Best BPI Creatine – Muscle Mass And Strength

Do you invest hours in the gym but never seem to get the results you want? Don’t despair, there might be some options you didn’t think of – like finding a supplement that can assist your efforts. If this is where you are right now, you are in the right place! We’ve done the research so that you can find the best creatine on the market. And not just any creatine but one of the best known products – BPI Sports creatine.

This brand has proven itself to be one of the most effective and efficient supplements, so if you are in need for a brand that will offer you better performance, muscle mass and strength – this is it. BPI Sports has been on the market for quite some time and they’ve continued to prove they are worth it. Besides offering quite reasonable prices for their supplements, they also offer incredible quality that will help you get a lot of health benefits.

And if you wish to go one step further with your training and supplementation needs, combine the best BPI creatine with BPI best BCAA. Supercharge your training sessions and improve your recovery time. Find our article on the BPI BCAAs here.

So, if any of the things we previously mentioned are what you are looking for – stay tuned. We’ve created a small list of the best BPI creatine supplements that you will need. Here they are:

BPI Sports Micronized Creatine

The BPI Sports Micronized creatine is one of the best you can get if you are looking for 100% pure creatine. With its pure formula, this micronized creatine will help you get the muscle growth you are working towards, all while it improves your lean muscle building, reducing your fatigue and overall, increase your strength.

Another great thing about this supplement is the fact that it is micronized. Besides being 100% pure, the micronized formula reduces the large molecules of creatine, making them small particles. Behind this science is one thing – the absorption is better and bioavailability is optimized.

Since this formula is completely pure, there are several ways in which you’ll benefit. First of all, it increases your stamina, power and energy, together with endurance in order to improve your complete workout routine results. Additionally, there are the added recovery benefits of consuming 5grams of completely pure creatine, as it improves recovery.

We all know that anyone who spends time in the gym has the same problem – not enough energy to do their routine, especially at the beginning of each session. However, with the Micronized creatine by BPI Sports, this will be all in the past. The formula will be a great energy source for your muscle cells, which means that training will be a piece of cake, as you won’t feel fatigued.

The best thing? It has no sugars or flavors added – you can add it to any smoothie or drink you prefer, and you’ll be able to see the results instantly!


  • Great Absorption
  • Highly effective
  • Budget friendly


  • The package isn’t too big, so you’ll need to order reserves in a timely manner

BPI Sports Creatine with Himalayan Salt

If the micronized version of creatine doesn’t work for you, the alternative is the BPI Sports creatine with Himalayan salt. This supplement features 6 advanced forms of creatine that are blended into a single formula, ensuring that you get the most potent formula possible. It is also great for providing you with better muscle growth, power and strength as you need, and fast recovery, amongst other benefits.

The best thing about the BPI Sports creatine with Himalayan salt is the fact that it can provide you with lean muscle gains. Although you have creatine naturally in your body and you can get it with food, this doesn’t seem to be enough when it comes to weight lifting, and the Himalayan salt creatine can come in quite handy, especially if you want to get an additional source that will improve your muscular output and reduce your fatigue during the harder physical workouts.

One of the six forms of creatine in this supplement is Creatine AKG, which is basically bonded to Alpha-Ketoglutarate. This is a precursor of glutamine, and glutamine is a very important amino-acid. However, what you need to know is that this amino acid is incredibly important for faster muscle recovery.

Another ingredient in this supplement is Betaine which is incredibly helpful. It is a beet extract that basically boosts raw power and strength, making you even more powerful.


  • Great for beginners
  • Results are visible after short time
  • Completely healthy
  • Great value for money


  • Doesn’t mix easily in drinks

Why use BPI Sports Creatine?

We all know that creatine is the number-one supplement you take when you are seeking improved performance in the gym. It has already been proven that it can increase the muscle mass, performance and your strength.

However, BPI Sports creatine supplements can offer you much more than that – they have other health benefits including great defense against neurological disease and other health problems, including of course, being overweight which can harm your health.

It is also safe to say that BPI Sports creatine is the best creatine for getting the results you need without overpaying or risking it with a shady brand. BPI Sports is a renowned brand, offering some of the best supplements for health and fitness on today’s market. As a brand, it has been around for quite some time and it can surely give you excellent results, as there are many proven positive reviews of their products.

What is BPI Sports Creatine?

BPI Sports creates their substances in a way that pretty much resemble the natural substances found in our muscle cells. However, sometimes we don’t produce enough to meet our body’s demand when we engage in something more challenging than cardio training. This is where BPI Sports creatine and other supplements come in handy.

Just like other creatine based supplements, the best BPI creatine supplements are tested and proven to have an outstanding safety profile. Besides not having side-effects like bloating, they are great if you work out heavily.

Another great benefit of BPI sports creatine is that whether you are an athlete, a bodybuilder or just getting started, you can have great positive results. From the beggining, you’ll notice how you have better performance and strength, and also, you’ll start gaining muscle as you will be able to increase your workload.

In general, we can say that the creatine you get from BPI Sports can help you build muscle in various ways, such as:

Boosted workload

It enables a lot more volume in a single work-out session, which is the most important aspect of getting long-term muscle growth.

Better cell signaling

We all know that we need muscle repair and we need it know. This is an essential part of muscle growth. BPI Sports creatine increases satellite cell signaling and it does it efficiently.

Higher anabolic hormones

It is a well-known fact that when hormones are higher, such as IGF-1, we have better results in muscle growth. The creatine from BPI Sports, increases the anabolic hormones.

Better cell hydration

Another thing that plays an important role in muscle growth is cell volumization, and the BPI Sports creatine increases the water content in our muscle cells, making them bigger and fuller.


We all know that naturally we have creatine in our body, and in our muscle cells. However, sometimes this natural substance isn’t enough, especially for people with demanding training programs, which is why we need to take it as a supplement.

Regardless of that, when we need to take supplements, we need to ensure that we are getting the best on the market, one from a reliable brand that can offer great results. This is where BPI Sports comes in. As a brand, you know that you can trust it to improve your athletic performance and overall health, as it has so many times before.