily recommended dose. Before you start fasting and if you experience any health problems while fasting, make sure you consult with a doctor.

Best Fitness Tracker For Seniors – Our Top Picks

Life is a beautiful journey and we all hope to live a long life, filled with many amazing memories. We are born, then little kids running around and playing, we become teenagers, and at a blink of an eye, we are adults who’re trying to find their place in this world. Our journey to adulthood keeps us busy and we fail to notice the time pass by, until we’ve aged enough to be called senior citizens.

Of course, we still have a lot to do and experience, many memories that are yet to be created. In order to do that, we should try to keep ourselves healthy, and there’s no better way to do that but to live a healthy life. One of the ways to achieve this is by following a healthy diet and also training regularly.

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By using a fitness tracker we will also be able to track our activity levels and track our daily calories versus our actual intake needs.

Why do you need a fitness tracker for seniors?

Staying healthy is important for people of any age, and for sure it is very important for seniors. There are many health issues that come with age, and most of them can be prevented following the right methods. One of the methods to prevent them is staying active and using a good fitness tracker for seniors.

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A good fitness tracker can help you understand what your current health status is. By tracking your vitals and activity, the tracker will give you data on your overall health. Today most trackers can easily monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen level, activity, and more.

By providing this data, the fitness tracker can motivate you to make healthy changes in your lifestyle and know what you should focus on improving.

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The fitness tracker will also help you organize your time and set health and fitness goals. Some trackers might even give you useful tips on how to achieve these changes. In general, a gadget of this kind will help you be healthier, more motivated, and more active. 

What to look for in a fitness tracker for seniors


Take your health seriously and get a fitness tracker that is very accurate. Therefore, you should always take in account the quality and make of a fitness tracker. At the end of the day, you’ll want accurate information that will help you make the right decision related to your health.

Easy to use

How easy is to use your fitness tracker is another thing you should keep in mind when buying one. Many seniors avoid buying fitness trackers that have tons of buttons, too small screens, and come with hard-to-understand apps. Pick a fitness tracker that you feel comfortable to use and understand the information that it provides.

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Large readable screen

Help yourself and pick a fitness tracker for seniors that has a large screen with easy-to-read symbols. You don’t want a fitness tracker that has a small screen that will exhaust your eyes and make you nervous when you can’t read what it says. Ultimately, the fitness tracker should help you improve your health and not stress you out.

Tracks multiple things

Get a fitness tracker that can track your activity level and multiple vital signs. This is crucial if you want to get a better picture of your overall health status and improve it if necessary. A fitness tracker that can only track a thing or two won’t do you any favor in this case.


Your fitness tracker will need to stay on your wrist for a long time. This is the only way it can provide you with accurate information and trends about your health. Therefore, you should get a fitness tracker that will not feel uncomfortable.

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Durability is very important when it comes to fitness trackers for seniors. If you want to constantly keep track of your health, you’ll need to buy a tracker that is durable. Otherwise, your fitness tracker will get easily damaged and potentially start to malfunction. This could compromise the accuracy of the results, and eventually you’ll need to spend money to buy a new one.

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Waterproof or water resistant

It is highly recommended that you get yourself a fitness tracker that’s waterproof or water resistant. Water is everywhere around us, and there’s always a chance that it could somehow come in contact with your tracker. Therefore, getting a waterproof or water resistant fitness tracker will save it from getting damaged by water.

So, let’s see the fitness trackers we like.

Fitbit Surge

The Fitbit Surge is a fitness tracker that has many features on its disposal. This tracker will monitor your heart rate, activity, and sleep, and it will also receive calls and text messages. Fitbit Surge also offers GPS tracking, so you’ll be able to find information on your pace, distance, and general terrain elevation.

This fitness tracker is also very comfortable to wear and you can get it in multiple sizes. Furthermore, its large and readable screen has been winning the hearts of seniors for years.

Fitbit Zip

The Fitbit Zip is a very easy to use fitness tracker, and that is why a lot of seniors like it. This durable fitness tracker is waterproof, and it can track your activity, distance, and calories. To use it, you’ll need to just clip it somewhere on your clothes, like on your pants or shirt.

