Bodybuilding Forums

For people who are bodybuilding enthusiasts, having a forum where they can discuss the sport can be a great motivational as well as learning tool.

These online forums are great ways to share information as well as tips and techniques that have garnered success for others. When you are involved in a sport that you love, talking with others about their own passion can be very uplifting. You can find bodybuilding forums and message boards in many places online. Most are very easy to use and have a lot of great information to share. They are user friendly and have hundreds of members from all over the world.

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One great bodybuilding forum can be found at

Their message boards have all sorts of sections that focus on different topics. Those include discussions about supplements, product reviews, competitions, and workout journals. They also have sections specifically dedicated to teens, women, and body builders who are over the age of 35. These boards are very heavily traveled and contain a lot of great information.

At, their forums are equally as diverse.

There is a place where you can post your workout plan and have fellow members critique what you do and offer up suggestions for alterations you may want to make. You can also post your photo and ask for advice on where you can improve your physique. This bodybuilding forum also has a section for nutritional recipes you can share.

Bodybuilding experts often drop by the forum at

You can post questions for them to answer and ask for advice about your own bodybuilding program. This bodybuilding forum also contains a section on power lifting where you can learn about ways to maximize your weight lifting workout and use power lifting to gain muscle mass.

Finally, the popular magazine “Iron” has a bodybuilding forum on their website at

They offer up places where people can chat live with other body builders and cover more topics than just bodybuilding. You can post about sexual health, general health, and even buy or sell fitness related equipment.

Bodybuilding forums are wonderful places to get together with other people who share your passion for bodybuilding and fitness. You can network with others and gain information that can help you in your bodybuilding goals. When you are able to discuss certain topics with others, you can become more effective in your workout program. A bodybuilding forum is a great place to start. Now log on and learn!

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