This fitness tracker can be synced to your Smartphone or computer. By doing this, you’ll be able to set goals, track your progress, and be more active.

Garmin Vívofit Fitness Band

If you’re looking for a way to be more active, you could get the Garmin Vívofit Fitness Band fitness tracker. One of the interesting features of this tracker is that it will frequently remind you of your inactivity. In fact, the tracker will remind you to be active every 15 minutes. Also, it’ll display a red move if you’ve been inactive for an hour.

The tracker will also track your calories and sleep patterns. It also has a readable screen and is waterproof.

Fitbit Charge 3

If you are a senior who loves swimming, you should consider buying the Fitbit Charge 3. This fitness tracker is swim proof and showerproof, so you will be able to enjoy your time in the pool and monitor yourself too. That said, the tracker will track your heart rate, calories, distance, sleep, and offer you more than 15 exercise modes.

There is an app that you could use with the Fitbit Charge 3 to track your progress and set goals. Furthermore, the tracker offers GPS tracking and works with Alexa.

Garmin Vívosmart 3

The Garmin Vívosmart 3 is a fitness tracker that looks very interesting. The tracker has a touch screen that is very easy to understand and work through. Also, being waterproof, this fitness tracker will still work well even if it accidentally starts to rain when you’re outside.

The fitness tracker will track your activity, monitor your sleep, and level of stress. It works with an app that is compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android, and it’s very comfortable to wear.


The fitness trackers for seniors mentioned in this article will assist and track your overall health. All of these trackers satisfy most of the criteria discussed in our buyer’s guide on what to look for in a fitness tracker for seniors. Therefore, it is up to you to make a selection and decide whether you want to get one and improve your health and lifestyle.

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A Replacement for Apple Cider Vinegar – The Alternatives

Apple cider vinegar is one of the ingredients in our kitchen that adds flavor to meals and salads. Not only it tastes great as a dressing or marinating add on, but it is also very beneficial for our health. The apple cider vinegar is hence one of the food supplements that deserve our full attention.

However, sometimes we just don’t have any apple cider vinegar around the house. Also, some of us might be a little curious and willing to experiment with something else that could be a replacement for apple cider vinegar. Whatever the reason for your interest in a substitute for apple cider vinegar, we’re here to offer you some good alternatives.

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Lemon juice

One of the best alternatives for apple cider vinegar is lemon juice. Lemons taste sour because they are very acidic. However, they also have the fruit qualities as in the case of the apple cider vinegar. Lemon juice could be used as a substitute for the vinegar when you want to try something new or don’t have vinegar at home.

To use lemon juice as a replacement for apple cider vinegar, cut a fresh lemon in half and squeeze it. Use the same amount of lemon juice as you usually do with apple cider vinegar when preparing your food. Try the food to see how it tastes, and add more lemon juice if you need to. If you haven’t used the entire lemon, wrap the remaining fruit and store it in the freezer. Use it within 3 days after you cut it up or it might go bad.

Lime juice

Similar to lemons, limes are also acidic, and with a similar taste to the apple cider vinegar. Limes are a great alternative for vinegar and allows you to experiment a little bit with your recipes. Like lemons, when lime juice is added to your dish, it will make it taste somewhat sour.

In terms of how to add lime juice to your dish, the rules are pretty much similar to the ones that apply to lemon juice. Just cut the lime in half and squeeze it. Use as much juice as you would use vinegar, and store the unused lime in the freezer. You can also squeeze your juice in a cup and mix it with water so it is diluted and doesn’t taste too acidic.

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White vinegar

If you have to look for a replacement for apple cider vinegar , you could also try adding some white vinegar to your dish. This type of vinegar is pretty strong and very, very acidic. It is a mixture of acetic acid with water, and it does resemble the apple cider vinegar in it’s taste but it doesn’t have any of the benefits of apple cider vinegar.

We must warn you about one difference if you choose to use white vinegar as a substitute. This vinegar will taste very sour, but it won’t taste anything like the juice you get out of a natural fruit. If you prefer using white vinegar in your food, you should consider combining the white vinegar with some lime or lemon juice.

Add an amount of white vinegar equal to the amount of apple cider vinegar, lemon juice or lime in your dish.

White wine vinegar

Another great substitute for apple cider vinegar is white wine vinegar. If you like to experiment with this vinegar, you’re guaranteed to get a good combination of taste. White wine vinegar will of course taste sour since it is highly acidic. Of course, some people will find this to be great, while others might be missing those fruity undertones.

However, you can still go for the combination of lime juice or lemon juice and sweeten things up a little bit. Now, that might not be the best idea for some dishes. Certain ingredients taste better with just the white wine vinegar added, and you might not need anything more. Who knows, you might end up discovering that you prefer white wine vinegar instead of apple cider vinegar.

Remember to use white wine vinegar in half the amount you would normally use apple cider vinegar since it is a bit stronger.

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White wine

Instead of apple cider vinegar, you could try using alcohol in your meals. White wine is one of the most famous alternatives to this vinegar when it comes to cooking. The wine not only tastes amazing when you drink from one of those fancy wine glasses, but also in your dishes.

The proper amount of white wine to use when you’re using it instead of apple cider vinegar is twice the amount of vinegar you’d use for the same dish. This is because white wine is not as strong or as sour as apple cider vinegar. Therefore, adding a bit more of the wine will provide enough flavor. Plus, if white wine is your favorite beverage, this is a good way to give it a kitchen pass. 

Red wine vinegar

Red wine vinegar is another replacement for apple cider vinegar and it can be a great addition to your food. This alternative will keep happy all those who want food to have a bit like apple cider flavor. This is because the red wine vinegar comes with fruity undertones that are not too strong. Being made of grapes, this vinegar tastes both fruity and sour.

However, it will definitely not taste as sour as the apple cider vinegar. Therefore, you will have to add a bit more than what you use with apple cider vinegar. But don’t worry about adding more red wine vinegar because your food will taste great anyway. Also, this vinegar has quite an enjoyable smell, so you’ll enjoy your meal for sure.

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Rice vinegar

Another sweeter replacement for apple cider vinegar is rice vinegar. Being sweeter, rice vinegar is a kind of vinegar adored by the apple taste lovers. This vinegar does have fruit notes and like the apple cider vinegar, it is very healthy.

Add an amount of rice vinegar to your dish that is equal to the amount of apple cider vinegar that you’d normally add to the same dish. Rice vinegar is pretty similar to apple cider vinegar hence you won’t even notice a big difference. Therefore, you’ll really enjoy the meal that you’ve prepared, and you might start using this vinegar for other dishes.

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Malt vinegar

You can try replacing apple cider vinegar with some malt vinegar. This type of vinegar tastes somewhat sweet and yeasty. Many people like it, but it will be up to you to decide whether this is a taste you can enjoy. The vinegar is not very strong, but is similar in strength to apple cider vinegar, so it’s a good substite.

To make your meals more flavored and tasty, add an amount of malt vinegar that’s equal to the amount of apple cider vinegar you’d add to the same meals.


We hope that you’ll find at least one of these apple cider vinegar replacements useful and tasty. You might need to experiment a bit before you find out which one you enjoy the most. However, all of these alternatives are great, and we’re confident that you will find the right one for you.

Nootropic Stacks Similar To Adderall – The Alternatives

Adderall is one of the most popular pharmaceuticals used in the USA. This is a type of medicine that can help with the symptoms of ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and narcolepsy. However, this drug is very commonly used by college students, especially when they’re about to take an exam.

Being a stimulant, Adderall is a combination of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine salts. These components have an effect on the cognitive functions, such as improved memory, concentration, and focus.

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Well, this is only one side of the story, and it is the positive side. On the negative side, Adderall can have many negative effects. That said, this pharmaceutical can increase anxiety, irritability, loss of appetite, and insomnia.

Because of its many side effects, Adderall is very frequently replaced with other alternatives. These alternatives can improve cognitive performance, but they don’t have as many side effects. Nootropic stacks similar to Adderall are one of these alternatives, and we’ll focus on learning more about them in this article.

Nootropic Stack Like Adderall #1

Phenylpiracetam, Adrafinil, and Citicoline (CDP-Choline)

The phenylpiracetam, adrafinil, and citicoline stack is one of the most basic nootropic stacks similar to Adderall. As you can see, the stack is made of three nootropics which help you boost your cognitive performance. Of course, each one of the three nootropics in this stack overlap and improve different cognitive functions.


Phenylpiracetam was developed in 1983 as a medication for Soviet Cosmonauts to treat the prolonged stresses of working in space. It was created at the Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of Biomedical Problems in an effort led by psychopharmacologist Valentina Ivanovna Akhapkina.

Human research on phenylpiracetam is limited to a small number of Russian studies, it has been shown to help restore neurological functions and daily living activities to post-stroke patients,‍ and improve depression, anxiety, and cognitive function in patients with organic brain lesions.

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In many parts of the world, phenylpiracetam is widely used off-label as a nootropic, believed to enhance memory, focus, productivity, and physical stamina. Phenylpiracetam is fast-acting, detectable in the brain within 30 minutes of ingestion. It has a half-life of 2–3 hours.

Even though phenylpiracetam can boost your cognitive performance and improve your mood, it will not overstimulate you. This is not the case of Adderall, where the medicine can boost your mood and motivation but later on, bring you down crashing.

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A typical dose of phenylpiracetam ranges from 100–250 mg per dose, taken with meals, up to three times a day. It is not recommended to exceed the maximum dosage of 750 mg per day. Taken responsibly, with close attention to recommended dosages, cycling, and stacking, phenylpiracetam may provide a significant physical and cognitive boost.


Adrafinil is a eugeroic that was formerly used in France to promote alertness, attention, wakefulness, positive mood, and other parameters, particularly in the elderly. Adrafinil was first tested in humans, specifically for the treatment of narcolepsy, in 1977. Introduced by Lafon (now Cephalon), it reached the market in France in 1984 and for the treatment of narcolepsy in 1985.

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It was also used off-label by individuals who wished to avoid fatigue, such as night workers or others who needed to stay awake and alert for long periods of time. Adrafinil supplementation increases alertness and wakefulness. Adrafinil is a stimulant, but it does not cause hyperactivity. Instead, it fights sleepiness.

The standard dosage for adrafinil is reported to be 600-1,200mg, which for the purpose of treating narcolepsy was either 600mg twice daily (morning and midday) or 600-900mg taken once daily upon waking. Adrafinil tends to be taken three times a week, for no longer than five months. Long term supplementation of adrafinil is not advised, since adrafinil is metabolized into modafinil in the liver, and there is no available evidence regarding liver safety.

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Citicoline (CDP-Choline)

Citicoline (CDP-Choline) is a brain chemical that occurs naturally in the body. As a medicine, it is taken by mouth as a supplement or given by IV or as a shot. It was originally used in Japan and Europe as a prescription drug to help improve memory, thinking, and brain function in people who are healing from a stroke. It is primarily used as a dietary supplement in the U.S.

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Citicoline is possibly safe when taken by mouth short-term (up to 90 days). The safety of long-term use is not known but most people who take citicoline don’t report any problematic side effects.


When you start this stack, you should not take more than 100mg of phenylpiracetam, 300mg of adrafinil, and 500mg of citicoline. The best time to take any nootropics is in the morning, since they are known to interfere with sleep and relaxation. If you notice any stomach discomfort, you should take nootropics with your breakfast. 

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Nootropic Stack Like Adderall #2

Mind Lab Pro

If you wouldn’t like to find a nootropic stack like Adderall, you can try a pre-formulated stack. The Mind Lab Pro is one of those nootropic stacks that could produce results similar to Adderall. This nootropic formula is a combination of multiple potent nootropics that could enhance memory and help you achieve optimal brain health in order to learn faster, improve problem-solving abilities, and avoid the cognitive decline that comes with age.

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Mind Lab Pro uses a range of nootropics to support your brain power by sustaining key neurotransmitters, energizing the brain through increasing neural power production, fostering new brain cell creation, increasing blood flow, defending brain cells against oxidation, and increasing Alpha brainwave frequency. Furthermore, we should note its effects on stress and anxiety. This nootropic will help you feel more relaxed and it will lower your levels of stress and anxiety.

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This nootropic formula is a combination of citicoline, bacopa monnieri, Lion’s Mane mushroom, L-Theanine, Phosphatidylserine, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, Rhodiola rosea, and Maritime Pine Bark.

Nootropic Stack Like Adderall #3

Performance Lab Mind

Another great nootropic stack with Adderall-like effects is the Performance Lab Mind stack. This stack has a number of nootropics which can help you improve your mood and cognitive performance. The stack contains four potent nootropics: citicoline, phosphatidylserine, N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, and Maritime Pine Bark Extract.

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The Performance lab Mind has many positive effects on the way your brain functions. This stack can improve your memory and the way your brain processes information. It can also make you more focused and alert and increase the energy of your brain.

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However, this nootropic stack doesn’t stop there and has more to offer. The stack can also increase the amount of blood that flows through your brain and help your brain function as a flexible neural structure. Furthermore, the stack can boost your performance even when the environment you’re in is very stressful.

Final thoughts

Make sure to talk to your physician before you start using any nootropics or nootropic stacks. You doctor will give you advice on what’s good for your health and what could be hazardous.

There are many nootropics that you can combine to create a nootropic stack with an effect like Adderall. However, there are also helpful all-in-one Adderall-like stacks that you can buy. In this article, we looked at three nootropic stacks / products that could be a good replacement for Adderall.

How Much Water Should I Drink on Keto?

If you are on any kind of diet plan, and even if you are not, you should be aware of the importance of water intake and all the benefits this brings to our body. So if you are not sure and wander “How much water should I drink on keto”, you must be aware that water is the main leading factor for our overall health. And we all know the general rule, drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to keep the doctor away.

However, the situation can be kind of tricky when it comes to people who are on a diet plan, and especially keto and other low-carb diets. The majority of weight-loss diets always highlight the importance of proper water intake.

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So, if you are new to the Keto diet, you should know that having the proper water intake is the key to having positive results of your diet. This is why we’ve combined a short guide that will serve as your companion throughout your diet journey.

If you follow the simple rules and guidelines, you’ll have nothing but great Keto results. So, here is what you should know about your Keto water intake:

What is the normal amount of water to drink on Keto?

We all know that our body is made of 60-80% of water. And this is not a coincidence, water plays an important role maintaining our metabolism, regulates our body temperature, cushions our joints, and helps our body remove excess waste out of it.

So, in order to have an effective dietary regimen, you need to drink a lot of water.

The minimum amount of water you should drink should be around 6 regularly sized glasses of water. It’s fortunate that our body also absorbs water from our food, so when we consume liquid foods and even fruit we are obviously retain water as well. The same goes for drinking other drinks besides water, coffee, tea, juices or yoghurt.  

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What is really important for you to understand is that you should drink as much water as your body needs. But if you don’t have a developed habit of drinking at least a few glasses of water per day, you should also be aware of this and try to adjust your water intake. Dehydration can be really harmful for your health.

Another important note about the amount of water you need to drink when you are on keto is to take in account other external factors. For instance, if you are walking around on a hot summer day, always have a water bottle with you, your body is under stress in hot conditions and it is trying to keep your core temperature to a certain level and the only way it can do this is by sweating, so you are losing water that you need to replace. Similar rule goes for days when you are too busy and multitasking at school or at work.

How to keep track of water intake?

Being on a diet plan can be pretty hard, but there are certain things that you can do to make things easier for you, and keeping track of your water intake is one of them.

It is important to keep track of how much water you drink in order to avoid situations such as dehydration or hyper-hydration which can be equally harmful.

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First of all – use technology. There are many water intake tracking apps that will send you notifications and remind you to drink your water. Many of them will also measure how much water you drink in total including your intake from beverages like milk and coffee.

Secondly – listen to your body. Your body will tell you when you need to drink water, so when you are thirsty, or even when you feel hungry, drink water first.

Thirdly – have a bottle of water around you at all times. It is hard to get used to drinking more water at the beginning, especially if you haven’t been drinking a lot in the past. However, if you have a water bottle around, it will be there serving as a reminder.

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